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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in the area at the core today I’m gonna show you how
to make an affordable table stand for your upcoming wedding or glam event here
we go this week’s centerpiece is inspired by
the window display I saw at the mall seriously that one was actually a floor
display now hey Stan and today I’m making in a table stand instead I’ve
seen these on many many tables case for weddings and I decided to make my own so
without further ado let’s get started with the video all right guys so first
off I wanted to apologize for the quality of this video today it has been
raining in Georgia about three to four days in a row and it’s very dark in my
house and although I have lighting equipment is still very dark and I have
my ISO very high so it’s going to have you know it’s gonna be very pixelated so
I’m very sorry anyways I wanted to show you guys all the things that you’re
going to need to make your stand and I’m using half an inch pipes and connectors
and I use three pipes in total and each pipe was two dollars and 20 cents I
believe so each pipe is half an inch by ten feet and I cut them into what you
see here so there are now six of them and they are half an inch by four feet
so you’re going to need six four feet pipes okay and then with what I have
left I cut these two little pieces into three
inches so you’re going to need three inches to three inch pipes okay and then
I’m also going to be using these connectors here this are three-way
elbows and for some reason and I never find three-way elbows there are smooth
in all three openings and I have to buy the adapter in order for it to be smooth
if you don’t deal with PVC pipes you probably say what the heck are you
talking about this smooth so the pipes fits through that
very smoothly and fine but in here it has how do you think all that ripples
where you you know you connect this to I’ve been looking for you know a
three-way elbow where they’re all smooth you know three sizes so I don’t have to
buy this but I haven’t been able I’m sure I can order it online but you know
with my schedule I’m always doing things last-minute so that doesn’t work out for
me so you’re also going to need for
adapters and then you are going to need for couplings and this couplings are
half an inch on top and three quarters at the bottom yet the three quarters at
the bottom because I want the bottom to be wider I’m going to start building the
base of my stand which are going to be two of them for each side and it’s going
to consist of two glass Square cutting boards from Dollar Tree Dollar Tree also
has a round one and you can use either one it makes no difference totally up to
you and your preference and then you’re going to use two companies on each side
as so okay as you can see this is the reason why I want the couplings to be
half an inch on top and three quarters at the bottom because it’s just going to
give a little more support to the base and I’m going to glue them together with
East six thousand I’m going to apply East six thousand to the bottom of the
coupling and then I’m going to fill this in with hot glue Oh almost all the way
to the top so you can just pretty much keep it silent what the e6000 dries and
in order to figure out how wide you want your couplings to be right on top of
your cutting board you’re gonna have to grab two of your three way elbows and
your three inch pipe and you are going to connect them together okay but this
is going to be the top okay and this is the bottom and they have to match okay
so it’s going to go as so alright so just make sure then they are the same
way now I’m going to put together the top
frame and I already put one side of it together and I’m just going to do the
other one which is pretty much what I did earlier to measure so I’m just going
to grab my two 3-way elbows and I’m going to attach the adapters and then
I’m going to place my 3-inch pipe there and then the other one on the other side
alright just make sure that they are the same width and then you’re going to
attach two four footers to the openings that you see here alright guys so after
a minimum of 24 hours I’m going to place my other four footers inside of my
coupling now I’m going to go ahead and connect the top of the frame with the
base now I’m going to go ahead and paint it a metallic gold and here’s how it
looks like painted love it as far as decoration you can decorate it
however you would like you can add flowers you can add greenery you can add
both of them you can add balloons or whatever you will like it’s going to
look amazing either way on your table I’m going to decorate it in a Christmas
theme for a glam event since we’re close to the holidays and I’m definitely in
the mood for that so I’m gonna go ahead and start with the decor for the core
I’m going to be using items that I already had I’m going to be using
ornaments branch Garland’s greenery and some orchids I’m going to start with my
clear ornaments and this the ornaments where you can place a
candle inside and I’m going to be attaching all ornaments with fishing
line now I’m going to add gold and silver ornaments and here it is with the
ornaments only and I am so tempted to leave it just as it is because it looks
beautiful but I’m going to continue not going to be adding branch garland to the
top of this stand I have better quality Garland I got this
for like two dollars and 38 cents at Walmart but the garland that I have is
way too heavy because it has metal in the middle and I think I want to risk it
to have anything too heavy on top especially when you are going to have it
on top of a table so this is not so bad but not exactly the quality that I would
like and I’m going to be attaching the garland with floral wire not bad for two bucks not bad at all
now I am going to add let’s see I’m going to add my orchids first I’m going
to be using orchids from Hobby Lobby I got these a long time ago these are
recycled from other projects and I think it will look great with the color scheme now I’m going to add a little bit of
greenery leaves to give it an extra kick boom it’s gonna look great
I ended up finding another stem of work it’s and I place a little more orchid on
top and I am very happy about it but now I need a little more Sparkle so I’m
going to add smaller ornaments there it is to the top of the arrangement perfect
okay guys this is it this is my table stand that you can use for your wedding
or for any glam event here you have it as a Christmas theme well you can
definitely decorate it to your taste this is so easy to make and so so so
affordable love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make
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sharing is caring if you know of a friend or a family member they can use
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of this video alright guys until next time bye

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  1. Hi Tayra 😍,
    The stand turned out beautiful ,I really love it and I really love watching you go inside your head and bringing your vision into reality , again you're just Tay' rrific.
    Keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞.

  2. I love this Christmas tree. Not! I just wanted to know if you were paying attention. Hahaha!
    It is BEAUTIFUL and very functional, for sure. Thanks for the share. God bless you and yours. Cheers!

  3. I was thinking about making one a few days aga and I was trying to figure out the measurements. Thanks for the video. Beautiful work.

  4. You and your creative mind!! I So Love It!!💖 Thanks once again! We also had bad weather here in Arkansas. So I understand.

  5. Amo os seus vídeos ,pena que não tem tradução, mas fico ligadinha assistindo para aprende todas as dicas um beijão daqui direto do Brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is beautiful I will be making this for my Holiday party. I do have a question do you have to make it double or can it be just single? Is it for balance?

  7. Just in time!!! I have a friend who is getting married next Saturday. It is an outdoor wedding and I have the same open ornaments you have along with smaller ones and I wanted to hang them where she is getting married. The problem is we are not permitted to hang. This is an awesome and inexpensive way for me to hang!! Thank you Tayra!!!

  8. Do you have any beautiful designs for round tables not just for Christmas but also for other events ? You make some beautiful centerpieces

  9. absolutely beautiful like always! I'm just starting a channel myself if you don't mind me asking what software do you use to edit your videos?

  10. Omggg I am loving this!! Definitely want to recreate this for my wedding! I have to ask, how sturdy did the stand turn out to be? I am worried about people bumping the tables and having a pvc catastrophe lol. Also, do you think the stand can hold the glass tea light candle holders?

  11. Fantastic, love it, it's gorgeous. Would this stand be able to hold a real flower arrangement on top? Would it be sturdy enough?

  12. I love how this looks! Do you think that this would be strong enough to hold your project with the floating teddy bear? What could I do to make this strong enough to hold that project or something that may be a little bit heavier?

  13. I love this! Would you be able to show how it would look with balloons? I want to make this for my son's first birthday

  14. Oh my goodness! It was Extremely easy and so beautiful! I tried it the same day that I saw the video and I am in awe! I’m going to make several at different heights! Thank You so much for sharing! 🥰🥰🥰

  15. Super cute! – The top can be detached to travel or to be stored, correct? – I do photography and would love to incorporate something similar as backdrops =)

  16. I was looking for a way to build a cost effective balloon stand. I'm definitely doing this !!! Tayra youre the best!

  17. Trying to make this now….im new to working with pvc pipes so i have to go back to store for 3rd time😔😔i cant seem to find the couplings u have at the bottom

  18. Hello Tayra. You are very inspirational and you have such blessed hands. I love watching you bec not only is your mind creative but I have similar crafting taste as your crafts. I too like to craft and plan to do a channel when the time permits. I got an idea watching two of your DIYs and I will be trying it out. Beings you are the creator of the two I thought I may ask you to present it first. Will you make a DIY arch balloon stand using the flexible pex tubes 1” x10’ and the 3’ poles(from your round
    balloon tutorial) and combine it with the base you made from this video. Idk if the pex couplings to the pex tube would work on both ends to connect them but E6000 would hold it in the 3’ pvc pipe (assuming either the pex pipe or pvc pipe size had to be adjusted for this to work with the coupling).You can always unscrew the other end to detach the arch and store it. I’m thinking it should be at least a 6-7’ arch. Will you try this out for me/us?

  19. Beautiful! Do u think this could b used as a backdrop instead? On the floor with wood bases instead of glass and longer tubes ?

  20. Will you create a stand for heavier clothes such as hoodies and jeans? Ik the metal pipes are expensive($15-$25/pipe) and the 1”pvc started to bow in once I had about 15 items hanging. 🗣HELP‼️🤣

  21. This is beautiful! If I wanted to make this as a regular 6 or 7 ft hight floor backdrop; should I make any other considerations beaides the length of the pvc pipe?

  22. Beautiful I’m just coming across your video…. Question in order to use as a backdrop with floral panels would I need wider pipes to accommodate the weight and could I still use the glass cutting boards as the base?

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