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come back to my channel and if you’re
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holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
social media centerpiece and set up here we go for quite some time I have been wanting
to make a centerpiece and set up for teens and young adults but no
inspiration whatsoever I’ve been stuck and then all of a sudden thing like what
went up in my head and I started thinking social media duh
so obvious I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out or here it is
guys so let’s get started so my centerpiece is going to consist of four
boxes this one is a seven point three inch box and these three right here are
3 inches boxes they’re all square a perfect square the big one is going to
be for Instagram or the Instagram logo but you can choose to use Facebook
snapchat or Twitter if that’s what you use the most whatever you like is
totally up to you the very first thing I’m going to do is dispose of my lid I’m
not gonna need any of them so the seven-point-three box is perfect as it
is you’re just going to turn the empty part upside down and it’s just perfect
as it is for these smaller boxes the 3-inch boxes you are going to use this
side of the box which is the bottom part okay and this is where you’re going to
place your logo and this back part you are going to use poster board to cover
that up but we’ll do that a little later and it’s going to look something like
this almost okay so something like this alright so I’m going to attempt to paint
the logos just as it is on my phone see the icons here the new logo for
Instagram has a bit of a mixture of colors so I found this how do you call
it a color shift tonne of pink I guess is pink it’s like
a pink and bluish kind of color it changes you see that and then here’s
like an orangey one so that’s kind of like the combination that the logo has
so I’m going to attempt to paint that on here good luck to me and I’m going to be
painting of course snapshot is yellow and then I’m going to be painting
Facebook and Twitter in this blue although the Blues are different I
couldn’t find a color I like for Twitter so I’m just going to go ahead and add a
little bit of white to make it a little lighter but this is the main color that
I’m going to use for both Facebook and Twitter before I pay my three inch boxes
I’m going to trace down on my poster board so I can cover the back area next I’m going to be using the social
media prenups as stencils for my boxes this is very
easy to get all you have to do is google Instagram logo Facebook logo Twitter
logo and snapchat logo and then I mean separately and then you are going to
well I guess we can do it together but separately will be better so yeah then
you’re going to go to images and then you are going to look for a logo that is
going to fit your box and I already did the work for you so it’s going to be
very easy so for the 3 inch boxes you are going to need a logo in the 300 to
250 range the Facebook one right here is 300 by 300
this one is 250 and this one is around 250 as well for my large one right here
from my 7.3 inch box I believe this one is 600 or 500 I’m not sure I should have
wrote it down but somewhere around there and all four of them work perfectly with
the boxes I have now that I have my stencils from my logo
I’m going to trace them on the back of this little phone and you can definitely
use plain white I wanted a little extra so I decided to use glitter but you’re
gonna go ahead and trace them on here and then cut them out so oh my gosh I
just realized I did not make a logo for YouTube how rude of me so I decided to
go out and get another box this one is a five point eight box and I’m going to be
making four triangles I don’t need a stencil for that because that’s gonna be
pretty easy so I can make a play button here so here are my finished boxes and
logos as you can see I made two of each except for the YouTube I made four
because he was just so easy but I made two of each because I’m going to have it
on a table and you know you want people to see it in the front and the back but
if you’re using this centerpiece for a dessert table and it’s going to be
facing the wall you can only make one that would be enough also from an
Instagram box I only I only painted the bottom with the orange because I am NOT
an artist I am NOT gonna painting so the rest of the box is that pinkish blue
color from the color shift acrylic paint but if you want you can go ahead and
think up or go for it I’m just not that good so it’s gotta
look good but once I place the logo on it but I didn’t want to do it all over
cuz yeah anyway so yeah it’s looking pretty good and I’m gonna go ahead and
place all of the logos funky boxes before I start stacking my boxes I’m
going to put these smaller boxes together I have to close them up in the
back so I tried this one with a 6000 and hot glue any kind of was a little too
slippery so I’m just going to use hot glue and that should be enough this is
on paper so I don’t see it falling apart and by the way you may find that you
have excess material around your box from the poster board you can go ahead
and cut them off with your scissors and if you ship the paint you can just paint
over and it will look just like new I printed out a picture of myself an
Instagram picture of myself and his face selfie and I printed it out on photo
paper that I got from Dollar Tree it was only a dollar for 8 sheets and I’m going
to cut it out and then I’m going to place it behind the glitter phone so I
can have a little bit of an outline behind it and so it can be a little bit
more sturdy alright so I’m going to apply a 6000 to the back of the photo
I’m also going to apply hot glue to the corners so you can bond instantly while
the e6000 dries and it should look something like this next I’m going to glue my selfie in a
couple of emojis on the bamboo sticks I’m going to use hot glue and I may have
to cut some of them I will let you know in a bit yeah it’s not 3/4 it’s like
pretty much a little bit less than half and I’m just going to glue it at the
very bottom in order for you not to show these thick and the glue as it is right
now so you can have better presentation you should cut another piece of glitter
foam and place it over it and then place another picture right on it so you’ll
have the back and the front alright guys so I decided not to use the
emojis after all I did not like the look on the boxes so what I’m going to do is
use two selfies instead we’ll make sure that your selfies are nice and clean and
you don’t have anything in the background like I do this picture is
from last Thanksgiving I like the way I look so that’s what I’m using it but
just make sure that when you do pick a picture you don’t have all of that stuff
going on in the background alright so I’m gonna go ahead and place it on the
box and show you the final look I’m going to use my craft knife to make a
little or to dig a little hole right here so I can place the skier or the
bamboo sticks through it okay guys this is it this is my social media
centerpiece and I think is the coolest thing ever I love it as you can see I
added a third selfie I promise you I’m not a narcissist you just look a little
empty right there on that spot you can also place a happy birthday sign right
on there and it will look great as well this centerpiece will be amazing for any
teens birthday it will be great for a young adults birthday or anyone who
loves social media I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please
make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet
hit that button right now Oh so if you know of someone who’s having a
birthday party and will really enjoy your centerpiece book it and share with
them right now and leave me a comment let me know what you thought of my
sensor Olivia comment if you have any questions
or if you just want to chitchat with me because you know I love to do that
alright guys until next time bye

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  1. I'm glad you had that "light bulb" moment. I can see this being used for so many occasions… junior dances, graduations, sweet 16…on trend. Stunning! Where did you get that table cloth?

  2. You know what TayraPerez I wish they had a love button. You never cease to amaze me. LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE IT!!!!

  3. Hey Tayra
    As all always your imagination stands alone ,always thinking outside the box. Your project turned out faboulous. Keep it moving, and continue to reach for the stars. ⭐🌟🌠.

  4. Motown Theme Retirement Party. Hiii!!! Do you have anything alone that line? I just got drafted on decor duty. You are always so creative. Thank you!!

  5. Love your projects,very nice idea,it's so amazing how u keep coming up with great ideas.God have bless U. HAVE A AWSOME Weekend 😌

  6. Wow Tara I love this idea! Out of the box, but very appropriate for tweens, teens or anyone who love social media. I look forward to your videos and love your creativity! I will definitely keep this idea in my tool box😍👍🏾😍👍🏾

  7. Hey girl! Yassss!!!… did that! I'm always stuck for teen ideas….and this took the cake! Creativity at it's finest!!! Absolutely love it! Keep the videos coming! Tfs!💟

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