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holiday event wedding and DIY the court today I’m going to show you how to make
an elegant wedding centerpiece and setup here we go so today’s inspiration was
brought on by the whole lot of junk I have your mind not a truck in my
basement I have a whole lot of frames it doesn’t even have glass in it just sit
in there collecting dust so when I was browsing on Pinterest I
saw this beautiful vase I don’t know I don’t think it’s a vase it’s holding
flowers but it’s more home-based yeah I stand it’s more obvious than that
those flowers on top and I thought it was beautiful and I automatically
thought of my friends so here it is let’s get started okay guys so this is
the tall multi photo frame from Dollar Tree I don’t have the paper that comes
with it because as I said earlier these are all recycled from other projects and
I actually slipped in this glass because I mostly have the framed by itself
because I have used the glass for other projects and I did have one glass left
which I am going to use so you are going to need one glass at least and then you
are going to push the tab back to its original position to pull this off
because if you pull it off while this up going to break the frame so pull this
back and then you are going to pull them off so three of your frames you’re going
to pull off all of the tabs and for the fourth one you are going to keep because
that’s what’s going to hold your glass next I’m going to be painting my push
like a metallic gold I’m only going to be using one Hey or maybe two hmm that’s
actually a thought so I might be painting both of them but for now I’m
just only gonna be painting one and I’m showing you two because these two are a
bit different as far as what I want you to do what I’m going to be painting is
the outer area of delight not the actual light for the silver one if that’s what
you find out your stores it’s kind of harder to pull out so you might just
want to pull painters tape over and then paint over it for the white one is
pretty easy the white one all you have to do is pull it apart pretty much and
it comes out all right okay we’re just going to go ahead and paint not going to
place my glass back in the frame with the tabs and then I’m going to get
started with my vase that’s what you want to call it with my stand it’s gonna
be my florist and the bottle frame is going to be facing the upward and the
glass one is going to be the top one and the other two without the glass are
going to go on these sides okay so I’m going to be gluing this silence
first I’m going to be using e6000 and I’m going to apply it to most of the
frame leaving these two corners free so I can add hot glue so the hot glue can
help me keep the frames together while II 6000 dries I’m going to be starting my arrangement
with greenery from Walmart these are three dollars a stem and the stem is
pretty pretty long okay and I’m going to be putting this in pretty short just
going to look something like this and I’m actually probably gonna go a little
shorter alright so you just want to see the
green okay and I’m not going to be using floral foam I’m actually going to be
gluing the greenery right on top of the glass next I’m going to be using this
beautiful bouquet of red roses that I got from Michael’s guys I must say that
these are the best good-looking roses I’ve ever seen
anywhere they look so real and look how pretty they are oh my gosh fell in love
with them original prize was 1999 and I got them for 50% off so they were about
10 bucks if you’re gonna go get them but I also had an extra discount because
some of the leaves on the other bouquets were missing so you know I was like hey
hook it up and they totally did so I ended up paying about 8 bucks per
bouquet all right so pretty nice and I pretty much just
going to lay them on top I mean I’m still gonna cut them up these stem but I
want them to lay on top of each other just like that just sit there and look
pretty oh my gosh they’re so pretty you know these are the things that made me
happy you know looking up pretty things flowers they just make me happy gives me
butterflies that’s crazy okay so they are going to be about this
length some of them came off which is totally fine and this this one right
here this four are together okay which is perfectly okay I’m going to bend them
a little so here’s the stem and I’m going to glue it down right here now I’m going to do the reverse on this
side now I’m going to cover some of the imperfections and the glue that you see
on here with my third greenery for some reason I thought I had only four flowers
on this side is six so I’m going to add two more here alright so either side
looks great so I will see when I put it on the table now last but not least I am going to add my
push light the push type is self-adhesive all you have to do is pull
the paper back and just put it right on top but I will suggest for you to add
some glue for your event because you don’t want this to lose the grip and
then fall on whatever you’re gonna have under it okay but for now I’m just going
to use what he came with you see can you see that yep there it is
perfect okay guys this is it this is my floral stand wedding centerpiece or
actually say my florist and light it wedding centerpiece and I think it’s
absolutely elegant and very romantic I see you can see I added some hanging
crystals to these centerpiece and he looks absolutely stunning with them on
this is totally optional I can actually go without it as well but with it I love
it even more I can also see this centerpiece at a birthday party like a
sweet 16 or a quinceanera or even an anniversary party where you will replace
the table number for the picture of the couple or for the picture of the
birthday girl now the seat height looks with the lights off I hope you guys
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you guys really do keep me going okay guys until next time bye

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