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[lively music] – Hi, guys. How is it going? So, I am so sorry I
missed last DIY Sunday, but I think what I’m
going to do for now on is just do DIY Sunday every other weekend until I can get my schedule back on track. Things have been so hectic for me. I hope you guys understand I’m just trying to get everything flowing and so that way I can can stick to my normal schedule like usual. But for now, it’s going
to be every other Sunday. So, for today’s DIY, I have something awesome for you and these are perfect for
spring and summer time. We will be making some geodesic soap gems and I love these. These are perfect for like party favors. So, if you will be hosting any parties this spring and summer like baby showers or bridal showers, you can totally customize
these into the color theme and that’s what I love about them. Like who cannot not like soap, right? So, you could change them up to any scent you like
and all that good stuff. So, this is super cute. Let’s get started. Okay, so here’s a list of
materials you would need. I will also provide links
where you can find these on my blog, All right, so you’re going
to need glycerin soap melt. For a better deal, I ordered mine online, but you can also pick this up
from your local craft store. You will also need soap colorant. To add some scent, you
will need essential oils that are made especially for soap making. Trays or deep molds. You will need a deep mold in order to cut up the geodesic shapes. Some Pyrex cups and lastly, rubbing alcohol for cleaning and eliminating bubbles. First, you need to cut out the glyrecin into cubes like shapes to
fit in to the Pyrex cup and make it easier to melt. You can use a double boiler or pop this into the microwave to melt for about one to two minutes. Once all the glyrecin is fully melted, you can add in any color that you like, then other essential oils like tea tree oil or whatever you prefer. This is customizable remember that. Here I have some color powders
left from my previous DIYs that I want to experiment
and play around with, so I am just mixing this up
with a little rubbing alcohol and then I will pour
it into my melted soap. What I noticed about these color powders are that they had a more
opaque look than translucent. So, if you want to go for that look then this is the way to go. Make sure to mix the solution well. Then after mixing it, pour into your container. I like using these mini
loaf trays right here because they’re geek. All right, so once you poured it in, go ahead and spray on some rubbing alcohol onto the surface. This will eliminate any
bubbles forming up top. Let this sit for a good five hours or so or you can also refrigerate
this for a quicker result. Once your soap solidifies, take it out of the mold. If it’s stubborn, use a butter knife to pop it out. Take a sharp knife and
cut into big chunky cubes. After that, make random
slices around the soap just like what I’m doing here. The fun part about this is that not everything needs to be perfect. You can cut anywhere randomly and it will turn out looking great. Be careful not to cut yourself, though. With the leftover pieces, I will save those into Ziploc bags and make a new DIY with them. And once you’re done, put this into any other fun containers and gift them to your friends or family or even have them in your guest bathroom. All righty, guys, so that is it. I hope you enjoy this video. If you do, don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up to support this channel. And also, comment below. Let me know what colors you will be making or who you will be making it for, if you have any upcoming
parties you will be hosting. Comment below, I love to hear it and also, if you haven’t
seen my past videos, I have them all right here for you. And I will talk to you next week. Ciao, bye.

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  1. I will absolutely be doing this idea its SO CUTE!!! I definatley subscribed to your channel love, love, love it!!!

  2. I will be making a few for my friend kat, I'm going to her house and she loves this kind of thing(≧∇≦) thanks

  3. Bonjour dear Anne, you really amaze me!! I discovered your chanel this morning and I subscribed right away!! I love aaalllllll your DIY, you are sooo creative. Bisous de Paris..

  4. Adorable!! You r so crafty! ! If you like hair cutting/coloring/styling videos, stop by my channel. Thanks!

  5. Hi ann!! I love all your vids! I'm tarting a youtube soon inspired by you And many others! I have to be friends on here soon once I get it ready xx !

  6. Can I spray the surface with anything other than rubbing alcohol, like nail polish remover or something? Thanks! I love this DIY!

  7. I just wanted to say I have seen many DIY videos online and I LOVE yours the most. I  have choosen to make my Chritsmas gifts and follow most of what you do for them. You are awesome keep it up!

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