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Hey guys welcome back to my channel And if you’re new to my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button to see more home, holiday, event, and diy decor Today I have an elegant wedding set up featuring beautiful, Sparkly, and very affordable brooches and Napkin Rings from totally dazzled here we go. Alright guys. Here’s everything I need to make my centerpiece in exactly this order I’m going to start with this small plate from Dollar tree this is going to serve as my base for my vase and I’m going to be using five of this taper candle holders for my middle part And then I’m going to finish the base with this round candle holder which is going to hold my floral foam And then I’m going to be using three shades of flowers And of course my number one choice if you are a subscriber is my white Hydrangeas, I love white Hydrangeas they make everything look elegant and full and beautiful and then I found the sister I’m kidding and then I found this beautiful bouquet of green Hydrangeas look how pretty they are and they’re Gonna go so well together Love it and I found this shade of roses and this is like a it’s not yellow and It’s not white. It’s like a yellowish white I guess It’s kind of like a something in the middle of this too, so this is going to work well together and they’re all from dollar tree and then I found this beautiful stem of orchid out of Hobby Lobby for 3.99 It’s not silk but they still look beautiful and for 3.99 Perfect, and then I’m going to be using this shelf liner for an interesting spin on my centerpiece And then of course I’m very excited to be working with totally dazzled And I’m going to be using this beautiful brooches for my centerpiece, and I can’t wait to get started alright. Let’s get started I’m going to start putting my vase together and the first thing I’m going to do is flip my salad plate over and then I’m going to start gluing my taper candle holders with E6000 and my hot glue so I’m just going to add a little bit of the E6000 Which Is going to help it bond. Much better than the hot glue and I’m adding the hot glue So it can bond instantly so I don’t have to wait for the E6000 to work because he takes more time although it’s much more stronger than hot glue Now all I have to do is add this round candle holder to the top of the vase and I’m going to do the same I’m going to use some E6000 and hot glue Now I’m going to glue the floral foam with some hot glue right here on top of my candle holder and then start my arrangement I’m going to start with a bunch in each corner And I cut this bunch four inches long and I’m going to cut some of them Six inches and some of them eight inches so I can add different dimensions to the centerpiece And for the green Hydrangeas, I’m cutting the stems three inches long Now I’m going to add these beautiful roses to the arrangements right here on some of the empty spaces i’m out of my green hydrangea So I’m going to fill in all of the empty spaces with the rest of the white Hydrangeas and my roses Here’s how it looks like so far now I’m going to add a couple of the orchids and I already cut it and Bent it a little bit And I’m just going to place it wherever it feels right, and that’s pretty much Somewhere around here and here Now that I’m done with my main arrangement I’m going to be making a floral wrap to go around this middle part right here of my vase And I’m going to be making that with this shelf liner and some hydrangeas First I’m going to measure how much of the liner I’m going to need I folded it a couple of times because it’s pretty wide and before I cut it I want to measure so I’m going to wrap it around I Want it to go here and there then here So I’m pretty much using most of it because this base is pretty tall so I’m just gonna cut away this bit So that’s how long I need it hopefully I have enough Hydrangeas for this and now I’m going to cut How much wide I want it to be so I’ll say I want it to be about three inches wide so my liner is four and a half feet long and Three inches wide and now I’m going to use my hot glue and start gluing my hydrangeas right on top of it All you have to do is pull the flowers individually And then you are going to add glue to the liner do half of it first so it won’t dry on you and then just grab the flower and just place it right on top of the glue and That’s it. This is really easy. It’s just going to be time-consuming But it’s going to be worth it at the end. I promise you Now I’m going to do the whole thing and get back to you in a little bit and here it is and it took me about 30 to 35 minutes to make so Alright. It’s ready to go now let’s put it on and see how it looks Alright, so I left this little part here without any flowers So I’m able to glue it under here and I I believe i should place it right here right there now Let’s wrap it around now I’m going to finish up the look by adding these three amazing brooches from totally dazzled to the middle of my Centerpiece I I Love it Beautiful the brooches from totally dazzled totally no pun intended Totally gave it the touch that It needed to look Amazing this is a beautiful centerpiece Now moving on to Embellish these two plain tapered candle holders from Dollar tree, with these two beautiful Napkin Rings from totally dazzle Look, how sparkly they are And right now. I’m kind of upset with myself for not ordering more items when I had the opportunity because they do have flat backs and buttons that I couldn’t use here on my candle holder instead of Wasting my Napkin Rings, but that’s okay I’m still gonna make it work so guys they do have an amazing variety or embellishments And they come in different colors they have gold Silver clear stones and pearls so make sure to check them out So all I’m going to do is just pat a little bit of hot glue to the top of the candle holder here And then I’m going to place the Napkin ring right on here And that’s about it, and he almost kind of looks like he belongs there. So not such a bad move after all Alright guys. This is it. This is by far. My favorite centerpiece. I’ve ever done I am in love with the floral wrap. I wrapped around the vase and the brooches from totally dazzle make the whole Centerpiece look Elegant and very Polished I love it. So make sure to check them out at they also have a Youtube channel so go ahead and check them out and make sure to check out my description box for A Ten-percent promo code on their website alright. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I will see you next time Bye.

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