For the first project you will need a clay pot for plants in the largest size sold in Dollar Tree You will also need a rope. I decided to use it in green to highlight the pot. You should stick it with hot glue and turn the pot several times at different angles so that it is just as seen in the images. Then you must cut the rope and stick the end of your rope. I repeat this step with three other pots Then you’re going to need these Dollar Tree cactus. I bought them in different colors each. Just need to place your cactus in the pots and we would have ready the first project For the second project you will need a decorarative cake tray in plastic. It is beautiful and has a lot of designs You’re going to flip it over and with bright magenta color paint you’re going to paint all your tray down the bottom. You should not paint the top of your tray because if you put food or decoration could be scraped and damaged. Once it’s completely dried, we’re going to need these pompoms You must stick the pompoms to the tray leaving the same space between each one and creating a sequence in the colors you want to use We need a vase for this tray, so I decided to use this stand for candles I already had in my house and paint it in turquoise. I did not want to paint the part in glass, so if made some error, just clean it with a wipes Finally you only have to stick your vase to the tray, I used hot glue, but if you want to be much stronger and longer lasting, you can use E6000 glue I really like the end result of this tray. What didvyou think? For our third project, I used a glass bottle that had kept a medicine, I liked very much and knew I could reuse it for one of my projects I’m going to use this felt ribbon in pink color. I’m going to cut it and stick it around the bottle It is a super simple project but I just love how it is once we finish From there, I’m going to put rope on the head of the bottle where the threads are, I’m going to spin the bottle with the rope to cover this part completely. Finally I will use this succulent and stick it with hot glue on top of the bottle. Super Simple But Beautiful project For the fourth project, I wanted to use this wooden frame, this specifically is Michael that only costs $1.00, but in Dollar Tree just bring some super-similar! Then I’m going to remove the carton that brings and color paint “New Shamrock “, I’ll paint the whole frame. Give him the coats you think you need. Once it has completely dried, you will need these toothpick, you must cut only the sharp ends Then you have to go sticking them all over the wood frame. Do not have to be super right, if you put tacks, the effect of cactus is going to look more real I wanted to leave a free space on the bottom of the frame for stick this pink flower I had in my house. It will give a beautiful touch to our cactus frame It will give a beautiful touch to our cactus frame Then we will use the carton that brings our wood frame and we will paint in matte black color Once it’s dry, you can write or paint whatever you want in it. I quice use super colorful colors. I wrote 5 de Mayo and I made ball designs in different sizes and colors. You could also write “Happy Birthday “, “Welcome to My Party ” or just place a photo I love how I stay this cactus frame. For the fifth project I will use two of these candle holders. They are in gold-coloured metal. I’m going to stick it on top of each other with hot glue, but if you wanted it to be stronger and longer lasting, you can use E6000 glue. From there, I’m going to hit these pompoms, which I had left over from my previous project, where some candles are supposed to go. I just wanted to do this to give more color, but you could also put some candles or flowers or what else you like Finally, I’m going to stick a small plate on top of it. Again, I used hot glue but you can also use E6000 for more durability I really liked this tray too because it is very colorful, unexpensive and you can place decoration or food in the top For the last project I use this container of Target Dollar Spot. It only costs $3.00. You could also use any other Dollar tree container if you wanted. I’m also going to use these Dollar Tree ferns. The only thing I have to do is put them inside the container as you like best. I decided to place all the ferns in a single direction It is a super simple project but I think it causes a big impact My loves, if it’s like you see the six projects together. You can use it for any activity, not just Cinco de Mayo You can do the same projects and not necessarily these colors. You can use the colors that you like or combine with your decoration I love the final result in all the projects, they are very unexpensive and very fun to do. I ho you like it!

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  1. This is one of our favorite things to celebrate and your ideas are SUPER adorable. I love all of your videos. You are a rising YouTube diy superstar 😀

  2. Oooh Jay….it's hard to be. perfect ALL the time!! Lol I STILL love you and your talent…have missed you!! God bless!

  3. Que mi Dios Padre te siga dando mucha creatividad para que nos deleites viendo estos hermos DIY. BENDICIONES

  4. Mi Reina me encanta tu creatividad, el marco de 🌵 me encantó muy original. Saludos y bendiciones desde Puerto Rico 💕

  5. oh fabulous bright and colourful DIYs LOVE ❤❤❤ my favourite is also the cactus frame ! that's genius xxx

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