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hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a baby shower royal centerpiece and setup here we go after following all of the grow your
news and TV interviews of Baker Marko and Prince Harry I’m a little royal
obsessed so a light bulb went up in my head just like my bunny and I decided to
do a royal theme baby shower this week all right guys let’s get started I’m
going to start by making my royal pillow I’m not sure that’s the name for it but
I’m coming into royal pillow but it’s the pillow where the crown is going to
sit over and I’m going to be using royal blue satin material from Jones fabric
jo-ann’s fabric and and I’m also going to be using gold rope ribbon that’s
going to go around the pillow and of course I’m going to need fiberfill and
my hot glue gun to make my pillow I’ve opened up the material on the opposite
side and I place this picture frame that I’m using as my template this is seven
and a half by seven and a half so it’s a perfect square and I’m going to be
tracing these I’m gonna actually be tracing a couple of these and here are my two squares and I
actually just finished ironing both of them because they were pretty wrinkly so
I think it’s a good idea for you to do that before you get started alright so
now let’s glue them together now you’re going to place one square on top of the
other make sure that the COP part is facing one another in the inside and
you’re probably not going to have a perfect square even though you use a
template or the measurements I don’t know why that happens but that’s what
happens so if you do have some excess material once you place it on top of the
other go ahead and cut it off and have a little bit right here so just do your
best you know you know what I say doesn’t have to be perfect and I’m going to turn it over and then
I’m going to add D fiberfill now I’m going to add this go broke
ribbon a fan and Michael’s a 70% off I’m going to add it to my pillow all around
the borders so I can cover some of the imperfections and so it can look a
little bit more royal and you can pop a little bit more very nice now I’m going to move on to my
crown I’m actually gonna make it look a little more royal by adding a little bit
of this material right here to the middle I’m not sure if you’ve seen those
type of crowds that have some type of material they usually burgundy or blue
right in the middle and it looks really nice this one was just plain you came
just like this from Amazon but you can also find this crown at Party City first
I’m going to make my crown a little smaller so you can look child size
because this is an adult size and because I also want to use a little bit
of the material here to place in the middle of my crown and I’m going to use
my wire cutters because I don’t wanna damage my scissors see the piece are cut
off has the buttons back here to put the whole crown together now I’m gonna have
to use hot glue to put it together I’m actually gonna cut one more so I’m going
to try to glue it together from here but I’m not sure if that’s going to keep it
together because this seems to want to pull away so I’m gonna try to do that
I’m gonna try to make it like this but I don’t know I can only try right let’s
see so here it is I was able to do it but it
literally took me about five minutes or more to put this together because once
you have plastic on plastic meaning the hot glue on the crown which is plastic
he wants to pull away from each other since the glue is hot so you literally
have to hold it together until the glue dries and as you know when you use hot
glue it dries pretty fast but that’s not the case when it comes to plastic so
just you know have a little patience and it will work out now I’m going to cut
the material that’s going to go inside the crown and I think about here will be
safe to cut so I’m just giving myself enough material because once I push it
in I need room for that so this looks about right now I’m going to turn the
material over and I’m going to add a little bit of glue to the middle of the
material here then I’m going to bring it in whoops I’m going to bring it in right
there so this is my middle so now I’m going to
place a crown right over my middle part here and then I’m going to start adding
well let’s turn it over let’s put this in and then I’m going to start adding you
fiberfill okay let’s make sure the middle eyes were supposed to be and then
just going to close it up so here’s what we have so far now I’m
going to add a little tip right here to the middle of the crown these are the
two pieces I’m going to use for the top of the crown so I basically just pop the
gem out of the this part right here and then I just cut the top of these and
then I’m going to glue the gems right on top of here and I’m going to place it right on top
of here now I’m going to make my royal ricer
this is really right to place my pillow and my crown on top of and I already
went ahead and painted the frames gold it’s metallic gold and these are eight
by ten frames from Dollar Tree Dollar Tree also have gold frames but you also
have to paint the little parts so you might as well paint the whole thing so
I’m going to glue these two frames together so I’m going to add hot glue
just to the corners I like to place this one right on top to make the center
piece pop a bit I’m going to use gold glitter and my patch so I’m just going
to put a little bit here on the side and use my phone brush now I’m going to add legs to my riser
I’m going to be using four taper candle holders from Dollar Tree and you should
do this process prior to adding all this glitter right on top for a year but the
reason I did this was because I didn’t know that I wanted to keep my tapers
clear and I do because I love the way looks like this so the right way to do
this will be to turn the frame over before adding all that glitter and just
glue the tapers right on the back of the frame okay guys this is my royal centerpiece
and it’s absolutely adorable I love it the faux fur was a last-minute addition
and I’m loving the way it polishes the whole centerpiece and as you can see I
also added gold rope ribbon to the legs and I also added some lighting let’s see
how it looks love it I hope you guys enjoyed this
video please give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and make sure to
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thought of the video and I will see you guys next time bye

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