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hey guys welcome back to my channel
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more home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to
make a Parisian themed centerpiece for a sweet sixteen or a quinceanera here we
go I’m very excited to make this
centerpiece guys because I did not have a swig 16 nor a quinceanera sad it’s
like 16 because in my country we don’t celebrate 416 we celebrate 15 which is
eight quinceanera and I chose not to have it I know right
I chose to have the cash so I can go on a shopping spree and yeah I didn’t have
it and now that I’m older I wish that I would have have mine cuz I missed out on
the experience but now I can live by curiously through you guys so make sure
that if you make this centerpiece you send me those pictures okay and yeah
another reason why I’m excited because this Eiffel Tower guys I have to tell
you the story behind this up the tower I mean shopping around for I put towers
you know to get the best prices and the best price I could find was a little
thing like this for $19.99 this one I found a Hobby Lobby original price
$39.99 but I decided okay I’m gonna go with my 40 percent discount coupon that
you can find online anyone anyone can find it it’s always there and I thought
okay I’ll pay 25 bucks it’s a little more than $19.99 but look at the size of
that it’s very very nice size but he had a little ship on that so I told the you
know the lady at the register can I get a discount for that and I thought she
will say sure you know 75% but then after she came back from
talking to her manager she said here you can have it for 50% off 50% off and on
top of that I was able to use my 40% discount coupon so I only paid about $15
for this $15 yay all right guys let’s get started so I’ve decided to leave the
Eiffel Tower in its original color which is this color of pink my first instinct
was to paint it in gold but after placing the flowers and I’m going to be
using around it this color pick is perfect especially for a deep Swift 16
quinceanera theme the first thing I’m going to do is measure how much tulle
I’m going to need around the Eiffel Tower I’m going to be using this tool to
glue on some flowers on it so I can drape it around the Eiffel Tower so I
need to measure it and I’m going to start from right about here right under
the antenna and I’m just going to go around and that’s about right for me you can
have as much or as little rap as you like but for me I’m giving myself extra
just in case I can always cut it down to make my rap I’m going to be using white
hydrangeas from Dollar Tree this year’s hydrangeas from the other
tree are very very nice they’re thicker and they’re fuller I am loving them very
nice so now all you have to do is just literally just pull them individually
and just glue them right onto the tool right here here’s my finish for a wrap it took two
and a half hydrangeas to make in about 45 minutes to make it it’s pretty easy
to make but a little time-consuming and now I’m ready to place it on my iPhone
our I’m going to go ahead and add a little glue right here and I’m going to
place it right on top up here and then I’m just going to drape it around very
easy I’m going to add a little glue right here and this is what we have so
far now I’m going to work around the bottom of the centerpiece and I’m going
to be adding more hydrangeas right now I’m just going to pop them off and I’m
going to be gluing two at a time and I’m going to be placing them right where you
see these entrances I’m going to be placing them there now I’m going to be adding these light
pink peonies from Dollar Tree all of my flowers today are from Dollar Tree by
the way and I’m going to cut them very very short enough to keep the leaves in
the flower together so it’s going to be this short so I basically alternated the
pew knees one down one up one down one up down up down up all around and I’m
going to add dark pink roses to add a little more pop to the arrangement here’s how the pattern looks like
I think it’s well proportioned you don’t want to overdo the flowers because it’s
just gonna be way too much I’m going to add a couple of dark pink roses to the
top of the arrangement so it will look so plain to finish up the look of the centerpiece
I’m going to be using paper mache numbers I got this from Hobby Lobby and
there were each 99 cents I got the number 15 for a quinceanera and I got a
number 16 for a sweet 16 so you can have an idea of how it will look for your
celebration and I’m going to be painting both for them in gold so initially I was
thinking of placing the number 16 right here and then I changed my mind and was
thinking of placing it right here in the middle but now I’m thinking of placing
it right here on top let me show you how it looks with the number 15 here it is
very pretty here’s how it looks in the middle and right here on top there are
all great options and I’m just going to leave it up to you last but not least I
want to show you how to make the rolls napkin fold that you’re going to see on
my setup all you have to do is fold your napkin into a triangle and then you are
going to grab the bottom and roll it all the way up until you have about three
inches at the top all right so that’s about right
then you’re going to roll the roll part right here so just gonna grab it and
roll it and then you’re going to tuck this part
inside of here just tuck it in okay and then you are going to split this to open
these are going to be your leaves and then this one on that side and there it
is alright guys this is a this is my parish and themed centerpiece for a
quinceanera or for a sweet 16 as you can see I chose to place the numbers right
on top of the centerpiece but you can choose to place it in the middle or at
the bottom and yes I did make changes to the bottom of the arrangement because at
the end I felt like the flowers were overwhelming the tower and I wasn’t
really able to see it so I ended up taking away the white hydrangeas from
the front entrance and the back entrance I also added LED wire lights to the
arrangement and I’m going to show you how it looks right now I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to give this video a thumbs up and
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leave me a comment you know I love to read all of your comments so let me know
what you thought of my centerpiece and let me know you had a sweet 16 or if you
send Jana or if you play anyone right now alright guys until next time bye

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  1. Hey sister I MISSED YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️, welcome back, girl you wasn't playing you came back with such a wonderful and beautiful and brilliant DIY. You could use this idea for all kinds of events and for home decor. I love you it. And you are looking more beautiful sister, you're glowing. I was rushing to see your video, just so excited. Plus I love love love the napkin decoration as well. I will for sure be doing all of this in the future.😎😎😎😎😎. Hugs and kisses to you and your family. Looking forward to seeing more videos.💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  2. Hi you have something from princess of frog because a need ideas for first birthday from my first sobrina please help me glad you back happy new year

  3. Very cute!.. I love the idea, especially if you've been to Paris! You can use it for so many occasions. I love the napkin rose! No hot glue gun and no scissors and it looks beautiful!

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  5. Hey Tayra❣️ WELCOME BACK🤗 This is Super Cute! I Love hydrangeas. My daughter is getting married in August. I’m looking back on all of your videos and waiting for MORE 😉 Tfs

  6. Hey Tara! Question??? Have they stop selling the glass elegant cut salad plates at your dollar trees???? They have at mine and their not online anymore either such a bummer!

  7. I loved it! I wanted my oldest daughter to have a Parisian theme but she chose something else. So this year I’m planning my youngest daughter’s quinceañera and she wants to do the beauty and the beast theme.

  8. Thank you so much for this video! My daughter is turning 16 in September and her theme is Paris at Midnight! I love your ideas turned inspiration for me💙

  9. I have been researching Parisian party ideas for my daughter's birthday celebration for about seven months. My search is over. We will use all if this but in a turquoise color scheme. Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!

  10. How much did you spend on decorating them? I already have the towers just want to know how much it will cost to decorate 15 of them.

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