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hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a winter wonderland wedding centerpiece and set up for all of my
winter prize on a budget here we go winter wonderland has been the most
requested wedding setup since I started my channel you know finally gonna make
it today so I hope you like it not to get it confused with Alice in Wonderland
which won the poll this week I’m gonna have that ready for you and next Friday
today’s inspiration was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest it was a
picture of a bride and her bridesmaids and there were all stains no and they
were wearing this big beautiful first shah’s and I just love the feel of it
because they were cold but they look warm at the same time and that’s the
feel I want to give to you someone to give you some cool but weren’t and fussy
at the same time alright let’s get started so the last couple of days I’ve
been driving around crazy looking for the perfect branch for this project and
I’m shocked I wasn’t able to find it in my backyard because we have tons of
trees back there but I couldn’t find one that you know was well proportioned and
this is the best I could do I found this in front of a church I
guess it was torn out by the storm and I love it because it still has the acorns
on it and I thought that was beautiful and wonderful so I stopped right now I’m
going to keep the acorns I will see once I paint and if I want to keep them or
not alright so unfortunately I have to do
this process without showing it to you as I was doing it because I didn’t know
if it was going to work yes so I’m going to walk you through it right now so I
was fortunate enough to find a tree branch that will fit inside the space of
my candle holder and I already had that in mind before I left home so I knew
what I was working with and I had my eyes on something of this size what I
did next I added some gorilla glue inside a
candle holder and then I place my branch inside and then I laid it against my
wall for about 30 to 45 minutes it wasn’t dry all the way but as you can
see a real it expands and I let me try it enough in a way where I could like
bent it to the place where I feel it will be balanced and once I did that I
added some hot glue around the tree branch right here so you can help us
stay balanced and this is what you get I’m going to dare to make this
arrangement taller you may or may not work so if you see a taller it totally
worked and if you don’t if you did it work so but if you want to leave at this
size you should add a round candle holder this is pretty heavy and you can
make it more solid you just solve it but you know it will move with the air so
you want to place it on top of here and glue it down okay with ease 6000 and hot
glue or just e 6000 if you want to leave it overnight
I always hot glue when I do my projects because I need the results to be
immediate but as you know he 6000 is the more permanent little alright so yeah so
this will totally help with more weight in to make it more solid but I’m going
to dare to make it higher so let’s see how that works you’re going to turn your
own family holder over and then you are going to turn your paper cup holder over
and you are going to add some e6000 to one side here and then to
the other opposite side and go ahead and add it on me here to and to the opposite
side cuz you’re going to need that support definitely and I’m going to add
some e6000 to the areas where I do not have the 6000 down to split to center right on top of
the round candle holder I’m going to do the same right on top of here and I’m
going to repeat the process right on here and now we shall see if this is
going to work please work please work oh my gosh please work any worked he totally did
yay now I’m going to untie it and give it a couple of coats of paint going to
use metallic brilliant silver and glitter intense shimmer finish while
I’ll wait for about an hour for the paint to dry I’m going to go ahead and
move on to make my hydrangea mini balls and what I’m going to do is just pull
the flowers of the stem and I’m going to cut them I don’t want to use the whole
thing because then the whole ball will become very big so I’m just going to cut
them individually and I’m going to glue them on the floral foam and here’s what it looks like now I’m
going to add a little bit of transparent quartz so I can have something to hang
you from and here it is here is my ranch all ready to go I love it it’s so pretty
it’s gonna go on this side but I’m turning it this way because I have to
see what I’m doing so I’m going to start placing the decor on it and again I have
the candle holders and my hydrangeas flower balls and I also have some of
these folk crystals that I’m going to put on it make sure to start with your
hanging crystals first because I try to start with my mini flower hydrangeas the
balls and it was a disaster because they take so much room that you know I didn’t
know where to put everything else so make sure to start with your crystals
and then you’re going to add your candle holders next and then you can finish it
up with your hydrangea mini balls and as you can see I added some hydrangeas
right here to the middle of the arrangement to cover up the imperfection
from the branch to the candle holder and here it is lovely I love it but
that’s not it I’m about to add this microfiber cloth as my first shot for my
arrangement because after all that was inspiration so you’re just going to open
it up and you’re just going to fold it one time and then you’re going to wrap
it around just like the shop and then you are going to act approach to secure and that’s it okay guys this is ed this
is my winter wonderland wedding centerpiece and I will show you the
setup a little later you guys have been asking for this for a
little while and I have been waiting to find the right French to make this
arrangement and I finally found it although I wish I would have had more
branch right here on the back so it could be a little more balanced because
I was always afraid that it will tilt forward but he’s holding up pretty good
and how about this how about the whole arrangement sitting on the candle
holders I didn’t know that was going to work and he totally worked
and I loved it in the shop aka microfiber cloth I love it I’m going to
insert the picture that I was talking about so you know what I was you know
the feeling that I wanted to give you and let me know if it works let me know
in the comments below alright guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video make
sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and make sure to subscribe if
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  1. Miss Tayra, Where do you get your table cloths? You have a I just wanted to know if you rent them or are they all a part of your collection? Beautiful display as inspire this stay at home mom to get back to doing what I love..DIY's! Thank you!

  2. Hi l love your ideas. My niece is having a baby shower and her theme is moroccan. Im trying to create a table centerpiece. Using a paper parasol,vase and orange pink and purple flowers. Do you have any ideas how l can craft this vision l have?

  3. I love your videos and I watch them all the time!! I do have a request. For your special occasion could you do one for a bridal shower a Chic tea party one!😀

  4. I seriously am in awe with your projects! I've always been creative, but never had the time to give it a try. You just prove that you can be fancy on a budget I love love love your channel!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love I really love this. I want to try these for my wedding center pieces. My colors are burgundy, soft green and silver. One question. Where do you get your crystals on a roll. I normally see them single. Thanks.

  6. Beautiful just looking at it I think it would be great for a wedding and celebrating the wedding for years to come tfs this centerpiece

  7. Hi Tayra I love this DIY for us brides on a budget. I wanted to know if you could please create something for my wedding so that I can DIY it: soft romantic lantern centerpiece for my reception venue colors are blush pink, silver, grey, white, hints of gold. Thank you!

  8. Love your videos your awesome. Quick question do you think having a winter theme wedding in August sounds tacky. My daughter always wanted to have a winter theme wedding in December but she feels as our family is going to use the holiday for a reason why they can’t come so now she thinking of doing a August wedding but she really doesn’t want to do a beach theme one do you have any suggestions.

  9. Did you get the cloth from dollar tree? And do you know the name of the tree branch I did that same project but my branches started to break after 2 hours

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