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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, and if you’re
new to my channel, go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see more home, holiday, event wedding,
and DIY decor. Today, I’m going to show you how to make the
very popular round backdrop that you can use for any celebration. Here we go. I’m finally making the round backdrop you
guys have been requesting for a while, I’m going to be making it out of foam board because
making it out of wood, I need more skills than just you know, foam board cutting. I will learn that, and I will have that for
you, but for now, I’m making it out of foam board, and that means that I’m not going to
be able to make it six feet tall, I mean, technically I can, but I just don’t have a
template that’s that big, but I do have one that is four feet tall, not really a template,
but something I’m using as a template. Anyway, without further due, I am very excited
to make this or you, and I hope it works for all of your parties to come, alright guys,
let’s get started. My round back drop is going to consist of
three foam boards from Hobby Lobby, these are 40 by 32 inches they are bigger, and stronger
than the ones from Dollar Tree, and I truly recommend you get these for this project because
it’s much more durable, and like I said thicker, and stronger. They are each $5.99 original price, but right
now they have them for 50 % off so I paid $3 dollars for each, and it was totally worth
it. What I’m going to do next is use transparent
tape, this is packing tape to tape all of my 3 boards together, and then I’m going to
use my 48 inch round table, it’s 4 seater that you guys have seen on all of my setups
with my centerpieces, I’m going to use that table as my template to draw my circle ok,
and then I’m going to cut with my craft knife. And it should look something like this, now I’m going
to go ahead and place the table on top so I can trace it, and then cut. And here it is, now make sure that your edges
are smooth, you might have some left over board from the other board so go-ahead and
use your craft knife, and carve it off. I must say that I’m so proud of myself for
making an almost perfect circle, make sure to take your time when you cut ok, it’s very
important, cause you don’t want to like go outside the lines, and then it’s all like,
you know wavy and stuff, so yay me! Next I’m going to be wrapping my backdrop
with this dry erase laminate paper, this is in white, and I loved it because it’s nice,
and shiny, and it would resemble the acrylic round backdrop that you see on Pinterest,
or on Google, not sure where you’re seeing your pictures, but this is great. The only thing is that it’s pretty short so
I have to cute it in pieces, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it, but in the plus
side, you can use marker to write whatever you want on it, and you can just erase it,
or you can place stickers on it ok, and it’s not going to pull the paper off. This laminate paper is self adhesive, so all
you have to do is pull the paper back, and then place it on the backdrop, and just roll
it back. But please make sure that you take your time
because the glue will stick to the foam board, and if you need to pull it back it might pull
the foam board off, and we don’t want that, so just make sure to go very slowly, and then
you’re going to center the first round in the middle. So what I do is fold a little bit of the paper
back ok, I fold a little bit of this every time I use laminate, and then I turn it over
ok, I’m going to center it here. And that’s about right. And then I press the bottom here so it can
stick to it, and then I’m going to roll the paper back ok, very slowly. Ok, so now I’m going to go ahead, and add
the other two sides. I’m going to show you another way to do it
because it would help you with this line to remain straight. So what you’re going to do is cut a piece
of it that’s going to be the same length this way. And you are going to need help so my husband
is helping me cause he’s going to have to hold this down. Once you have finished placing the contact
paper all the way down the line, you are going to pull the back just like you did with the
other method. Ok so, there it is. The only one thing I don’t like is that you’re
able to see the tape in the middle because the white is a little bit too thin. You can see it through a little, the one in
the top doesn’t bother me at all because you’re going to place decorations on top of it like
balloons, and flowers so there’s no problem with that. For this one it does bother me a bit. Here are your choices. #1 You can just place the tape in the back,
that’s one choice, but it’s not going to be as strong, but you can still do it because
the contact paper will hold it together. I still agree with placing the tape to make
it stronger so what I’m going to do is do another round of contact paper over it, so
it can be darker, and it can look smoother. And here’s what it looks like with a second
round of laminate paper, so you’re going to need two rolls, one for the first one, and
one for the second round, and I also wanted to give you a tip, another tip. Make sure that your work area is dust free,
and lint free because it’s going to get stuck to the bottom of the laminate paper in the
sticky part, and it’s going to show on your board so, therefore that was another reason
why I decided to do a second round, so it can look smoother. Next I’m going to be adding text to the middle
of my board, or my backdrop. I bough two different types of letters, I
wanted to add some, you know colors, fun colors to the backdrop, which my balloons are going
to also resemble that later. These are all capital letters, and these are
fun, and these are lower case, and capitals in gold. I’m going to combine the two, I’m not really
sure what I’m going to write yet, but I’ll figure it out. These were about $8.99 a pack, they are in
the high end, but overall the entire project is very inexpensive so I did splurged, but
I did have a 40% coupon from Michaels so not bad. Oh, and I also forgot to tell you that the
laminate paper I got from Walmart, and it is about $4.80 some cents, so I spent about
ten bucks on laminate paper all together. And here it is all ready to go, all I have
to do is decorate it, I’m going to be adding a balloon garland to it, and maybe some greenery,
but I’m going to be doing t off camera because it’s all about the backdrop today. I just wanted to show you how I’m going to
be hanging it before I start decorating. I’m going to be using fishing line, and I’m
going to be using my craft knife for this. I’m going to be digging a couple of holes
at the top, and then you can hang it, I’m going to be doubling it up too, when it comes
to fishing line to make it stronger. You can hang it from the ceiling, or you can
hang it from a stand. I’m going to be hanging it from a stand because
I don’t want to poke holes in my ceiling, alright, and that’s that, oops! As
you can see I used a small screw driver to perforate the hole all the way through, I’m
also going to be placing a piece of tape so it can help me keep the hole from pulling
through once I place the fishing line. Is not the strongest, but you know, it would
help a little ok. Is not that heavy, but I just wanna use it
as back up. Alright guys this is it, this is my round
backdrop that is not 6ft tall, it’s actually 4 X4, but it is absolutely cute, and very
adorable, and it does the job of the actual 6ft tall one oook. Haha! I’m going to have the information of the round
stand that you see it hanging from, so you guys can make it if you like this look. I’m also going to be attaching my balloon
garland tutorial at the end of this video. Can’t wait to decorate it. Love it! I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and if
you did, please make sure to give me a thumbs up, and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel
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