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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
easy and affordable backdrop for your upcoming wedding reception here we go recently I have been getting a lot of
requests for sweetheart table decor and today I’m going to be making an easy and
affordable backdrop so let’s get started alright so a little disclaimer before I
get started with this video as you guys know I try to keep my projects at 50
bucks and under sometimes I do go over five to ten bucks but I try to keep them
under fifty bucks but this project is nowhere near 50 bucks it is a little
more expensive but it is cheaper than the pipes and drapes so you are going to
rent or buy elsewhere so with that said here I have two sets of stands to
accomplish what I need and one is a PVC pipe and the PVC pipe is six and a half
by seven so the width is 7 and these sides are six and a half I am NOT going
to teach you how to make this stand on this video because I already made it a
couple of times so I’m just going to attach it to the end of this video and
I’m going to have it on top as well as I’m talking and I also have a second
stand which is a photography stand that I purchase on Amazon and I will link
that down below as well so what I’m going to do first is add my accent drape
which is going to be a gold rose sequin backdrop and if you’re wondering why am
i using two different types of stands that’s because the PVC pipes on the
front tend to bend a little once you place the heavy drapes on them and the
photography stand in the back can be adjusted in height as needed next I’m
going to be adding sheer drapes to my stands and by drapes I really mean
scarves I love using sheer scarves because they are more versatile and I
can do so much more with them plus I feel that they look fuller and thicker
when hanging I’m going to hang two on either side of my sequin backdrop since I’m going to be tying my sequin
drape in the middle I’m going to need draping behind it so what I’m going to
do is add two more scarf to the back of it and it’s going to be hanging on my
photography stand and last but not least I am going to add my monogram letter
okay guys this is it this is my quick and easy pipes and race backdrop that
you can use for your sweetheart table or even for your ceremony the hardest thing
about this project was to steam all six shear scars but other than that very
easy love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please make
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because you’ll be able to save them a buck or two alright guys until next time

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  1. I literally was looking up draping a hour ago! And my favorite diy-er just blessed me🙌🙌❤.

    Thank you, beautiful

  2. I so dream of becoming a designer, but only to decorate children's holidays, but since I have a baby he's little I do not have time to study, I'm studying with you, and I always cook for his birthday, January 3

  3. Hey Tyra love your work. My daughter will be 16 in February and she wants a Victoria Secret Pink party. I would love to know some ideas for a party with that theme.

  4. Yesssssss…what I was waiting for yipppy!!! Thanks for listening and of course delivering as usual…love this ❤❤❤

  5. Love all that you do!
    Thank you for always sharing
    Here's an odd request. A friend's daughter wants a pineapple wedding. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again

  6. Hey love. This is lovely, using that sheer scarfs is a good idea! And that what royal blue shirt looks good on you. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Tayra ,
    The project turned out stunning as usual I enjoyed your magic,keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars!!⭐🌟🌠

  8. Hello Tayra….. Very lovely… nice and easy…. love love love the rose gold….. now…. i have a project for you… didn't know where to post it, so here it goes…. I have my first brand baby coming up sometime in December….. and We want to do a theme with with teddy bears… i did already the teddy bears over glass box with letters baby all around… and to go with it…. I NEED YOUR HELP. I WANT TO HAVE A HUGE TEDDY BEAR WITH THE ILLUSION LIKE ITS GOING TO FLY UP WITH A BUNCH OF BALLOONS … WHERE CAN I SEND YOU A PICTURE TO CLEARLY SHOW YOU HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO LOOK… PLEASE… THANKS…

  9. Stunning as usual👌👍
    Was wondering do u have a video on how to hang ceiling drapes. My daughter want some for her wedding next yr. but they are expensive.

  10. I am helping a friend with her wedding this spring and have been looking for a similiar backdrop but the "doing it yourself" part can be scary. This is so helpful! The venue doesnt offer special lighting so I was hoping to add some LED curtain lights to the back of the white sheers. Have you tried this? Any suggestions?
    P.S. Thank you for your very awesome and helpful videos!

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