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  1. I have so enjoyed all of your videos about Quakerism. I've attended a meeting once and want to go again and am reading a wonderful book about it. Actually, I like all of your videos! You're awesome.

  2. Not to dismiss your point about including the religious component of religion, but at least in the US, people are still broadly Christian and use Christianity, distinct from other religions, to accrue wealth, oppress minorities and foment political power, as you might know. It might be easy to distance oneself from religiousness but the process of doing so may well have been quite difficult. Regardless, all respect to yourself and your faith practices.

  3. It’d be really interesting to hear more about Quakerism and environmentalism! I’ve met Quakers at climate justice events but didn’t realise its importance
    Great video as always!

  4. What about Quakers who are religious but not Christian? You talk about a need to maintain religiosity within your religion, which makes total sense, but you also mention that you feel Quakerism should remain at its Christian roots. There are other ways to be religious other than being a follower of Christ.

  5. What about Quakers who are religious but not Christian? You talk about a need to maintain religiosity within your religion, which makes total sense, but you also mention that you feel Quakerism should remain at its Christian roots. There are other ways to be religious other than being a follower of Christ.

  6. I was raised Catholic and I never felt comfortable with it. I was raised that way mostly because of my grandparents. But the more videos I see about Quakerism the more it seems right for me. Do you have any books you could recommend to read to learn more? I’m American btw

  7. I went to a fantastic Quaker school, The Friends School, in Hobart. It is an interesting and inclusive branch of Christianity.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your religion, i find it extremely interesting. The fact that there is no hierarchy & each individual manages their own connection to God is great & how it should be. I love that you are doing these as i think the more people exposed to this philosophy the better. It's such a positive, uplifting approach to life that if someone's perspective shifts even slightly, it's a very good thing. So, please continue sharing, i will definitely watch.
    🎄Happy Vlogmass 😀

  9. Hi Jessica, I found this vlog really insightful, I'm so happy it's finally vlogmas! Was just wondering whether you might be doing a video at some point about the NHS and the upcoming general election in the UK?

  10. In the vein of loving nature, how about you & Claudia go to an accredited zoo? One that educates the public and encourages conservation of animals and our planet.

  11. Amen to that! Christmas must always have Jesus in it! You’re such a wonderful person! I am so glad to hear that you support Jesus, everybody now is so used to consumerism where they have taken Jesus out of Christmas it is so sad! Specially in the US, I can’t wish any of my coworkers at work Merry Christmas in my elementary school

  12. This was so interesting! I come from, ancestrally, a family of Quakers, but it hasn't been observed in my family for at least a century. I find it fascinating to see the modern iteration of quakerism and truly appreciate you celebrating and sharing with us!

  13. here in the US, the only times you hear about Quakers is when they get arrested for protesting or when they are suing to be able to put up solar panels or a windmill…

  14. I feel like the answer is going to be “yes and in the best way possible”. Lets find out.

    Edit: did you know that Portuguese calls days of the week much like the Quakers used to? 😀 but i think Monday is 2nd day and sunday stays god-derived (i could be wrong though i havent thought of it in some years ahaha)

  15. I loved this video!! I grew up in a non-denominational Christian church where everyone was welcome. I think the holidays are a fantastic time to stop our "Day To Day" thoughts that can be scattered (brain fog is SOOOO real people) & instead focus on what we are grateful for over the past year, or; to think about the people you are buying Christmas gifts for, & include a hand written note tucked in to the gift itself. I think a hand written note is one of the most underrated gifts out there. Especially when it’s to tell someone how you feel about them or to thank them for a specific incident. You always remind us to think outside of box which I love!! Speaking of, I need to get quite a few notes written & a package sent off to all of you!! Hugs, love & kisses for the pups 🤗💜🦋😘🐾🐾
    Edit: Collab with Stevie!!!

  16. Quakerism seems like what Christianity should be. I think most Quakers would faint if they were to attend any type of Catholic mass (made me feel me so bad I’m an atheist now).

  17. Fan fact! A lot of Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean I know for sure, probably more) also do the months and dates the same-ish way. They do have names for the days of the week but they say dates (example December 3) as 12 month 3 day.

    I always love learning from you about Quakerism because you explain it in such a soothing and calming way. I'm an agnostic theist who can't claim to know if any one religion has anything right or wrong but that something somewhere might be. And that kind of attitude is kind of how I feel Quakerism is when you talk about it. Like there is no telling someone they are right or wrong because each person gets to experience it their own way and I just love it!

  18. Jessica, if you ever feel like you’re killing yourself on vlogmas because you need to post every day, skip a day or two. I assure you, none of us will mind as long as you and your loved ones are okay

  19. I love your channel because you are always so happy and smiling, making jokes and just enjoying yourself. But it’s also nice to see a bit more serious side and hear your thoughts and opinions and even sometimes your struggles. It may sound weird, but it kind of makes you more real and authentic and not just some YouTube personality.

  20. I really love the discussion about quakerism and sustainability and would love to hear more about sustainability, particularly in regards to Claudia's newfound obsession with her carbon footprint. you guys are so cute thank you for making my exam study breaks so lovely <3

  21. A dear, new friend of mine's mother is JW. It's sad for her at her birthday and holidays. Also, her knee is dislocating almost every day.

  22. I'm pagan, and we don't mind other religions using our symbolism at all to celebrate any of the holidays. Your variety of Quakerism seems to have the basic tenets of our witch circle, which allows for different paths, and no hierarchy. Your advent house is very sweet, and since I've been watching Vlogmas, I'm following your advent notes. Happy holidays!

  23. I feel that I am more connected to Quakerism than the Christianity that I was raised in. I enjoy your channel for many reasons but you describing your religion is definitely one of them.

  24. Not religious but every time you make a video on this topic I actually want to listen and learn. As some people have said this seems like such an accepting and versatile religion. “You do you” is amazing and doesn’t make me feel bad for watching and not being a Quaker 😅
    Thank you for always bringing different views to a platform like YouTube and having a safe space for people to learn.

  25. I love when you do videos on Quakerism. Actually, they prompted me to finally visit a Meeting (something I’d been interested in for a while), and now I’m a kind of sort of Quaker-ish. Yay!

  26. I loved this, personally I identify as Catholic but I absolutely love hearing about what other people believe in without the judgement of other religions. I always try to listen to what people say and understand their point of view without pushing my own beliefs on them. Which is what I think you've done beautifully here, Thankyou for this video 10/10 😍😍😍

  27. 5:50 i disagree bc theres many culturally “religious” people who id w a religion bc of cultural ties. Im Quaker (and religiously one) but though i dont id as proper Catholic, I am very culturally catholic. Especially as someone from a largely catholic country. Same goes for a lot of diasporic communities where the religion and culture are tied, for culturally Jewish people as well.

    The religion i am is Quaker but i don’t come from a Quaker family; and the one i identify with culturally is not the one that i consider myself.

  28. if you need recipes about gluten free and sugar free and related stuff like for baking i found this amazing recipe blog called gnomgnom and she has a ton of really genius recipes, i highly reccomend it!! <33

  29. Love the season….I celebrate the Solstice….gratitude for the spirit ofancestors who went before and the beauty of the returning light that is within us all. Relatively pagen.

  30. The Christmas card idea is the best! You two are the best 😩❤️ your videos are always so nice to watch, gives me such good vibes and feelings! Much needed today.

  31. If there was any religion that I would subscribe to it probably would be paganism or neopaganism, so I do enjoy the pagan elements of Christmas and the winter solstice and all that.

  32. I went to the Unitarian Universalist church when I was a kid, I didn't keep up with it, but it seems to have a LOT in common with Quakerism

  33. Good that you called me out on not subscribing to you! 😁 I just clicked the button because I've been watching every video of yours while not being subscribed (oops)

  34. As a fairly new Quaker who identifies as Christian I really enjoyed this, and I was making the mince for my pies as I listened ☺

  35. Your videos are so great an informative! I’ve been wanting to go to a quaker church for months but there aren’t really any where I live now, but I’m moving to California so I’m hoping I can find some better faith resources 🙂

  36. In Hebrew the names of the days is literally “first, second, third”. The only exception is Saturday or the Sabbath that comes from the word strike or stop because it’s at this day that you need to stop working and rest.

  37. I went to a Quaker school and always loved the philosophy of everyone being equal and "That of God" or "That of good" in everyone.

  38. I am Jewish and I really wasn’t raised celebrating Christmas but now that I am an adult, I like the pretty lights, the trees and the music, so I do the thing now. I get my Christmas tree, decorate the house, make gifts and a nice kosher meal for my friends.
    Conclusion : Christmas doesn’t have to be a religious event these days as it is mostly a cultural thing these days.

  39. The original quaker calendar is super interisting ! The Jewish/Hebrew calendar also works like that.

    Sunday : yom rishon (first day)
    Monday : yom sheni (second day)
    Tuesday : yom shloshi (third day
    Wednesday : yom revihi (fourth day)
    Thursday : yom h’amishi (fifth day)
    Friday : yol shishi (sixth day)
    Saturday : yom shabbath (shabbos day !

  40. I believe in Jesus and for me Christmas is all about him. 🙏🏻 But you're right that Christmas technically isn't a Christian feast.

  41. I was wondering wether Quakerism is common in other countrys (for example Germany) because I am from a pretty religious family (also that we know a lot about religions) and I have in fact never heard of it before.

  42. "the third day of the twelve month" is usually how it is said in the arabic. We do have names for the months but none of my relatives really remember them. Also the days of the week go by numbers too, Sunday being the first day. So people don't get confused, the days of the week are the names of the numbers pronounced a bit differently. (The numbers are where the names of the days of the week originate).

  43. Quakerism is so interesting to me! Out of curiosity, does a Quaker perspective of God’ have to be this all knowing and loving actual person (what all the atheists call the guy in the sky I guess?😂) Or is it more open minded and you can have your own/more abstract view of what God is? It seems like such a lovely community, it generally looks it it wants happiness and equality for everyone❤️

  44. My tought is 'why' Instagram? My head can't handle all different apps.. get stressed out from them all. Maybe give a similar chance here on Youtube? Warm wishes from Sweden 🙂 🌹

  45. I think your comment about "not being able to smell your own smell" is interesting because as a Jewish person living in Britain I find that the culture of Christianity (particularly around Christmas but also all year round) is still very pervasive regardless of whether these people are religious/observant Christians or culturally Christian atheists. Perhaps because you celebrate Christmas, you cannot "smell" that. But I do agree that it is disingenuous to try to separate Christmas from its roots in Christianity. Again: even if a person celebrating it is an atheist, they're still culturally Christian. A Jew like myself or a Muslim or any other non-christian whether we're religiously observant or not (you can be an atheistic Jew but that's another discussion), do not celebrate Christmas even though we are surrounded by it in British society.

  46. 'Do Quakers celebrate Christmas?'
    Anyone who knows Jessica's channel: Well this Quaker certainly does, but #notallQuakers

    Oh I'm doing ActionForHappiness Be Kind December, seems like the same type of thing.

  47. I was raised culturally Christian like most people in my country. However most people I know consider themselves to be loosely religious or agnostic. We still celebrate most "Christian" holidays because the holidays and traditions themselves are mostly pagan even if after Christianity came here they got an christian element. To me these holidays are times to spend time with my family and friends and celebrate these bonds.
    I dont like the way that marketing has made chrismas, valentines day (friends day in my country) and halloween (not really celebrated here but because of marketing its become more of a thing) have become so largely consumerist and all about how much money you can spend. I only have very minimalist decorations and I will ask people who I buy presents about items they really need and buy those because I have giving and receiving useless gifts.

  48. As someone who is kinda somewhere in the middle of Paganism and Atheism, Quarkerism sounds very… more spiritual than other monotheistic/Abrahamic religions. I love, love, love all of your videos about Quakerism personally because they're just peaceful and judgement free rather than "this is how it should be!"
    You lot seem to have the same goals as Paganism, tbh, which is equality, peace and all of that. Kindness and caring about your fellow human beings no matter their differences. I mean the love of nature is very important too.

    There is a lot of crossover between Quakerism and Paganism, at least from what I've seen in your videos. Lots of love and light to you and Claudia and the furbabies!

    Edited to add a huge Thank Youuuuuuuu for acknowledging that Christmas and many other "Christian" holidays are pagan in origin!

  49. I really think that Christmas has become a family holiday more than a religious one. At least in Canada, I can’t talk for others. But here, I can’t think of anyone I know that sees Christmas as a religious event. We all celebrate family and spending time together. I think it’s the best part of Christmas!

  50. I really appreciate your history of disability series. The biographies of disabled people and history of abelism and eugenics is not talked about often and your videos are very informative and well put together. The history of eugenics stuff is maybe a bit depressing for decembertime but another biography could be fun 🙂

  51. Thank you for acknowledging my faith kindly and gracefully and not skipping over it like it doesn’t exist. I am pagan and I have grown up with paganism because my mother is one as well…it always hurt my feelings that people act like acknowledging that some traditions are pagan is bad

  52. I was raised Pentecostal, but don’t subscribe to any particular religion. I guess you could say I’m agnostic and my husband is “spiritual”. I don’t mean any offense with the quotations, just not sure how to put it.
    Anyways, we’re not Christians. We do celebrate Christmas though. Mostly because I love the celebration, decoration, and gift giving ( I’m a crafter). Our daughter loves it as well but has no idea about the religious aspects. I guess we continued celebrating just out of habit, but it’s so much fun

  53. I love how you love the pagan parts of Christmas and acknowledge that they are. It made me tear up… thank you .

    Is the collab with Stevie?

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