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  1. the left has a choke hold on comedy and the mainstream media… and the younger/more gullible minds will start having leftist ideas due to the media ect

    since almost all of the loved celebs are against trump and pro hillary their fans will start catching on to that idea…even though hillary deffended a child rapist knowing that he was guilty then LAUGHED about it… she also blackmailed women who accused bill clinton of sexually assulting and abusing them

    with trump as our president america has seen its first tax reform
    in 30 years the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years
    the lowest jobless claims since 1973 and the dow jones index at the highest level in history…

  2. trash TV.. what a joke. TRUMP is awesome. Remember when Obama had a party during Mandelas funeral ?? no criticism from FAKE LEFT news.

  3. Why would you even have a title like that? What is going on? That’s disgusting. Go back to the UK if you’re going to say something like that! That’s beyond terrible!

  4. Pretty sure your the one being insensitive about 9/11 you donkey, clearing ramping up a insensitive subject to get a gag and a round of applause. Stop portraying yourself to be something your not it’s so cringey honestly

  5. No liberal i’ve seen has given a solid argument for anything bad Trump has Done so far. So why don’t stop whining at the president who is much better after 2 years than Obama was for 8 years

  6. Kids bully an elderly person = huge fucking shit storm, bunch of adults ready to beat the kids up to teach them to respect elderly people

    Adults bully an elderly person = not one bats an eye, bunch of adults laugh along

    a fine world we live in

  7. Here he is. James Cordon. Comedian extraordinaire. What a fat useless lump of lard. Thinks he’s such a funny guy, I bet if he bumped into Trump he would crawl so far up his arse, he would clean inside his rib cage. Just another leftie piece of garbage. I could really just punch this prick in the face just for breathing fresh air. Fat twat.

  8. well put james, trump cant even show his sympathy for such a tragedy event. sadly America voted for trump and kind of mirror of their reality

  9. Ok, I’m gonna be attacked for saying this, but I’m a trump supporter. I don’t get why all these celebrities are dragging Trump and his supporters. It makes me feel like such an outsider and that I’m hated just because of a mere political opinion. It feels like they’re offending me instead of Trump. I would never voice my opinion in a purposely disrespectful or hateful way. Liberals just go around shaming trump supporters and somehow people back them up for saying these nasty, hurtful, things. It’s hard to avoid, too. I feel worse about myself than I already did in the first place. If a trump supporter would even think about doing something like that, you know what would happen. Y’all don’t want to admit that this is real, but you know that it is. I really, really like James. That’s why I’m watching this. But it makes me upset that he hates trump. I’m a fan on a lot of people who hate trump, but it seems like there’s no one who either likes him, or has no political opinions whatsoever. I’m sorry for whatever joke trump made to offend you. I’m sorry for whatever the other supporters said wrong. I’m sorry for having an opinion.

  10. We lost family in 9/11 and it’s just disgusting to hear him make a douche of himself and to have him represent our country… I don’t even know what to say

  11. probably is how they dressed, and how it was painted.
    Remember this was the 80's (the 1380's)
    Reminds me of how many town "historical commissions" in New England are actual enforcing ahistorical (bland, sober) home colors, really just for the sake of property values, I think

  12. Sorry can’t take this seriously when you say “some of our countries greatest leaders” and Hilary Clinton in the same sentence

  13. Obviously he cannot believe his luck that karma has not gotten notice of his change in address since moving away from New York from client relocation services provided with reasonable fees by James McGill Attorney

  14. i demand the resignation of keith ellison sherrod brown and cory booker for the physical abuse of women…i demand it for real abused women

  15. I don't know , but Corden sounds mighty happy. The overrated fat fuck, . You're an Englishman who was in England on 911, so fuck off.

  16. Here's the difference. Hillary probably has a publicist prepare her tweets. She doesn't understand electronic communication. Trump tweets all the time to inform the public.

  17. go shit 💩and piss on ur walking dead 🧟‍♀️ so called dumbass queen 👸🏼of ur 🤪 england country matey
    🙄 that will be the funniest thing that this phony ass waist of human space circus 🐷 would ever do in his phony lame ass so called career 🙄👊🏼

  18. You gotta love Trump! He’s a fkn BOSS! Maybe people will wake up to the brainwashing soon,I wouldn’t bet on it though…….I mean,these are the people who wanted Killary elected! Someone with hundreds of murders,or “suicides” linked to her amongst many,many other illegal activities. Oh but Trump said “grab pussy” lol or “he’s racist,sexist,fascist”,with no evidence to back up anything they say. I’d love a UK version of him to take charge over here,but I would t bet on that either. So I’ll just hope for a TRUMP 2020!

  19. Clinton and Obama don't care they let people die why would they care if 3000 people died Clinton let a person calling for help die Obama let 4 people died why… HE WAS TO FUCKING SLEEPY TO HELP 4 PEOPLE….now the Trump thing is stupid but I also support him he should not have done that

  20. I work as a civilian Department of defense employees at the pentagon in last 2 years he's been to the pentagon's memorial service because he is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces so I'm pretty sure the man knows what 9/11 is!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. MN's Omar thinks 911 is a good reference point for a discussion of muslims "losing access to our (their) civil liberties."

  22. I suggest you all watch loose change the movie cause no building in history has ever fell like that withouth being a controled explosion.

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