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Superbowl party here we go the Super Bowl is around the corner and
a lot of you guys have been asking for me to make a Super Bowl setup and to
tell you the truth I have been shying away from the idea because I don’t know
anything about football I don’t have that natural you know feeling to make a
setup football I mean I even thought the Super Bowl was gonna be at the end of
February that’s how bad I am I mean only thing I know about football is that 18
tackles on another team to get the ball to the other side
that’s all I got I also know that my husband every Sunday is yelling on the
TV because somehow I think he thinks that he can do better than the guys on
the field I’m sure that’s every husband or every
guy out there right and then my husband’s team is the Dolphins he loves
the Dolphins and I don’t even know why because he’s from Connecticut yeah I
would think that he would like the Patriots better because it’s closer but
he doesn’t please not subscribe your does your team don’t unsubscribe I’m in
Israel so since I have the natural feel for football for ideas I ended up going
on Pinterest and I also went into stores to check out their inventories and oh my
gosh by the way they were very high the prices are up to $29.99 for some of
these football things for parties crazy I was like no I can make this for a half
the price and I totally did so let’s get started with the video all right guys so
here all of the pieces and connectors that you are going to need to make your
football goal this is a PVC pipe that I cut into these pieces that you see here
with the connectors well the connectors our connectors are in cut those but the
pipes was one piece at one point okay this is a 3/4 by 10 feet pipe ok so the
thickness is 3/4 and the length that it comes with is 10 feet and you are going
to cut it into these little pieces okay are you gonna have extra left you are
going to need to 3/4 by one-and-a-half feet a 3/4 by 1 foot to 3/4 by 6 inches
an adapter that’s going to be 3/4 on top and by 1 and then
you are going to need a 3/4 tea you are going to need to 3/4 elbows and you are
going to need or you don’t need it this one is optional this our 3/4 caps okay
so everything is 3/4 all right this one is just a little wider at the bottom
because I need it to hold the entire goal I’m going to start putting
everything together except for the adapter this I’m going to glue to the
bowl I just going to move it to this side so this is going to be very easy
let’s start with DT okay so you are going to assemble the six inches on
either side and then you’re going to get your 1 footer and put it up the bottom
and you’re gonna grab your elbows place them on either side and then you’re
gonna grab your one and a half and place them right on there if you like to
football you know where it goes I’m not into football so have to look at
pictures choose to get caps you can just place them right on top and that’s it very very easy just make
sure that everything straight and that’s that now I’m going to go ahead and paint
it in gloss on yellow now I’m going to use this foam sheet that is going to
serve as the patty that you see on most goalposts
so yeah I’m just going to wrap it around this is self-adhesive and you can find
this at any craft store and make sure to leave a little room right here because
this is going to go inside the adapter inside the ball so let’s measure it I
think I’m going to do 3/4 of it for the bottom part of the goal aka the cooler I
am going to be using a clear plastic ball from Dollar Tree I’m also going to
be using Excelsior to decorate the ball this looks like grass so I thought it
will look great that’s the core so you can go with the theme you know the
Superbowl grass hobo feel etcetera all right so what I’m going to do is just
you know blew it around with hot glue now I’m gonna trim it a little so it
won’t look so much like a nest so I’m just want to make it a little neater and
you also wanted this part right here to be flat okay all right so now I am going
to glue down the adapter to the middle of the bowl as so okay the three-quarter
part on top and the larger part to the bottom the best glue for this part will
be gorilla glue because go really looks pants so it would have been perfect if I
have some this one is actually empty you dry it out inside so there’s none in
there but I will want you to use gorilla glue you will apply some on here to the
bottom and then you would like add some to the middle and then you will place
something heavy on it let it sit for half an hour to an hour but I will let
it sit overnight because it’s just better all right but since I don’t have
gorilla glue I am going to go to you know the second best which will be e
6000 so what I’m going to do is apply some of the e6000 here and then I’m
going to add hot glue to the middle of it so we can kind of simulate what the
gorilla ghoul would do which you know will be too dry in inside of it so yeah
so that’s what I’ll do so let me just apply it I added as much glue as I could and now
I’m gonna let it sit overnight because it takes 24 hours for each 6000 to fully
cure and you want the strongest bun as possible so let it dry overnight all
right guys so it’s been 24 hours since I glued the adapter inside the bowl so I’m
going to go ahead and place the post inside the cooler and there you have it a poop Oh
goalposts cooler next I’m going to be making a game day chalkboard out of this
black foam board from Dollar Tree and some stencils some large stencils this
tencel’s are six by eighteen inches okay and my time is going to say Gold team I
don’t have a particular team that our roof for my husband team didn’t make it
in so I’m just gonna say go team and keep in neutral so what I’m going to do
first is move this out of the way grab some shocked and then I am going to
spread it all over the foam board friction little more like a chalkboard
you can also grab your scissors or a knife or anything like that and just
pull some over and then grab some tissue and just spread it all over and it should look something like this
now I’m just going to go ahead and grab the letters I need and I’m just going to
trace on now I’m going to add a few X’s and O’s
and lastly I am going to be making the football field and this is pretty much
going to serve as my table runner that is going to lay over the tablecloth I’m
placing on the table and this material is called grassy meadow felt and it’s
two yards and it cost me $13 for two yards and it’s definitely a steal
because an actual football field decorative table runner cost about
$29.99 I know this because I saw it at the store so $13.99 is a steal for sure
all right so let me open this up and my table is one and a half by four feet so
I think this is x2 the air right here all right so this is yep perfect
so fold that is already one and a half so I’m just gonna leave it fold it and
I’m just going to add what I need to add on the field over it okay so what I’m
going to add are the lines that you see on the football field and I am using
this on tape it’s called paper tape usually you use this for you know for
bandages and I got this a Dollar Tree so what I’m going to do now is place the
tape on each foot all the way down now I’m going to be adding numbers to my
Airlines and I’m going to be using numbers stencils these stencils actually
came in a packet from Walmart it was a packet with glitter paper and
construction paper and I’ve had it for a while so I’m gonna go ahead and use it
if you don’t have a number of stencils you can always get some or you can also
get number stickers and place it on there alright so what I’m going to do is
this tracer with chalk so I’m going to start with the 50 yard line and then 40
and 40 and then 30 and 30 look at me talking like I don’t know what I’m
saying I don’t know what I’m talking about but yeah let’s do it if your chocolates a little sloppy
go ahead and wet a little bit of tissue and just you know wipe it off no big
deal okay okay guys this is a this is my Super Bowl decor that you can make to
have a very successful Super Bowl party for very cheap all of these things on
here are half of the price that you will find at this store the board in the back
only costs me $1 and that’s it I already happy chalk and I already have
this stencil so that only cost me a dollar obviously if you are going to
have to buy the stencils and the Chop is going to cost you a little more what
shop idolatry is a dollar as far as the field total price if you have to buy
everything for this will be about 17 dollars so less than 20 bucks at the
stores is $29.99 kit unit and don’t forget the taxes okay so yeah so very
cheap as far as the go host cooler I saw them at these stores for $19.99 and I
made mine for less than 10 bucks my goalpost looks even better than the
ones at the stores if I must say so myself love it
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  1. For someone who knows nothing of football, I think you did a great job. You kept it cost effective and eye catching. Go Team!

  2. Hi Tayra 😍👍,
    No one would have known you had no knowledge of the football sport you really made the field come to life you are just amazing!!!! Keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞.
    Mrs. K.💋

  3. Very nice. My daughter’s boyfriend is football fan Texas so I will save this video to do it for him. I’m sure he will love it

  4. Oh my not a football fan 😱. I will be definitely be making this because I love football and my gramson plays college football. He may be going to the NFL someday.

  5. Wow it is such an amazing idea and so easy .please dear make a video on huge 5*6ft round wooden Backdrop and how to make it /foldable .love love love your work

  6. You are adorable!!! You put your heart into every project and it shows. Keep it up! I agree with everyone, you never would know that you're not into football. Awesome creation!

  7. Awesome!! You have a great creative mind. Thanks for sharing. We are having a Super Bowl party and I will be creating these DIYs as the prize table. Thank you for the ideas ❤

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