DNC Willing To Burn Down The Party To Stop Bernie

Well, it looks like the Democrats have a super
problem with super delegates and according to reports that have come out this week, the
DNC itself appears ready to burn down the whole dang party just to stop Bernie Sanders. Couple days ago we got that report from the
New York Times where they spoke to 93 superdelegates and almost every single one of them agreed
that even if Bernie Sanders goes to the convention with a plurality of the votes, that doesn’t
mean he should be the nominee. Almost 93 superdelegates who are chomping
at the bit to get to a second ballot so their votes can be heard. Agreed that even if most people say Bernie
Sanders should be the nominee, that we, the superdelegates within the DNC should actually
change it and go with somebody else who was less popular. Again, they are willing to destroy the Democratic
party because I promise you they do this, they’re none. That’s it. The Democratic party will be dead and I don’t
mean as we know it will be dead. I mean, they’ll never win another election
in this country again. They will fracture, new parties will form
and we will go forward as a country, but the Democratic party will be dead. And honestly, if this is the route they’re
going to go, then that’s what deserves to happen. They deserve that, absolutely, if they’re
going to do this. Now that’s the big IF. Obviously if Bernie Sanders goes to the convention
with enough delegates, none of this even matters because they can’t stop it. But if he doesn’t, but if he goes and he is
the highest delegate winner so far, but he doesn’t have the magic number and then they
give that magic number to somebody else. That’s the end. And I can say personally, that’ll be the end
for me. I have been a registered Democrat since I
turned 18 years old. I have never in my life, in any election voted
for somebody who was not a Democrat. And I’m in a district down here where we typically
have a lot of Republicans who run unopposed. So the only thing on the ballot is a Republican. When I come to one of those, I always write
in the same name for everyone, Mike Papantonio. I have never voted for a Republican and I
never will, and if the Democrats do this, they have lost me. They have lost a 20 year Democrat, somebody
who has fought hard for them because they’re trying to stop Bernie Sanders. Of course, none of this has happened yet. This is all still a big if. So, if they don’t do this, if they say, well,
this person got the plurality, let’s give them the super delegates, we’re fine. We’re good to go. But here’s a theory I have right now. They’re floating these ideas of the brokered
convention and the superdelegates coming in. They’re doing that now for two reasons. One, to test the waters and two, to desensitize
us to this whole thing because if we didn’t think any of this was going to happen, if
nobody was talking about it right now, and then suddenly we go to that convention in
July and boom, they spring it on us there, then it’s shock. Then the entire country left and right is
sitting there saying, oh my God, what the hell just happened? So they introduce it now, throw it out in
February. Let us have a few months to stew on it and
get our anger out and maybe by the time the convention rolls around, everybody will just
be like, fine, whatever. We knew you were going to do this, whatever. That’s not how this is going to work. You’re not going to desensitize us to this. You’re testing the waters right now and you’re
finding out that they are way too hot for you. This is not something you can handle. This is not something the Democratic party
can survive. For a party that constantly bitches and moans
about the fact that, oh, we should have won because we had the popular vote and that darn
electoral college. You have instituted an electoral college program
within your own party and now you’re trying to say that the person who gets the most popular
votes shouldn’t necessarily be the nominee. You’re a bunch of hypocrites, but you don’t
have to be. You can simply not do this and everything
will be fine, but if you try to pull any of this stuff, screw around and find out, and
you’re going to see just how badly you get your butts kicked in every single race this November.

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  1. So the DNC is corrupted too? Sounds like Republicans on the inside destroying it for Trump & the Fourth Reich to complete their coup.

  2. That will be the way to completely "Implode" and finish the DNC altogether, I think this country will end up having a third party and that will be the Independent Party or something similar to it. I believe most Americans would like to see some sort of parity in our lives, that we can live without fear, that we can work and live well even if we are not rich but at least we can say, hey I have a decent life because our country cares for its people. Not some of its people or certain ones, but Everyone! Anyway, hopefully, this will not be a repeat of 2016 but it seems that it may be again…

  3. You white people crack me up, No matter who gets the nomination the Democrats will lose why??? Because they have taken advantage of thier base for far too long. Black people are the democratic base and they refuse to offer us anything. When it comes to black people thier is no difference between Democrats or Republicans.

  4. Just like Trump republicans, the DNC establishment must be destroyed. Vote them all out! Fill government with progressives willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work fixing all that's wrong with American politics, gun violence, the environment and foreign policy. Crony politics should die a painful death. Pay for play should die a gruesome death. I honestly believe progressives want to do the right now things for everybody, regardless of individual station.

  5. Good! The DNC NEEDS to be burnt down. I just hope President Sanders makes Rep Cortez his speaker of the house!

    But in all fairness, the Gop is even more dead now that fossil fuels are gone. It is time for NO "parties."

  6. Am I the only one that realizes how deeply corrupted our system of government has become? They're telling us right to our faces; 'Your votes no longer matter! Now get your asses back to those shitty jobs and make the rich some more millions and billions! Oh and good luck paying your bills you stupid MF'ers!'

  7. Many of the superdelegates are corporate lobbyists with healthcare clients opposing Sanders’s Medicare for All legislation. The Intercept’s Lee Fang reports one of them, Democratic National Committee member William Owen, donated exclusively to Republican Senate candidates during the last election cycle — including an $8,500 contribution to a joint fundraising committee designed to benefit Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Owen is backing former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

  8. bernie will lose to donny.this is Putin's dream matchup..far left vs. far right..he doesnt like left and right of center politicians….rich dems will vote repub everytime….

  9. i agree. if they do this, i'm done. mebbe like a pheonix, rising from the ashes of the dead democrat party will emerge a true progressive party. one that will represent the actual will of the people, rather than simply that of donors.

  10. Hi Farron, in my

    opinion, Sanders is the friendliest candidate with the capitalist system, every
    detail of every policy that Sanders represents will boost the system to extraordinary
    levels … rocket high.

    A society with health, wealth, education and protection programs to Nature (Green new deal) will promote a

    more rationally productive world with progress, things in which the capitalist
    world will have more benefits …

  11. If the Democratic Party is done for doing this, what party will replace them? Last I checked there are only two parties in the election. I'm definitely not voting Republican, so once the Democratic Party is gone do I just not vote? Not an option for me. I take my right to vote very seriously, you could say it's sacred to me.

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