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Oh he shows you things that you can do too! It’s Craft Time, Craft Time, Craft Time with Alan! It’s Craft Time again here at Big Dot of Happiness. I’m Alan and as you can see I’ve been very busy making all these wonderful crafts. Today I’m going to show you how to make these rosettes. What you’re going to need is scrap book paper, hot glue gun, scissors, personalized stickers. Today I’m going to show you how to make this rosette. It’s 10 inches in diameter and you’re going to need 4 sheets of paper, 5 inches wide by at least 12 inches long. To start, take your first sheet of paper and fold about 1 inch inward. Crease it. Then you’re going to fold that sheet of paper back on itself, that same 1 inch and crease it again. Then just repeat that all the way down, this is called an accordion fold. Just stay here, I’m going to finish it. Maybe we can plan some music. Then it looks like that. Do that to all 4 pieces of paper. Now that you have all 4 of your pieces folded, take your hot glue gun, or your favorite adhesive applying device, and run a bead across the end of one and take the other one and glue it together. Repeat that with each piece until you have one long piece. So now that you have your one long piece, put a little glue on one end. Fold it over and glue them together. And then just bunch it up in the center and fold it flat. Take about a 4 inch diameter circle, put a ridiculous amount of glue on it. A little more, almost there, that looks about right. Then take your rosette base, pinch the center together so it looks nice, press it down on all that glue. Not too hard or you’ll crumple it. So now I’ve taken another piece of more decorative paper, and that is going to go over the center of that again. Put more glue on. Again you want a lot of glue. And then put that in the center again. Press down firm and now you have a good solid base to decorate. Now what we’ve done is made another smaller rosette using a 1 inch strip of paper that was about 10 inches, just accordion folded it glued it together once to make our mini rosette and then we marked it up with one of our little Birthday sticker labels. Take some more glue, probably not as much for this but still a good amount and put that right in the center of your rosette. Now we have our finished rosette but you can do a lot of things that aren’t just limited to this. For example, we made a rosette over here and put one of our party plates in the center of it and I think that looks really nice. You can put them on napkin holders, party hats, this vase thing, your guest, pets, the kids. Do you have twins, make the different colors so you can tell them apart. I don’t know, anything with a surface you can glue it to but thanks for joining us here at Craft Time. See ya again.

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  1. Thank you for watching! Make sure to check out our Big Dot of Happiness YouTube Channel for tons more do it yourself party ideas! Have a Big Dot Day!

  2. The beauty of rosettes is they are totally versatile and so easy to make. I would just go to your local craft store and pick up an assortment of teal and black papers and give it a shot! Do a variety of combinations to give it a fun look! These would look great hanging from the ceiling or even on pinned up on bulletin boards. If you go to our website, Big Dot of Happiness, you’ll find a fun black and white zebra theme that would look great with the color theme. I hope this helps! Happy crafting!

  3. We used scrapbook paper that you can pick up at your local craft store but pretty much any paper will work. Hope that answers your question! Have a Big Dot day!

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