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– [Narrator] Are you still
looking for a Christmas gift that is not only cute but also personal? In this video I will show
you three gift ideas that you can also give to
someone as a whole set. This is especially a great gift for everyone that loves tea and coffee. I think a great gift
can be a personal mug. Even though you can buy
pretty mugs everywhere, something personal is always nicer. So for this DIY you will
need some porcelain mugs and porcelain paint or pens. I chose these pens because
they are very easy to use. And it’s not messy. Before you start, sketch
some ideas you would like to use on the mug and then
start writing or painting your final design onto
the mug with a pencil. If you are happy with the placement you can go ahead and use the pens. I really like inspirational quotes. That’s why I decided to write
something motivating on it. But you can also draw a
picture or something else that the person would love. And since these pens
come in different colors you can actually create
everything you want. (“Up on the Rooftop”) But make sure to read
the instructions first before you start using your pens or paint. For these pens I will now have
to wait for about four hours and then I can bake them in the oven. But what fits better to a mug
than a nicely decorated spoon? I decided to make a snowman
that I first sketched in my book After making the first
snowball out of polymer clay press the clay on the end of the spoon and then shape it so it looks round again. Then put another but smaller
ball of polymer clay on top. This is the head of our snowman. For the head I’m using white clay and to make it easier to
shape you can press a pen or something similar into
the clay to get the gap. And from this point you can
shape the inside of the head. And after that, put the
head onto the snowman. (“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”) And then you can go
ahead and add the details like a scarf, a nose and buttons. For a scarf, roll the clay into a snake and flatten it carefully. And then wrap it around and
cut off the leftover clay. (“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”) You can skip this step, but
I decided to add some details to the hat and the scarf as well. For the buttons I’m using white clay since I want to paint them on as well. And for the nose, I use
polymer clay in peach that I wrapped around the cut off eye pin and then I press it into the clay, this way the nose will hold better. After that, make sure you
are happy with your snowman and then you can already bake it. Since I can bake the spoons as well, I’ve made a stand out to foil. This way the clay won’t
get flat underneath. But if you’re not sure,
remove the clay from the spoon and bake only the clay. After baking it, wait until
the clay has cooled down and be careful of the hot
spoon if you baked it as well. And then you can go ahead
and paint on the details. I find by painting on the red hat, the acrylic paint gives
the hat a nice surface. And it looks a bit more
real and not so flat. So paint on the buttons,
the eyes and the cheeks and let it dry. Now you only need to glue
on the pin of the nose and the spoon to the
snowman with Super Glue and you’re finished. If you want to add more
awesomeness to the gift you can make your own
chocolate and sugar cubes. For the sugar cubes, add
three tablespoons of sugar into a bowl and add two
small spoons of water. It might seem little but a
little bit is really enough. Otherwise it’s going to be too wet. And then mix everything well. Since I wanted to make the
cubes in different colors, I added a few drops of
food coloring in pink. But you can also use any color you like. And then mix everything
very well together. To get the cubes, you will
need a silicone chocolate mold. And then put the sugar inside
each cube and press it firmly. Right after, you can
release the pressed sugar very carefully onto some foil. And then let it dry for a couple of hours. If you prefer chocolate as
a gift you will only need Candy Melts or couverture chocolate. For this tutorial I am using
pink and green chocolate that tastes like strawberries and limes. It depends on the instructions how you have to melt the chocolate but basically you want
to melt it in a bowl that is swimming in a bowl of hot water. And then, fill in the molds. You can either fill in
the chocolate like that and remove the leftover
chocolate with a knife, or you can use the cream bag. Both ways work very well. Let it cool down in the
fridge for a couple of minutes and then the chocolate is ready. If you are not happy with the result you can easily melt the
chocolate and try it again. Then we can finally prepare the gifts. To make it more classy,
use translucent gift wrap. And then put either chocolate
or sugar cubes onto the foil and make it into a small bag like this. After that you can place this
bag of sweets into the mug. And to make it prettier, add a
lot of gift ribbon around it. And don’t forget to add the spoon. (light cheerful music) And there you have it. I really like the sugar cubes
because they kinda remind me of the sugar confetti from
the Sailor Moon movie. Don’t you think? And there you have it. Three different gift ideas that you can either give
separately or together as a set. And with this gift, you’ll really show that you put a lot of thought into it. And I’m sure people will love it. I hope you liked this tutorial. And if you would like to see more DIYs, don’t forget to like and subscribe. And Merry Christmas. (“Oh Christmas Tree”)

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  1. Awww very cute! You are very good at making hand-made stuff 🙂 I guess you earned one more subscriber 🙂 good vids

  2. Hmm I love you Mako! you really inspired me, I'm not actually good in drawing, but i gained idea how can i create pretty things like this, and in your other videos thank you! ♥

  3. I just found your Youtube channel today because one of my Facebook friends posted a link to a website with one of your videos on it. Seriously, I love your videos and I can't wait to get crafty myself. ^^
    Außerdem, die Schneemannlöffel sind so süß! Wo kaufst du Fimo in Deutschland?

  4. Where did you get the porcelain markers and porcelain mug?
    I live in the UK so is there any website or something for were I can get them

  5. after taking the chocolates out of the fridge can we just keep it out i mean in the normal termperature? wont it melt?

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