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hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna show you how to make a princess tiana centerpiece and setup
here we go this waste is me princess Paul winner is
Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and I am so so excited to make this
centerpiece alright let’s get started to make the base of my centerpiece I’m
going to need a hanging basket and three of this is very very cute
frog soap dispensers from Dollar Tree and usually this basket comes with a
chain and hanging chain but I must use it in something else because I have no
idea where it is but you know because you’re going to dispose of that you
don’t need it and you’re also going to dispose of the pumps for these soap
dispensers and then you are going to attach the basket to these soap
dispensers go to your froggies here so you are going to turn this over and then
you are going to position your frogs there’s these of hoop a little loop here
you can position those loops under the frogs and actually it can help you
guiding you in word glue your baskets to the Frog so go ahead and use that
so grab your hot glue and glue your basket to the Frog now I’m going to get started with her
ball gown she actually came with a very cute dress but this is not big enough
for a centerpiece so I’m going to make her a huge huge gown a huge ball gown I
almost wonder feel to be like a old-fashioned quinceanera dress because
you knows those can be very very big so yeah so I’m going to make it at a tall
and in most of our pictures the bottom of her dress is yellow so I’m going to
start with yellow and I am going to use ribbon to attach D tool to the basket
you want to measure almost at the very top and give yourself a little room
because you’re going to need to tie it at the very end so somewhere around
right here will be perfect and then you’re going to have to measure
the length of tool you’re going to need and that’s going to be from the table to
the point where you’re going to have your ribbon and then you’re going to
double that up because we’re going to have to tie this okay so you are going
to need about this much and now I’m going to go ahead and cut a few of these
so I can start making my tool skirt here my piece is a tool and now I’m going to
start attaching them to my ribbon all you have to do is bend your tool in half
making this loop here then you are going to place it over the ribbon then you are
going to bring the top part over to the bottom and then you are going to put
this bottom part inside the loop and then you are going to pull okay guys I’m finally done with my skirt
or she’s saying the bottom part of my gown this is going to be huge
oh my gosh I love it like inside here I have to bring the whole thing together
and I do have to trim it because it’s a little too long and a little too wide so
I’m going to do that right now and here it is Oh shrimp
it looks much much better and it looks more tame I’m you can also see the legs
of the frogs I’m not sure you can see it on screen but I can see it in person
hey I think it’s fabulous now the way to move on to my green tool
and for that I’m going to need the assistance of Princess Tiana herself
I am going to place her it here for now she’ll be falling a little bit she’s
gonna have to sit a little higher but that will happen as soon as I please the
other tools I need to measure the amount of ribbon I’m going to need around her
and I’m going to measure it right around her hip and hopefully the tool that I’m
going to the skirt that I’m going to make here in the tool will hold her up
but most likely I’m gonna have to play something underneath to keep her up so
I’m going to cut here and this is going to be about the amount I’m going to need
to make the top skirt or the rest of her gown and I’m going to do the same as I
did with the yellow skirt so I’ll be right back before I show you my green
tulle skirt I want to point out that I painted my basket silver I actually
painted it with my metallic silver marker but the best thing for you to do
is do this at the very beginning painted metallic silver and then you know test
your frogs and then move on I thought that placing before the tools right on
top will be enough to cover up the black wire and it did but I can still see it
faintly in the background and he was totally bothering me so I
decided to go ahead in painted silver so yeah so now I’m going to move on to
where I left off before I dress up Tiana with the green to skirt to place right
on top I’m going to cover up the wires here on the basket with some green tulle
and what I’m going to do is I am going to place it right inside here and then
I’m going to bring it around and cover that wire up I’m going to give you a
close-up so again all you have to do is place the tool inside here so the wire
will be in the middle of the tool and then you are going to bring it in and
through the tool that’s all I’m going to use this clear bowl to help
me keep her up I’m not sure yet whether I have to keep the bowl under there or
you know if the dress is going to be puffy enough to keep her up so we shall
see all right arms up and here is my green tulle skirt and I’m just going to wrap it around her
waist looking good girl looking good I’m gonna
give her a little trim and he or she is looking fabulous
I who love it I stop trimming because I’m known to get carried away and I’m
afraid to mess it up so this is as good as my cutting skills goes so yeah so I’m
just going to leave it alone now to finish it up I thought this how do you
call this this is an ornament Christmas Christmas ornament but you can see in
all her pictures and in the movie she has his little antennas coming out of
her tiara or I don’t know where they are but there’s some little spiky things
with little balls and I love it but she doesn’t have it on here for some reason
so I am going to place this right behind her so she gets Sparkle even more so I’m
going to cut this cut here and I’m going to put it through the back of her dress and I add a little glue we can stay in
place and this is a final touch for my tea on
a centerpiece love it now I’m going to move on to make table scatters out of
this cute frog party favors I found at Dollar Tree I’m going to glue these
googly eyes on the frogs but I’m only going to use the green ones and the
yellow ones I wish they had purple but they didn’t well that’s alright I’m just
going to take this out you can also paint them in purple there’s three sides
of googly eyes in the back they have small medium and large I’m only going to
be using the small and medium and I’m just going to grab my hot glue gun and
I’m just going to squeeze a little bit on top of the eyes and then I’m going to
just place them right on it but looking up you don’t want to flap you want it
kind of like facing up as so very cute I’m also going to be using this very
cute frog stop holder from Dollar Tree this is very cute I’m going to use this
as part of my setup and I wanted to show it to you in case you’re not a Dollar
Tree goer and you may think that I made this this is actually like a set for the
soap dispenser that’s holding the gown up for Tiana so that’s this set to that
so part of this that alright so I just wanted to show you that cute right cute okay guys this is Edie this is my
princess tiana centerpiece and some of the items I’m going to be using for my
setup and I love it I think she looks beautiful she went
from 795 to a million bucks she looks beautiful in the ornament in the back
perfect touch and she’s also sitting there all on her own
no bowl necessary I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it
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