DIY St.Paddy’s Day Dinner – Man Vs Din #8

*over-the-top Irish accent*
Aye top of the morning to ya! What was that a pirate or a f***ing leprechaun? *again, over-the-top Irish accent* I’m Rob. Welcome to
Man vs Din – Saint Patty’s Day Edition! Whelp, there goes all of our Irish viewership. See ya. Alright, that’s enough. For those of you new to Man vs Din: This is the show where we just take full
advantage of all the trending holidays, key search terms, and algorithms. Which really is why I couldn’t help, uh, but
purchase this, uh… ridiculous f***ing costume. I sometimes think… You know…
uh… do my- does my family… Anyone in my family watch this show? Any of like, my old high school friends that are like: “Oh *chuckle* that’s what that guy is doing now?” Huh? *Rob regretting his life decisions* *inhales* Oh f***… *almost sob-ish chuckles* We’ve got another delicious
three course meal for yah! Today, laddies. For all of you that have traveled
this bumpy road before… You know that we begin with
the alcoholic appetizer. Which is just calling my name… “Hey Rob! Over here!” Hey!! “Come drink me!!” “Yay!” Oh yeah! For this course we uh, just take a beer. Uh, we pour it into here… Oh shit. Look at that! Ahh ha ha!! When I said
top of the morning to you earlier, I wasn’t kidding… It is approximately….
10:47 in the morning! Definitely don’t know how to pour
a beer. That’s for goddamn sure. For our first course, we will be making some green beer. Pretty much just assuming that
you add the green food color. Oh shit! Look at that! Mix it up a little bit… That was easy! Cheers! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! *more horrible Irish accent*
Aye that is magically delicious! I’ve been practicing that one. You wanna try some? Here… ohhhhh yeah! Get some of that foam! Right?! F***in’ Saint Patrick’s Day! Goddamit I love this holiday! *mumbling* That’s not it! That’s not it! This is the beginning of the appetizer! This is like the uhh… pre-appetizer. What is that called? The aperitif! I don’t know. Somebody look that up!
{Apéritif – An alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite.}
{you’re welcome, you f***-wad.} The real appetiser is mother f***in’ Irish car bombs! So for this project you need all these ingredients. It calls for, uhh, some Guinness, but you know what? F**k Guinness. I’m going with this, uh, organic chocolate stout, which is gonna be even better! Now you pop this sucker open. *bottle top clinks* Then you fill your glass up about three quarters of the way Now you got some Baileys you throw about half a shot of that in, followed by some fine Irish whiskey. Then just grab both of your beverages, drop it in like so. *glasses clink* *glasses clink* And take it down! *belches* Woo! Now moving on to course number two! You’re gonna like this one. You ready for it? Threadbangers and mash! Huh?! F***in’ aye right, that’s funny! Now for this project, I had to get what is known in the meat industry as pork casings. For those of you unfamiliar with pork casings, this is where you stuff the sausage into. Uh, so when you see f***in’ sausages, they’re really just pork intestines with meat inside of them. Uh, and it’s pretty f***in’ gross, so we’re gonna try it out. Threadbangers and mash. Ugh… Oh God. Oh, they already smell terrible. Ugh… Oh God they smell so bad. *coughs* Can I take this thing out? Okay, well. Oh God, this is what a pig intestine looks like. Ugh, ugh. Look at this. Man vs science sh*t over here. Watch this. This is crazy. Ughh. Ugh aghh…This was inside of a pig. Oh God, don’t (unintelligible) to the floor. Oh… There’s cat hair in it now. Oh, that’s gross. So the funny thing, is that I went to the store and I asked the guy if he had any pork casings, ’cause I thought like, each one would make an individual sausage. That is not the case. Uh, he sold me six of them, and six of them rounds out to be the entire pig intestin. This would make a f**king hundred goddamn sausages. I only need… two of them. I’m gonna do another- *laughs* *caughs* Oh God that’s gross. Got an additional five pork casings uh, over here. I’m giving these away at the end of the show to the top five comments telling me what you would stuff these with. Ah… *coughs* Let me know about it in the comments below. And it could be you that wins. So now normally, if you wanted to stuff sausages you gotta get like, these little machine, like this little tube, but I learnt a really cheap hack from the butcher, and he said to use, hold on. Wait for it. He used an old water bottle. You cut the top off, and you fit the meat in through there. It’s pretty genius. Boom. There you go. An instant sausage stuffer. That sounds really bad. Now if you thought I was gonna make my own f**king meat for this, you are absolutely wrong. Brought some s**t over here from the store. Oh that’s f**king easier. One hundred percent /not/ vegan. Uh, and now I think you tie off the end. Let’s see. How long do I want that sausage. How long do you like /your/ sausage, uh, is the question. Boom. You are looking inside of a f**king pig intestine right now. Gross. Get it in there. Oh yeah. Oh, God. That’s… f**king gross. Now it’s working. Huh. Stuff that f**king sausage right. Just get it done. Alright, this is enough. Just get that down there. Goddamit. This is a f**cking mess. Work it down there, work it down. Oh yeah, look at /that/. There it is. That’s not looking too bad right there. Tie this stuff at the end… Oh no, no, no. Ugh… Boom! We got our first threadbanger! There we go. Alright, we’re moving on to the second linkage. Over here. Find that end again… There it is. Now, if you want to get some air in there, open it up you get it to do this. *blowing up* Woo! Look at that. Holy s**t. That’s (unintelligible) right there. Hold on, do you wanna see that again? I know you do. So do I. *blowing up* *laughs* One more time, one more time, one more time, one more time. *blowing up* *laughs* Oh, hold on. Can I make a f***ing balloon out of all of this f***ing thing? Now we’re on to something. You just twist that around. If you want a f***ing poodle I’ll make you a f***ing poodle. Here we go. F**k yeah. Watch this, watch this, watch this. You didn’t even f***ing know. You didn’t even know I was a balloon artist. Uh, there’s this little face, and then… it’s got its little legs here. Um… *coughs* Uh… I’m good. I’m good. Alright, on the making the second sausage over here, just like the first, you just stuff it. With the meat. Stuff it with the meat! *laughs* Now you just put the meat in there, and you just f***ing use your thumb. Boom. Just like that. Tie off one of the ends over here, push all that meat to the top. *laughs* I really do hope my f***ing friends of high school are watching me right now. Uhh… s**t. Working towards the front, get all the air out. Tie it all off when you’re through. C’mon now. Get in there. Cut off your extra intestinal chord, and there you go! You got yourself a pair of threadbangers! This one looks a little bit like me. And one looks a little bit like Corinne. Over there, huh? Alright, time to cook this f***ing things. Oh… s**t. Lookin’ good over here! Alright, let those sit in there for a while and now, we’re moving on to the mash. Which, when I say makin’ the mash, I mean taking it out of /this/ container here, putting it into this bowl, and dropping some food coloring into it. Boom! Huh? Mix that s**t all in and you got yourselves some Festive-looking Mash. Woow. S**t. Oh… No (x15). That’s not what’s supposed to happen. Oh… I asked um too tight. Goddamit. Oh, that was gonna explode too! F**k. It’s not supposed to be doing that. Oh no, we got a breackage on the second one. Oh… Aghh! Agh! God dammit! Alright, everything’s right for plating the s**t up. First we got our “sausages” here, which would kind of split. That way, that looks decent. And we got our green mashed potatoes here. Oh, yeah. Some table scoops of that. Get some of this grease on there. Throw some butter on there, some salt, some pepper, pepper, pepper. Huh? Anybody? And you know what? F**k it. We’re gonna add some Sprinkles to that s**t. And I’m topping off, uh, with some Lucky Charms marshmellows. And there you go! A magically delicious dinner! Cheers! Now serving, green beer in the comments. Let’s eat! Not a bad lookin’ plate right there. That’s for goddamn sure. That should be the thumbnail. *laughs* (unintelligible) Is it good? *mumbling* Yeah, sure. Why f***ing not. Kind of in the shape of a sausage. A banger. Whatever. Boom. Right there you get- you get some of the marshmellows on top. Mmm! Oh God dammit! That’s really good! Like, the sweetness of the marshmellows, and the savory of the meat. Mm. Oh my God, these mashed potatoes! You gotta try these mashed potatoes, these are good! I know you guys want the rainbow one, right there, on the end. You ready? Here you go. Open up! Good. Right? F***ing I’m right. Wash that down with a little bit of uh, green beer here. Happy F***ing St. Patrick’s Day. Cheers! *burp* I wanna put these away, for later, uh, and now we’re gonna make the third course. But before that, we for sure need to do another car bomb. Stout, Bayleys, Jameson, drop. *glasses clink* Now for the third course, for dessert, I saw these gold coins, uh, over on Pinterest. Very simple idea: you take some Oreos, you spray-paint ’em gold with these spray food coloring. Very f***ing Shane Dawson-esque. Now, I went to the store to go get said Oreos, but uh, ran into these f***ing Peeps Oreos. I completely forgot why I was even there, uh, and didn’t get the regular Oreos, so we’re gonna see if these work instead. You wanna f***in’ check out some skill right here? You wanna see some f***ing skill? Check this s**t out. Boom. Well, I guess this just turned into a… f***in’ Oreo Peeps tasting video. I will just make a new f***ing thumbnail. S**t. Mm. Those are good. *crunch* Not spawn, but f**k. Anytime, Muriel. Anytime. Alright, so we’re just gonna take these, throw ’em onto a plate over here, shake that s**t up, and spray it. First off, this f***ing spray is worth the s**t. F**k that. This isn’t doing s**t. *cough* This s**t’s all over my f***ing fingers now. These are f***ing stupid. Well, let me see that f***ing picture again. Hold on. Yeah. My f***ing d*ck. Look at this. There’s no shiny, metallic look in f***ing anything of these things. This just looks like somebody spray-painted some s**t, some yellow paint. Goddamit internet. Whoever f***ing made this post, Happy St. Patrick’s Day you son of a b**ch. Alright we’re gonna this, this real spray paint in here. Let’s see what these f***ing things look like. Kitty you with me? She’s with me. Kitty, let’s go outside. Helping out? Here. Spray-paint these for me. *spraying* Oh, that’s the one right there. *laughs* Yeah! That’s the stuff, right there. Gold spray paint. You’re not gettin’ these using that f***ing food coloring bulls**t. *crunch* *coughs* Agh. No. *coughs* Okay! Well, that was a good time. Thank you all for joining us on another episode of Man burning Din…? Man burning what? Us! What the f**k? Eating that paint was a bad idea. You know, I kinda like uh, doing these episodes. I like these series a lot, so you may see more of ’em. Uh, if you liked watching it, be sure to hit up that like button down below, and let me know. This channel is super close to hitting four million subscribers. Please, if you are not subscribed, then hit up that big red button and help us out! If you’ve got any future Man vs Din suggestions, be sure that you leave those down on the comments and I’ll see you around here, next time. *snip snip snip* *Irish music* And, I’m supposed to just f***ing like, dissapear like a leprechaun or something, right? What do I do? *glass hitting the counter* Snap the fingers? *snap* *snap* No. *clap clap* Clap the hands? *clap clap* Nothing. These just dissolve? Oh you! Look at that, I just- I just dissolve. Huh. Sweet. Feeling the show. I’m going.

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