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oh hey guys welcome back to my channel
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home holiday events in DIY before today I have a bling reception set up it’s
going to be very simple but yet very elegant here we go hey guys today’s reception setup is
going to be very easy to make and very simple or yet very fabulous and very
blingy this type of setup is best for rectangular tables and he consists of
two smaller arrangements and a bigger one
alright let’s get started I’m going to start with their larger arrangement and
that’s consists of six of the picture frames and actually not the whole
picture frame all I need is the best so I’m gonna start taking them in oh my
gosh I just thought of another project oh yeah yes idea idea as me all day okay
my brand is flip lets them work and you will top all day long I’m sure there’s a
name for that all right here I have my big picture
frame glasses sitting here you’re clear I’m not sure if you can see them well
they’re here so I’m going to do next is glue them together
ESCO side by side not the long way but sideways if that makes any sense and
once I do this whole wall together because this is going to serve as a
floral base so as I glue them together this way I’m going to add the side of
the base ESCO with my mirror candle holder here I go so here’s the first wall and I secured
it in the inside to the outside I need it to be as flat as possible when I add
the memory they are over here though I’m going to be gluing the mirror
candleholder to the side of football quick note the reason why I chose these
two to work together is because they are the exact same measurement you can see
that the same exact so you love that all right
so make sure you are in inside you are the inside of high this little baby yard not going to secure the side by adding
more blue alright guys so this is what we have so
far this is the vase and right now it’s not the sturdiest here in the middle but
once you add the dimer wrap it will be more thirty so let’s do that
I got my bangle wrap from high falls a was 40% off
$13.99 and $3 cables were worth it because I need a lot of bling to cover
this whole base in the tooth modern ones I’m going to measure to make sure that I
have the correct amount of bling I’m going to glue it to the bed all you
have to do is add glue to the crack and then make sure that you grab it from the
inside and just smooth it onto it so that it’s tight
and you can choose to leave the size up it is with the mirror but I want it all
blinged out so so here is the finished base knot and I’m done with this I am
going to get started on the two smaller ones so I’ll be back with that done
because it’s pretty much the same thing all the smaller here are my finished
basic my Larchmont and my smaller one he was bothering me that my two smaller
ones were very sturdy and then the one in the middle was not I thought with a
wrap it will make it dirtier any bit a little bit was not much so what I did I
have some foam board downstairs paying our dues cutter piece and I inserted it
at the bottom and now it’s solid solid and I love it and by the way I use a
whole three jars of ephemeral rock for these three vases this is why I left
this little piece and then the whole roll of three yards of the top part of
these that I caught off so which is pretty good because now I can use this
whole thing the house is love to use it for something else so now it’s time to
arrange the vases and I’m going to do that with how
and Ranger I love hydrangea I’m going to try to give you some more variety but I
love hydrangea they’re so cool and you just take less up to fill out yeah
having four in arrangement so yeah alright so let’s get started I want to
be using standard for foam for the smaller faces and then I have the lumber
for home for the larger ones so I have two and a half so we’re going to have
falls for this one I’m going to be pulling the leaf up towards the flower I
like to do this with my hydrangea from Dollar Tree because you just make the
look better and more real and more cool I don’t build it with every flower from
there or anywhere for that matter but for this one I love to do that it looks
so pretty are you not pretty long right now this
is about the height of the base the star would be edges and then I’m going to
fill the middle this is how the arrangement looks so far now I’m going
to fill in the middle all right so here’s my dilemma I am out
of hydrangea science of all the hydrangeas I bought which was most of
the hydrangeas of this memo so all of the hydrangeas cause the store because I
like my ring originals to be fooled so are we not enough for what our
arrangement so what I’m going to do now is which is my plan B is to add the
candle simmer candles to the little arrangement and you see hydrangea that I
have loved to put around the candle and I actually like this idea better
I mean I was going to have candles surrounding the arrangement anyway but I
kind of like this idea as well alright so I cut my blackboard foam into pieces
to fit around the candle and I’m going to wrap it around with some tulle cake and here they are simple elegant
beautiful mammal we don’t to make my bling Chargers all I’m going to use this
basic silver charger and a roll of diamond dress I’m only going to use this
one has three rolls I’m only going to use one roll of the wrap and avoid to do
it around the edge of the charger now I’m getting ready to do this roll of
diamond rock with my hot glue gun you and here’s what it looks like but all
the diamonds wrapped around the edges nice now I’m going to be making the
table number for the table I’m going to be using a 3.5 by 5 picture
frame in silver and I’m going to be using two rolls of fiber wrap to bling
it out a bit and then that’s pretty much it not here is the finished table number
very blingy all right guys this is it these are all of my DIY for my bling
reception setup I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time bye Oh

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  1. You had me at "hey guys" lol. I love your bling reception setup and card box. Im planning a June wedding 2018 and with you and your ideas you so graciously shared, I can't go wrong! 😊

  2. nice idea… suggestion… why not use cardboard… you could have spray paint it silver… it's just as sturdy, not as heavy and no worrying about it cracking during transport especially since you covered the entire vase in bling wrap

  3. te sigo dsd México y haces cosas hermosas, muchísimas felicidades. Saludos dsd Sinaloa y Querétaro!!!❤❤❤❤

  4. I follow you from Mexico and I congratulate you do wonderful things …. greetings from Sinaloa and Querétaro.

  5. You're taste level is just off the charts!! I'm getting so many ideas for my April 2018 wedding. So glad I found this channel. I'll b using several of your ideas.

  6. Oh how I love this!! So fun and so easy to do in always in love with ur projects please dont keep me in suspense for the next one!!

  7. Simple ,classy and blingy!!thank you for this elegant budget centerpieces!.was wondering where you got your silver sequin tablecloth from? Thanks again for sharing!

  8. I luv ur work. It's beautiful! Can you pls do a Royal themed baby shower center piece. With the colors gold and royal blue. I have a few ideas. I would luv to see what you have in mind. It's for my son n his girlfriend's baby shower. When you have time. Thank you! May God bless U.

  9. Hi Tayra I really enjoyed your project can you you make a centerpiece for African Theme Party ( Black panther movie aka Wakanda inspired) please thanks in advance

  10. Love, love this idea. It’s so elegant and fun. Love your creativity and how you display it so beautifully every week.

  11. 💎🌼💎🌼this is Absolutely outstanding,love the centerpieces,so elegant,Amazing project 🌼have a great evening 😎

  12. Hi Tayra
    This is so glamorous, very elegant, this design can be used for weddings, a silver anniversary , New years eve this is beautiful, thank you for sharing in parting keep reaching for the stars ⭐🌟🌠,🙏😘💞.

  13. Tayra 2 thumbs up again. Do you think you could build a (colorful) light-up bling tower drink fountain for a wedding?

  14. Hi! I’m so loving your channel!! Can you please do more with rectangular wedding tablescapes? I’d love to get ideas on bringing it all together.. that’s where I struggle..I see a lot of round table designs which seems easier because there is less space to “decorate” but my wedding venue will have rectangular tables.

  15. Hi miss Perez am having my wedding next year and the theme is royal blue gold and white I was wondering if you could do a blinged out table centerpiece idea I can use plz thank you so much love your work

  16. I love that table cloth. Where did you get it from? My sister is getting married and I am planning her wedding. This has inspired me for her bridal shower. I love your work and I am definitely going to use your idea. Thank you so much and keep posting these videos girl.

  17. So beautiful! Do you soak the floral foam before placing the flowers in. I bought floral foam from dollar tree once and when I inserted a flower is just cracked & fell apart 😔

  18. I would like to know if you can show a step by step on how you set up this table for the reception? It is gorgeous👍🏼. Thank you for sharing 😀

  19. I don’t understand why you used glass. It looks unstable. I think you could have used foam board or something else and lined it with plastic to make it waterproof. The glass is generally sharp on the edges. Just didn’t look stable.

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