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Hi. This is Frosting Fran and I am just so
excited because I just got these dog party supplies in brand new. I just took them out
of the box and I couldn’t wait to show you everything. Let me show you what you can do
to have the greatest dog birthday party ever. First of all, you get yourself a Cake Kit
for Dogs made exclusively by K9Cakery and you can find this on our website:
Make 12 little dog cupcakes, or mini dog cakes for your guests. And then, while those are
cooling, you set your table with this beautiful, festive, dog tablecloth. Look at the pretty
party dogs all on the edge and it’s decorated with colorful dog prints, paw prints. Comes
in a package just like this. Then, you can get some plates with this really cute dog.
These come 8 in a package. With the plates, we have these paw print napkins. These come
16 in a package. Or you can get these colorful paw print napkins, also 16 in a package. And,
I forgot, before you even have your party, you’ll want to send out these invitations.
These come 8 in a package with this cute little dog on there, so inviting, nobody will want
to miss this dog birthday party. You’ll be able to put up your own balloons. Six different
shapes in this package. You can fill them with helium and just decorate the room in
style. Now here, the remaining two items that I have to show you are only found through A paw print streamer. Look at that. Black paw prints on a white crepe background
to decorate the walls. I haven’t had time to decorate because I just got these in. But
let me show you this. This is the cutest thing – these dog candles. They’re 3-D candles.
Four different poses. Four different colored collars. And you can celebrate your dog’s
birthday with actual dog candles. Aren’t those just the cutest things? I can’t wait
to put these on a dog birthday cake. So please come over to our website:
And come get your dog party supplies and have the greatest dog birthday party ever. Everybody
will want to be on your guest list.

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