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hey guys welcome back to my channel
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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
beautiful and affordable flower less wedding centerpiece and setup here we go today’s wedding centerpiece has all of
the elements I love beautiful elegant affordable very easy to make and Roscoe
all right guys let’s get started with the video all right guys so for this
project you are going to need two of each of these candleholders here this
our long stem tea light candle holders and you’re going to need two small to
medium in two large ones should I say large ones long ones yeah so that’s what
you’re gonna need so after you take the annoying stickers
off of it it’s going to look something like this and you’re going to grab
painters tape and you are going to wrap it around the top of the candle candle
holder and it doesn’t have to be perfect okay you just want to cover the outside
so paint would not get on it you can also decide to place tape on the stem so
you’re gonna get any paint on it or you can use a bag a grocery bag okay and
just hold their desktop okay and then paint in the inside or you can decide
not to use either or I’m going to be using gloves there it is and I’m going
to be holding it this way so I don’t think I’m going to need the bag or the
tape okay now I’m going to go ahead and paint it
in copper rose because by the way there is no such thing as rose gold spray
paint okay that was brought to my attention by a viewer that was not very
happy because I was calling the pain Rose cold sorry love very sorry
it looked rose gold to me because it totally matched the color of my sequin
rose gold tablecloth so anyway this is the other
color that you will find on these stores pretty much the same this one don’t
actually have a name okay but they started two bottles
that you probably find at Home Depot Walmart Target any craft store you will
find either one of these I’m going to use this one because there’s rose in the
name okay it mentally that makes me feel better
now I’m gonna go ahead and give it about fortify sprays in the inside of the
candle holder and I’m gonna let it dry for about an hour I decided to leave the
two in the middle on touch for a little bit of contrast but if you prefer to
paint them off totally up to you next I’m going to be using e6000 to glue my
stemless wine glasses on top of its base because now these candleholders are
actually the base of the new candle holder so I’m just going to go ahead and
open my six thousand and apply glue right on top of the rim of my tea light
candle holder and just go ahead and place the
wineglass right on top to make my centerpiece look extra elegant I am
going to be using gold rose brooches from totally dazzle these are to die for
I love them I feel that you particularly need two of each kind okay so it can
flow a little better but if you want to use all different ones you can go ahead
and do it I’m going to use these two beautiful dangly ones for the tall ones
and these two the match as well for these short ones I wish I had two of
these to place on my clear ones but that’s okay this one is absolutely
gorgeous as well so I’m going to use it for the other two and these two small
ones are also going to go with the other two okay and I will show you that in a
minute but for now I am going to place these right on top of my glass before
gluing the broach over your glass you are gonna have to take off the pin in
the back so you’re gonna grab some pliers I am using my wire cutters which
is not good but I can find my pliers I’m just going to remove these by pulling
really hard and be very careful not to poke yourself and it should look
something like this nice and flat all right now I’m gonna grab my hot glue and
I’m going to add glue to the middle area and the areas right around the edges
where there is in any holes because you don’t want to be able to see the glue
okay so right around the edges and right in the middle for my clear candleholders I’m going to
be using to clear small rose gold buttons that are going to go inside my
tea light candle holders and they are going to go in here as so not flat but
tilt a little bit okay looking up so I’m going to apply some hot glue inside so
you can help me keep it in place perfect now I’m going to glue my
stemless wine glass right on top and now I’m going to glue this beautiful brooch
right on the glass and lastly I’m going to be
spray-painting my candle in copper rose and as you may know spray-paint is
flammable so you will have to use painters tape to cover the wick okay you
can also only pain the bottom of it and not the top at all or you can paint half
okay but I have found that that just covering the wick is good enough because
when the candle burns he burns inward and you wax doesn’t allow the paint to
go into the wick okay so make sure you cover that and here he goes as you can
see I’m going to be using my rose gold candles to go in my clear candle holders
and my white ones are going to go on the candle holders with the rose gold of the
bottom of the cup and that’s pretty much it guys okay guys this is a this is my
quick easy affordable and very elegant flourless rose gold wedding centerpiece
and it is absolutely breathtaking just look at it look at it I love rose gold
love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to give
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  1. Wow que imaginaciΓ³n tienes bello, bello, bello πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Beautiful!!!!!! An for the record there IS rose gold spray paint! I just brough it in Ac Moore and Hobby Lobby for an event I just did! I am not certain of how to up load the picture of the cans I have. Are the small votive candle holders David Tuturra?

  3. I just want to say that I’ve been following your videos and I have to say that I love each and everyone of them you have given me such great ideas and I want to thank you for that so please keep up the videos because I know I’m enjoying them LOL oh by the way can you do a Christmas theme table

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous,easy simple,and simply gorgeous,love it πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘thanks for sharing 🌹have a pleasant evening β›Ό

  5. Beautiful if you check Joann fabrics there is a spray paint called rose gold it's in a black can ( I don't remember the name of it) but I do know they carry the color..hope this helps πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks nice work as always and Walmart sales a rose gold spray paint
    Colormaster Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol Paint 12oz-Rose Gold

  7. Beautiful as always. BTW, I purchased Rose Gold spray paint at AC Moore craft store. Not sure what the viewer was talking about, but I certainly purchased that color. The name was Rose Gold on the can. I used it to spray paint hula hoop for my daughters baby shower. The color scheme was rose gold.

  8. Beautiful! 😍 Quick question… do you keep the wax from getting in the cup? Or how do you get it out if it does?

  9. Hi Tayra 😍,
    I love the center piece your creative juices is just none stop I'm so proud of you, keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐ 🌟🌠 πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž.

  10. Great Job ! whoever has the issue with the spray its ok we make mistakes however that person may want to just chill not that serious

  11. No such thing as rose gold spray paint??? Then what is this

  12. Beautiful as usual, would you happen to have any ideas on a cost effective dance floor; that could be used on top of carpet, with easy breakdown, an transported in a midsize suv?

  13. Not sure what the viewer was talking about but I’ve used two different types of spray paints BOTH called rose gold. She’s wrong and you were right. Lol. πŸ˜€. I just found your channel and find your work to be lovely. Thank you very much for sharing. 🌸

  14. I purchase rose gold spray paint from Micheal's. It does exist. It's called design masters premium metals and it come in a true rose gold color and is not at all copper

  15. Krylon and Rustoleum have rose gold spray paints on amazon. I bout the Krylon one and spray painted my floor lamp and table lamp. Perfect rose gold

  16. Sure is Rose Gold spray paint! Tell that lady she's stuck in a box in her head, lol!!!!

  17. These are spectacular Tayra! I'm definitely going to try this for my daughter's upcoming bridal shower and wedding. Her colors are burgundy and gold, so a metallic gold will look lovely. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. These are spectacular Tayra! I'm definitely going to try this for my daughter's upcoming bridal shower and wedding. Her colors are burgundy and gold, so a metallic gold will look lovely. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. These are spectacular Tayra! I'm definitely going to try this for my daughter's upcoming bridal shower and wedding. Her colors are burgundy and gold, so a metallic gold will look lovely. Thanks so much for sharing!

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