Do Blondes Have More Fun?

– Hi, I’m Devin, and
I have been a brunette literally all my life. But not like the dark, sultry, exotic type more like middle of the road brown, brown, and more brown. In a city where being
blonde is a calling card I’m here to find out, do
blondes have more fun? (playful music) So here’s the thing fun is kind of subjective and
really not that measurable so I’m going to put myself through a series of tests both as
a blonde and a brunette to see if my life is different. Science. Here are the tests: The Blind Survey Test is where I send two Buzzfeed interns out on to the streets of L A with my picture and they ask participants their first impression of me. The Tinder Test is where
I create two different Tinder profiles and swipe right or yes 100 times to see how many
matches I get off the bat. And finally, the Street Harassment Test where I strap a Go-Pro on to a co-worker and walk around Hollywood for 90 minutes to see if I get more attention
as a blonde or a brunette. – It says circle three
words that best describe your first impression of this girl. I said serious, talkative, and artsy. – I’d say intimidating
because me as a girl, I know looking at someone
what an intimidating look is and she looks like she can
take you down pretty easily. – I don’t want to tamper
with our scientific, what’s the word I’m looking for, Will? – Data points. – Our data points, thank you. (laugher) (bell ringing) I don’t want to tamper
with our data points so for my bio I just put
dating apps are weird, period. We should probably just chat, period. It seems pretty innocuous, right? Okay, here I go. (playful music) (bell) Okay so it’s been five minutes I’ve just swiped right
on everyone who’s come up and I’ve gotten 33 matches as a brunette. Alright, I guess, I guess that’s all the data I need, right? (pensive music) Usually I would be stoked if no one cat called me, but when
no one approached me in this experiment I
couldn’t help but wonder if it had anything to do with my hair. So I took to the streets of Hollywood one last time to talk to people to see if they thought
blondes had more fun. Or at least got more attention. – A blonde bring along more energy. – I think they’re
allowed to have more fun. I think blondes get like a buy. – Do you think blondes have more fun? – Yes, they do. – Why? – They’re just crazier. – Did you see that look?
Did you get that look? So to be completely honest, I don’t think that blondes have more fun. I think we all have fun if we allow ourselves to have fun. I’m doing this to see if society perceives me differently as a blonde. – I don’t think Devin
strikes me as a blonde. – I don’t know, I like
her current hair color. – She’s a beautiful human being so she doesn’t need to go
blonde to be more beautiful. – Oh god, I’m really, I’m actually kind of feeling nervous because what if I become a blonde and I don’t feel like I like how people react to me but everyone seems to like
me better as a blonde. – I like blondes, I like Devin I don’t know if I’d like
Devin more as a blonde. – At this point I had done my research I talked to almost everyone
in L A and it was time. It was time to meet with
my friends at Pravana and to do the deed. It was time to go blonde. (drum beat) – It’s a bold color, it’s eye catching It gets you a lot of attention. I find a lot of times, you know I work with a lot of blondes here in L A and any time I’ve made
someone a little bit darker they’ve always said they
don’t get quite as much attention being darker. – Okay, so what do you see for me as far as like, blonde, like – I’m going to take you there (laughter) I’m not going to half ass
it, I’m really going to do it I want you to be like blonde, I want you to walk out of the salon and people see you as being a blonde. – I’m not convinced that
changing the color of your hair is going to actually do anything. I think it’s like maybe
there’s a placebo effect to it. – But I will say, as somebody
who’s gone blonde before she’s going to feel very different. – I really think I’ll have
to see it to believe it. – Oh my god, I like it! (applause) – Amazing. (laughter) – Oh Devs, you look so cute! – Oh my god, you look great! – Woah! – I got to work and I like
immediately ran into our bathroom and haven’t really come out yet, so I’m really nervous. I don’t feel good, I feel
like really uncomfortable because it’s like everywhere I go people are like woah, woah, and I know they’re doing it because it’s so different for me, but it feels like I have all eyes on me. So after I got over the emotional shock of changing my hair color, I had to get back to the experiment. This included re-creating all the pictures that I’d used before. This is so weird, I’m
just sitting in the car with two other people taking a selfie. And then sending my
colleagues out yet again with another blind survey while I stayed behind
and continued to Tinder. – I think she looks happy actually. She’s got a little smirk,
like an inner smile. – That’s a match. – Warm and Curious because
she’s like curious, I don’t know she looks kind of curious because her eyes are
like big and like open. – So the data isn’t fully even in yet and right now I feel
like a lot more fellas are hollering at me. – Uh, fun, fierce, and honest. – Let’s see how I did. Wow, 88. 88 out of 100 as a blonde on Tinder. Those numbers are insane, 88 to 33. Wow, I feel like I might cry. That’s so stupid. – [Interviewer] Do you think that means that blondes have more fun? – I don’t know, I kind of want to, like I feel like I want to
abandon this project right now, I feel like I’m like, oh fuck this I don’t want to know anymore. But we’re going to go forth, we’re going to continue the experiment. At this point the experiment was really getting under my skin, but I still had one last part of the puzzle to figure out. It was time for the cat call test. Just so you know for continuity sake I am wearing the same dress, I am carrying the same bag. The only thing that is
different is the hair. When I went out walking
on the streets of L A I had three experiences
where three different men did that whisper thing, and one whispered about the way I was walking. One whispered that I was like hot. And then someone whispered about my pussy which is just, okay, I have a vagina. So throughout this
experiment I have learned that as a blonde I get more Tinder dates. I’ve learned that as a blonde people assume that I’m sweet, and curious. They use softer words when describing me and I’ve learned that I
get more street attention. Did I have more fun as a blonde? – Meh, I think I kind of had the same amount of fun, no matter what. I’m definitely keeping
my hair for Halloween because I wanted to be Daenerys from Game of Thrones so
hard for a long time. I’ve got two cats, I’m
going to dress them up as my dragons, I’m going to be the mother of dragons, it’s
going to be so good. (lively music)

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  1. Thing is I’ve been watching Devin with blonde hair for so long she looked unnatural with brown hair 😂😂😂

  2. My hair is a weird color in different kind of lights.In the sun my hair looks like light brown and one other types of light it just looks dark brown.

  3. People: blondes have more fun
    Me, a blonde: spends all day on the couch, most fun thing I do is watch spongebob

  4. i think its not because she is blonde but she rocks blonde, like, everyone has different hair color that suits them. for devin, blonde is it.

  5. That colour doesn't feel right, I mean she could pull it off with a different shade of blonde but her hair looks like a platinum wig

  6. I don’t like this cause I’m blonde and with dark blue eyes, and that’s how bully’s and mean girl’s look like a lot, and that’s why many people think I’m mean but I’m asexually really nice, one time a girl came up to me and say’d “you look mean” and it hurt a lot as it happens a lot , but I’m really nice to people 🙁

  7. My friend is blonde. I am a brunette. My friend is more patience, orginazed, serious, is an listener. And i am a bad influence on her. Oof.
    Dont judge a book by its cover.

  8. i got catcalled lots as a blonde and was correlated as being easy, also had lots of older men called me jailbait. as a brunette, was left alone more which was good because my ptsd makes me terrified of most men

  9. i’m a natural blonde and i completely disagree that blondes have more fun, 2 of my best friends are brunette and they are super duper fun, also these tests don’t show that blondes have more fun, it shows what people think about blondes, and how they like blondes just for their blonde hair.

  10. Please dont be mad but I HATE blondes to be honest I think blondes are so mean. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION

  11. Is it just me or why when people go blonde do they go like full on platinum blonde? Their are like 10 other blonde colors you know….🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. blondes have to put up with catcalling, being called stupid and shi* like that. My first catcall was when I was 11 a 43 year old man called out " hey girl, you look good today you have a boyfriend?"

  13. I felt so uncomfortable when i went blonde. I was taken on a convertible car rides, more attention. Its a perception and sets a tone and first impression.

  14. It's when the worker goes they're just crazier" And yet me, a brunette, is classified as the craziest girl in school

  15. I am a dirty blonde but u can’t see it because my hair is curly and I’m mixed with Puerto Rican and black

  16. i’m a blonde and i wouldn’t change it for anything i love it so much! i always get compliments on my hair and it’s just me

  17. I hate it when people Alessandro put there interests to blondes…what happens to us black or brown haired galls. I mean there is no difference between a blonde and a brownie. What is so interesting about people that are blonde!

  18. Ok so the reason I’m lashing out like this is because I have this girl at school that’s blonde. She gets so much attention that, it’s like we are in her shadow

  19. I'm reading some comments of blondes being mad about the stereotypes of blondes having more fun and being stupid like stfu u getting attention and u still don't appreciate it

    They should do a test of blondes getting no attention to see how brunettes feel don't think that'll last long anyways u should be grateful and think about how much attention others get compared to blondes

  20. I’m a blonde, and I’m not gonna lie, this video made me feel a little bad and ever so slightly attacked. It’s not like I can help the hair colour I was born with, and I’m sorry that some people are biased towards blondes. It’s just society, and you can’t really change it. I think saying that you were about to cry is going a bit far though, don’t you…? I mean, I know it’s sad and I do feel bad, but c’mon…

  21. i have black hair and i've been blonde, blue, brunette, red, pink, violet, green and grey idk but i had fun with every color lol

  22. It's kinda annoying when you have blonde hair and so many people are like OMG I WIASH I HAD BLONDE HAIR DJDIENFHDUSJ

  23. Of course you get attention with this shiny light Blonde.
    If youre naturally dark Blonde then no one cares.

  24. I dye my hair bright fashion colors but in order to do that I have to take my hair from black to blonde and when I've gone out in between bleachings (it takes twice to lift my hair enough because it's so dark) people are SO much nicer to me blonde. I don't even look good blonde, it plays too much off the yellow undertones in my skin and I look washed out but still people are holding the door for me and helping me get things off high shelves left and right and they don't do that with any other hair color I've had.

  25. The "blondes have more fun" stereotype is about people who dye their hair blonde and ruin the image of, and make people look down on natural blondes.

  26. That is stupid all hair is beautiful and everything like I'm a brown hair girl and it's so annoying that it's like that

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