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home holiday events and DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make a
rustic wedding centerpiece and setup here we go okay guys here’s everything I’m going to
need to make my centerpiece and I’m going to start by showing you this tall
base from Dollar Tree and this is going to be the base they have the wider rim
on top I’m going to turn this one over and I’m going to set up my base because
of the wide rim which is going to make the whole centerpiece steady and then
I’m also going to use this smaller glass base I’m going to use this burlap ribbon
I’m also going to use this brooch from tobacco for embellishments and then I’m
going to use white hydrangea but here’s the thing my intention was to use all
hydrangeas from Dollar Tree but this is all I could find I couldn’t find them
anywhere so I took it with me anyway but this is
all I could find so here’s what I’m going to do my friend was kind enough to
donate this white hydrangeas from my hope to me the other day because she
knows I love it because I helped her with her mother’s birthday party a
balloon photo so she’s elated these to me so I’m going to go ahead and use them
instead so if you do find white hydrangeas you are going to need at
least three of these okay from Dollar Tree to make one of these and you are
going to need six of the ones from Michael’s so six foot away from Michaels
and 18 from the one from Dollar Tree and these were 40% off of $5.99 I believe so
this should be about two dollars and forty cents two dollars fifty cents
somewhere around there another you’re also going to need some pussy willows
and you are going or I should say or or be Sheree blossoms so either one I
couldn’t find enough pezzulo which were my first choice so I got a
couple of these years blossoms as well I’m going to be plucking the flowers out
so all you need is just branched and of course I’m going to need a 6000
and hot glue ok let’s start so the idea is to make these two clear vases look
like one but in order for me to do that I have to start with the arrangements
first and then glue them together like I said earlier I wasn’t able to find
enough white hydrangeas from Dollar Tree so I’m going to be using six beautiful
bouquets of white hydrangeas from Michaels and if you do happen to find
some white hydrangeas from Dollar Tree in order for you to make them as full as
this one because this is what you’re going to see in your arrangement you
will have to get a leaf four of them together here’s one here’s two so if you
add two more it will look something like this or I will do a minimum of three
before will look exactly like this and once you get it together and it’s full
you will grab some floor wire and just wrap it around and wrap up fold them
together and that’s going to look something like this
this modern base is going to serve as the top of the base so we’re going to
move this for now and you are going to need a wire cutter and then you are
going to measure and you want this to you know hang a little bit of the base
so I’m going to cut it somewhere around here you bend it a little bit sometimes it
gets easier that way this is six this has been the easiest arrangement ever
all I have to do with this trimmer and put them in the base no floor phone
needed love it perfect just make sure that when you do
cut your hydrangea make sure that it be spent touch all the way to the bottom is
very very important okay alright so now I’m going to add these two below and
this one I say which one is it see they look the same now one of these actually
deserted this one is the cherry blossom so all I did was this fluffy fall flower
out and they look exactly the same so then the point to arrange them in the
middle easy right so easy
well here’s the challenge now I have to glue them together well before I glue
them together I have to simulate what’s going on down here with the sense under
here so it can look like it’s just one piece so I have these other branches
here and I’m going to cut them to fit under here and now we run a little down
to the top or the bottom of the vase it’s going to be the top now as I turned
it over so I have to match what’s going on down here so that’s the challenge
with disarrangement but it’s going to work out and it’s going to look amazing
alright let’s do that okay so I have 11 and in this base 6 up on the way
hydrangea and the other stick are from the pussy-willow
and that’s exactly the same amount you are going to need for the second base
you are going to try to simulate what’s going on in here inside of here so
you’re going to need 5 or the pussywillows
and six of the one hydrangea stamp to blue inside of here alright so I’m just
going to mix them up and make sure that the best side of the stamp is at the
bottom so I want these to be glued inside that’s not the best side and on
the bedside to be down here so it can be nice and neat at the bottom because
you’re going to be able to see that and I’m just going to apply glue to the top
of the stem a flower things tend to just you know don’t think what you take them
in and that’s kind of what I’m going to do and try to like emulate as much as I
can right here all right wish me luck fixer subjects is going to get now all I
have to do is go these two together so I’m going to glue this Willy 6000 and
hot glue earth I’m going to make sure I have the right pattern facing the way I
need it to be that’s it okay ah all right I’m just going to the ec2000
first now we add the burlap ribbon to cover the imperfection right here in the
middle and I measure that now once a bad approach and here it is I did end up adding three
more I drain just to the arrangement because once I you know added b.height
and I started you know moving and around it kind of look empty so I added three
and now it’s perfect now I’m moving on to make my table
number and for that I’m going to need a three by five by five picture frame I’m
going to need burlap ribbon and burlap ribbon with lace I’m also going to use a
metallic silver marker and my hot glue first thing I’m going to do is pull the
back of the picture frame and I’m going to turn it over and cut and glue a
couple of strips of this burlap right on it so I’m just going to measure and then
cut I’m just going to add glue to the carton here now I’m going to grab my burlap with
lace and I’m going to cut another strip and then I’m going to cut away the
burlap on the side and it’s going to look something like this and then I’m
just going to glue it right here in the middle and that’s it
here I have my glass my number and marker so what I want to do is draw this
number one here on the glass but in order for me to have the one behind the
glass instead of forward because if I place it like this I will have to draw
the one outside and I want it to be in the inside so in order for me to do that
I have to flip my template over and draw it this way so then when I turn the
glass the number will be forward the right way and you will also be in the
inside first thing you’re going to do is make sure that the glass is clean and
free of fingerprints and make sure that it’s Center and then all you have to do
is this trace the number now I’m going to assemble these three
together and I’m going to start with the glass and then I’m just going to place
this back here and there you have it
alright guys this is my elegant rustic centerpiece and table number and I love
it I think it’s simple but very beautiful and like I said earlier I’ve
added three extra hydrangea for a total of nine I drained us now and you know
what I was thinking that it’s probably worth worth it getting the ones from
Michael because to make one of the bouquets from I hope you will need four
of the ones from Dollar Tree and this was very very simple to make also I love
the way that the two vases turns out they’re really sort of like it is one
Hey look how cute this is so so cute although I’m a little off-center here
but you get the picture alright guys I hope you enjoyed this
video and I will see you next time bye you

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  1. Love the idea ❤️️❤️️ I wonder if you can do a glam version of this for us 🤔

  2. I came across your diy videos last night and now I'm obsessed cant stop watching LOL. Awsome Job love your DIYs. Im getting married 7/21/2018 and love all these ideas now I want to make them all haha.

  3. I recently found your channel and I have been hooked ever since!!! I love planning parties and decor but you were made for this! You are sooo talented

  4. You just save me about $175 my vow renewal is coming out and I wanted to tall glass vases with a similar floral design using Curly Willow branches and hydrangeas with roses and I was going to purchase the Trumpet vases, but now you have shown me a whole nother way, and since I already have some of the Dollar Tree vases already from a previous engagement, all I need to do is buy the open-face ones for the base $12,for 12 tables compared to $175, for 12 trumpet vases. sounds like a plan I love how you simulated the branches thank you so much you are amazing, I love your work, keep showing us these options beautiful Simply Elegant!!!!
    Also one last question what is the estimate of the height of the vas once complete?

  5. Omg I have been watching all of your videos and I'm in love. I'm having a quinceanera for my daughter next year and her colors for sure are maroon and black just not sure on gold or silver but the beauty and the beast arrangement is gorgeous. Hopefully you can make a centerpiece with marron and black.

  6. I love love love love it!, simplicity at it's best with a huge statement! Wow!!! Baby's breath would look nice in there too. I think. I may add a bow to the center of the vase with just enough twine . I really don't know. Just an idea. Maybe. So talented!!! Xoxo….

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