Dollar Tree Dog Treats Review Good’n’fun Kabob Twist Chicken Sticks

Dollar Tree dog treats Good’n’fun kabob twist chicken sticks dollar tree store dog haul dog treat review AlaskaGranny Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy it’s time for my dog Alaska Sammy to try a new dog
treat I found this four pack of dog treat chews at the Dollar Tree the treat is called it’s Good and Fun
variety pack by Healthy Hide company the dog treat is a four pack of 1.1 ounce
there’s a triple flavor kabob a triple flavor twist and two chicken flavored
crunchy sticks dog treats you can see the variety and they certainly look delicious and
interesting if you look on the back of the package you can see the nutritional
information and the ingredients in each kabob twist stick dog treat and it says to just allow your dog to have one
treat per day so you’re going to have to decide what order he gets them whenever you buy a treat for your dog make sure you look for the sell by date
and remove any desiccant packet that is to preserve the freshness and it’s never
to be eaten always make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink Sammy do you want your treat you want it the Good’n’fun kabob twist chicken stick dog treat no Wow well every treat can’t be a big
success look for dog treats at the Dollar Tree store and see if your dog doesn’t enjoy
them there’s always a wide variety and they only cost a dollar if dogs don’t like them
it’s no big loss please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy Channel

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