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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
beautiful glass gym wedding centerpiece and setup here we go okay guys get ready for a lot of work
but it’s going to be so worth it because it’s going to be so beautiful
so I’m going to start with my base and I’m going to turn these two tower bases
for the Dom tree over and I’m going to add e6000 to the middle of the base here
that should be enough and I’m going to add some hot glue to the rim of the vase
II 6,000 is a more permanent glue and be hot glue will just you know help me bond
these together quicker because I need it right now
I can’t wait hours so yeah so that’s that and this is my base I’m going to go
ahead and start doing the black jumps all around these two vases that’s gonna
be really fun yeah okay especially at the end when it’s all done okay so I
opened a bag of the glass gems and I separated them into sizes they’re pretty
much the same size but to me some of them are a little smaller and a little
more of an oval shape than the rest and um you don’t have to do this you know
that’s is my method and that’s just what I do
in order for it to be easier for me to place them on the glass so now I’m just
going to go ahead and that blue to the middle of D gems and well the black side
and then just start placing them and right before I place the last ones here
I play around with the gems to see which will fit so I have a regular size and
one of the smaller ones all the ones that I think that are smaller okay so
I’m just going to put it back and grab two of the smaller ones and there it is
these two fit perfectly so I’m going to go ahead and glue them on there here is
my first row to start my second row I’m going to start placing the gems right in
between the cracks of the up two at the bottom so right here in the middle s-so and I’m going to do that all the way to
the very top and again we are at the very end so I’m going to measure first
before start doing and here’s how the second road looks like pretty neat right
now I’m going to go ahead and finish the whole base and I will get back to you in
a little bit three hours later in five bags in and I am finally to the top of
my face you can either leave this part as it is because you’re not really gonna
be able to see it once you place the flowers on the top but I think I’m going
to find these smaller gems I can find and finish it up here it is now I’m
going to take it outside and give it a couple of coats of glass paint I’m going
to be using Frye lens lookingglass silver spray paint to paint my vase make
sure to wipe away any of the glue webs on your vase and make sure to wipe it
off and clean it before you start painting I’m going to be painting over
the gems and not behind the gems which is usually what you do to get the glass
look you have to paint behind the object but yesterday I was testing it out and I
actually like the way it looks when you paint over them instead of behind them
so I’m going to go ahead and do that this is more of a sterling silver.look
is very shiny and I love it I mean it still has a bit of the mirror
effect because I can see myself on all these gems there’s a million of me
moving the hints around because you know I talk with my hands and I love it’s
very neat next step is going to be to glue my round cutting board on top of my
face and then I’m going to need to pour foams that I’m going to glue right on
top of my cutting board and then I’m going to start arranging I’m going to
start my arrangement with this beautiful ranunculus from Walmart there were only
97 cents per bouquet I’m going to cut them four to five inches long and I’m
pretty much going to fill the whole thing with this flowers now I’m going to
add these beautiful peonies from Michaels
there were 40 percent off of $14.99 so they were about eight bucks which is
more than what I wanted to pay but right now though the tree doesn’t have any
flowers they are Bridal everything that they have is pretty much like it looks
like a clearance section and all the new flowers are fall flowers so I decided to
buy this from Michaels and I think I said earlier these are
from Walmart so I’m just going to add them randomly around the arrangement and
these are about six inches long this is the direction my hands took me I
didn’t expect for this to turn out this way
I still got a nip and tuck a little bit but this is how it looks like now I’m
going to add this beautiful orchid I found out Walmart there were three
dollars each and here’s the final arrangement we’re moving on to make the
table chargers and as you can see I have already painted the glass gems with
crayons Looking Glass spray paint alright let’s get started I’m going to
place my 12-inch round mirror inside my pizza pan which fits perfectly in there
and you’re gonna be staring up my ceiling for a little bit oh that’s
alright and then you’re going to add hot glue enough for about three gems because the
glue dries pretty quickly and then you’re just gonna place the gem over the
glue and press and continue doing the same all around I love it this is great as a table
charger but it will also be great as a decorative tray for your living room for
your bedroom even for your bathroom it is really really nice just so you know I
paid $4.99 for the glass and it’s not a bad price for a 12-inch round glass I
know the alternative will be for you to paint the tray with looking-glass spray
paint but it’s not going to be as clear as the mirror because the tray is not
glass you can spray paint it with white paint I tried that and it was a bit
better but it still wasn’t as clear as the mirror so I opted to go with the
mirror it was also very easy to make it took me about 1 minute to place all
these gems on the tray and I only use about half a bag now I’m going to make
the table number for my table and for that I’m going to use this round candle
holder or round mirror from Dollar Tree I’m also going to use the back stand of
a 3 by 5 by 5 picture frame a stencil and my metallic silver marker make sure
to clean glass well I’m using Windex and now I’m just going to trace the number
with my metallic silver marker and here’s the table number to the best of
my abilities I did ended up using a little bit of nail polish remover to
clean up the edges I wrapped around some paper towel that I dipped in nail polish
remover and I used my nail to clean it up so yeah it looks pretty good now I’m
going to add some hat – this Pakistan I’m going to play some
glue right here in this area and then I’m going to place it behind the mirror
so it can stand on its own okay guys this is this is my glass sham wedding
centerpiece and some of my setup let’s talk about the centerpiece first I love
this it’s huge his huge is heavy is solid and it’s
beautiful it’s one of a kind for me I definitely wasn’t planning on doing this
wrapped around here and I’m glad my hands just took over my guess is took
over I was thinking about placing that randomly in different places but all of
a sudden I started placing one and then two and then I just started doing three
here and then down to two and then one again and then the orchid finished it up
perfectly so it’s just like this love it hi got a push light since there’s
nothing under me let’s see how it looks with the light how’s that nice I love it
also if you’re wondering with this votive candle holder is coming from I
made it up camera since it was the same method as the vase but it is so cute
I made three of them love it and love the charger quick and easy and love the
table number quick and easy I didn’t act James to that because I thought he would
be overkill and this is that guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did
make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you have a subscribe made sure to
subscribe also make sure to check out the entire Perez project calm to
purchase items you see displayed on my videos alright I will see you guys next

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