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home holiday even in DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make some easy
save-the-date and wedding invites so I can hopefully help you save some money
here we go alright guys wedding invitations are one
of the items from your wedding that you may want to be a watch because buying
them are very very expensive and the fact of the matter is that people throw
them away to the trash gone so I have three easy invitations that I want to
show you how to make one is gold one is silver and one is a budget
version of my friend’s wedding invitation that I absolutely love and I
want to recreate alright let’s get started I got this thunder box of
wedding invitations from Michaels they are 100 invitations in the box and they
were on clearance for $6.99 I got a free template online and printed out a save
the date I also printed out two wedding invitations
this one is standard with the bride and groom’s name and the wedding details
this one also has a bride and groom’s name in the wedding details only
different that there’s room on top for a ribbon or any type of decor I’m going to start with the gold
invitation I’m going to add a gold rim to the invitation with this shiny
metallic paint marker and I’m going to make it half an inch all around I’m going to use the ruler to help me
make my line neater make sure to wipe away any residue on
the ruler so you can get on your invitation and this is how it looks like
now I’m going to add this cute gold Chevron ribbon to the top of the
invitation before and after in literally two minutes now I’m moving on to the envelope liner
I’m going to be using the envelope that the invitations came with and a gold
glitter sheet here’s my glitter sheet I cut an extra
half an inch from the side and an extra inch from the bottom now I’m going to
add flou and here’s my envelopes liner Oh for my silver invitation I’m going to be
using diamond rest to add around the borders of this invitation I’ve already
cut one roll of the dimer wrap and I’m just going to measure and then glue you
can obviously add as many rows of diamond reps to your imitation as you
like but I just like to want now I’m going to add a little bit of the glitter
glass diamond dust not sure if you can see it but it is
very sparkly my friend obviously spent a lot of money
on this invitation it is stunning beautiful I was inspired to recreate
this invitation and also inspired to make a safety bait to recreate this invitation I’m going to
use this gold dolly this is a 10.25 pincers dolly and I’m going to use this
inspirational magnet but I’m going to use it to trace the shape of it and then
I’m going to finish it up with my black ribbon alright guys now I’m going to add the
dolly to the invitation but as I can see right now for this square this dolly is
perfect but for this lunch this is way too big so I’m going to pretend that
this is the right side so I’m just going to cut it in half for now but if you are
going to make one of these just make sure that you get the correct size I
pretty much just use what I had but you can still be done so I’ll be right back
I’m going to cut this and make it a little smaller so I cut my dolly down to
fit my invitation here my save debate so now this is what I have nice and now I
have to cut it across now I’m going to add this black ribbon
on head and finish it up not bad at all here’s the original ones very expensive
and here’s my recreation now I’m going to be making my save the date card it is
the same process of the invitation before I use this magnet as a template
to make this beautiful ordinate shake card and then I’m going to be using this
gold ribbon to decorate it I’m going to need this hole punch and I’m going to be
using a small piece of this magnet to place it behind the card all right guys this is it they start all
of the invitations I hope you was helpful to you if you liked this video
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