DIYs Fáceis e Baratos para Decorar sua festa 🎈🎉 Fortnite

Hi, everyone!
I am Dany Martines! Today’s video is a party theme!
Yay! I have already noticed
that some of you play Fortnite, and that there is a lot of people
requesting Fortnite-themed DIY ideas. If you already know the game,
the download link is down below. If you do not,
the game works basically like this: 100 players fall on an island
from a battle bus. The last one standing wins the game.
It is fun because you start from scratch. As you walk around,
you find materials. You may build places to protect you
and to face your opponent. The 6th season has just been launched.
It is full of new characters. There are more than 100 items
for you to find around the map. There are also really cute pets. You may play solo, in pairs
or in groups up to 4 people. If your group survives,
you win. If you are curious to learn more
and to play, the download link is down below
in the description box. It is available for PC, Mac, XBOX One,
Suite, Playstation 4, Android and iOS. Phew! It is available everywhere
for everyone to play! Do not forget it, download it. Best of all: you will pay zero money
to play it. I want to thank Epic Games
for sponsoring this video. Let’s keep on going because there are lots of cool
Fortnite party décor ideas. Let’s start with this wall letter banner printing.
Cut out all the letters you are going to use. Now, we are also going to use string.
Cut some and stretch it on a table. Just stick the letters along it
until a name or phrase is composed. You can also add these tags to the ends
to add a charming touch. I composed ‘Happy’ on this string
and stuck it on the wall. Then I am going to add
‘Birthday’ underneath. There you go! It is that easy to make a letter banner
to hang from the wall. It really stands out there.
I loved it. For this idea,
I bought a piece of Styrofoam fake cake. Wrap all around it, on top and at the bottom
using dark blue EVA. I also used EVA to cut out these shapes
to decorate the fake cake. I used black and white. Stick them at the front of the cake. For the top, I cut out
a green round-scalloped circle. I am going to stick it at the top.
Set it aside. Let’s print these characters
on a 180g paper sheet. Cut them out and glue them on the cake. Right here, close to the city,
you are going to glue these items. I am also going to use these characters
who are falling on the island. I glued a toothpick at each of their backs
so they will stand firmer. I am going to pierce a hole on either side
and fit them there. There you go, a fake cake
to decorate the table! It is cool and eye-catching! Time to make the Battle Bus. Everything you see here is available for download.
The link is down below in the description box. Cut out the bus shape.
Fold and glue the parts to assemble it. The front part is like this,
similar to an accordion. It looks nice when you put it in place. There is also this tiny detail
that adds volume to the front. Look how nice the bus looks!
It is so easy to make it! Set it aside and let’s make the balloon. Print these two templates
and cut them out. The top will be assembled
somewhat like this, so I placed double-sided tape
at the back of the edges, then stuck one part at a time.
It should look like this when assembled. Now flip it over.
Take this part of the template. Then fold the flaps and stick it
at the center. Remember the flaps should be stuck
in the same direction as the balloon’s ends. Lift each flap and glue the ends together.
Bring them really close. The finished lantern looks amazing,
I loved it! I made the base by cutting out,
folding and gluing this template. Glue the base under the balloon. Fold these triangular ends inwards.
Now glue it on the Battle Bus. I added some string strands to the balloon
to pretend it is tied to the bus. They should look like they are tying
the balloon canvas to the iron of the bus. I added strings to all four sides
and it should look like this. I also added this tube to the bus. Now it is ready to look good
on the table. It will call all the guests’ attention. You may place it wherever you want, but I decided it would top the fake cake.
and it looks perfect there. If you already love the ideas,
do not forget to leave a thumbs-up below. Let’s keep on creating
more party décor items. Take a styrofoam ball and cut it in half.
Then cut one of the halves in half. They formed parts like these. Now stick a character to it
to keep them on their feet. Now a very simple tip: print this template
and cut out the squares separately. Stick a piece of double-sided tape at the back
and wrap it around a chocolate bar. It should look like this. Scatter the characters and the items
around the table. It works pretty well. For those who always request ideas for boys, I want to hear how you like this decoration
in the comments below. If you are a girl and like the game, nothing keeps you from using this decoration idea. This is also true for the boys,
who may use any of the ideas I did on the channel. Time to use cupcakes as decoration pieces. Print this box and balloon template. The ideal paper for this template
is a 180g one. Cut both shapes out
and stick double-sided tape to the flaps. Then just assemble the box. Flip the balloon over and stick a skewer
at the back of each leg. Keep the pointy side downwards. It should look like this
when you flip it back. You may place a cupcake in the box
or do as I did. I cut a square piece of chocolate cake,
and made blue whipped cream for topping. This is an awesome idea
if you are short of cash. Just stick the balloon into the cake
and it is good to go! Too easy, isn’t it? Scatter some cakes around
and it looks awesome. This is a candy bag template. Cut it out, fold and glue.
It is also very easy to assemble. After folding and gluing the sides,
fold the bottom like this. Let’s make the bag handle.
It is also very easy to make. Cut a strap of blue crepe paper.
Start twisting the ends. Then keep twisting it
until it looks a bit like a cord. Proceed as shown in the video. Then place some masking tape on the ends
and stick it in the bag. Do the same on the other side. It is that easy to make this bag.
Fill it with candies or tiny toys. Add a charming touch
by sticking double-sided tape on the handle, blowing up a yellow balloon, adding curling ribbon to it,
and attaching it to the handle. It looks so cool. You may also scatter these bags around the table
with the cupcakes so as to vary the options. I loved it. For this idea, I am going to use chipboard,
but it also works fine if you use cardboard. Cut this shape out twice using the pattern. Also cut out 5cm-wide straps. Use hot glue to glue and mould the strap
in the shape of a llama. Take your time working on the outline. You will not need to mould the legs,
they should be free, ok? When this block is ready,
apply glue to it and stick the other side. After everything is ready,
use this sortta lilac crepe paper to wrap the llama. Use blue crepe paper for the legs.
It should look like this. Set it aside and cut crepe paper straps. First, fold it in half. Then fold it lengthwise a few times
so it is easier to make the fringe. Use scissors to cut slits
along the folded crepe paper. When you unfold it, it will look like this,
filled with slim fringes. Now let’s glue it to the llama. I started with this strap in this color.
Then I glued a purple one. Then I used the same colors
used for the llama in the game. After gluing all the fringes to the body,
look how nice it is. I love colorful things. I glued small pieces of black EVA
on the hooves. I have already cut out the tail,
which I made using purple crepe paper. I glued it at the back. Then I noticed the features of the game’s llama
and added the details. The ears are missing. I cut them out using chipboard
and then covered it with crepe paper. I bended them a bit
and glued them on the head. You can not leave out the teeth from the mouth.
It looks groovy. Print this template and cut out the strap
to add to the back and finish the llama. Your Supply Llama is good to go! You can use it to decorate the table.
It looks nice and adds color to the decoration. I loved it. You may place it anywhere, even as a cake topper.
It also would look adorable. Phew, this low-budget decoration is ready.
Just the way you like it. Do not forget to leave down below
your suggestion for the next party décor DIY idea. I am keeping an eye on the comments
and will work on the most requested ideas. See you around!
Kiss-kiss, bye-bye! English Version and Subtitles:
Laeticia Maris

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