Dollar Tree Floating Teddy Bear Balloon Sculpture | Most ADORABLE Baby Shower Decor Idea

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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
adorable floating teddy bear sculpture for your coming baby shower here we go if your guys are a big fan of Pinterest
and have been looking for baby shower ideas I’m sure you have seen the
floating it’s heavy bears culture and I found a way to recreate it for you guys
let’s get started to make the frame of the Bears balloon bouquet you are going
to need five small hula hoops I got these from Dollar Tree and I’m going to
break it down in two parts I’m going to put two to the side which are going to
be the hula hoops they are going to go on these sides and I’m going to start
with the ones that are going to make the round middle part if that makes any
sense I’m going to start by cleaning out the hula hoops at the bottom so I’m
going to use my mallet and I’m going to put in this part out on all at the top
and bottom all right and now I’m going to just kind of you know bend it a
little okay so make sure that it is flat okay
and what I ended up doing was I make sure that this entire area right here is
flat not just this you know single area right here because I want to give myself
enough room so when I drill the hole I will have you know room for mistakes
okay so this is flat and it will work and it’s not you know around that’s the
rest of the hula hoop now I’m going to go ahead and do the rest and I’ll be
right back now I’m going to drill a hole through my hula hoop and I’m going to be
using a 1/8 drill bit and I’m just going to slowly drill it through the middle or
where I think the middle is and here it is and I actually ended up
changing my drill bit to a quarter-inch because the other one was way too small
and I was gonna have to for I mean it would work but I would have to force it
and it would have been too much work and to connect them together I’m going to be
using I bolt and these are 1/4 inch by two and a half inch and they’re going to
go one at the bottom and one at the top the one at the top is going to hold the
whole frame up and the one at the bottom is going to hold the teddy bear up as
well and then I’m just going to screw the nut right on top now I’m going to do
the same on the opposite side and here’s what it looks like so far
now I’m going to place a bullet hole right on top and then I’m going to place
another one right at the bottom as up now I’m going to cut pieces of twine so
I can tie this hula hoop to the rest of them now I’m going to cut the excess twine
and I’m going to add happy to make sure they doesn’t come undone and it should
look something like this now I’m going to do the same to the bottom and there
it is a little crooked but that’s to be expected coming from me well that’s okay
the whole point of this is to have something where the balloons can hang on
to and that I accomplished so now what I’m going to do is a little bit of hot
glue or a lot of hot glue to the eye bolt right here
well the the screw part because you don’t want that to pop the balloons now
I’m gonna go ahead and paint it in white alright guys so next I’m going to be
placing my book ring through my key bolt and this is gonna help me hang it up on
my stand back there alright and if you want to learn how to make these stand
that you’re going to see this on I’m going to link it down below
those are PVC pipes alright alright let’s hang it up next I’m going to be
placing my balloons and I’m going to start with white and I’m going to start
by pairing them up and for the ones at the bottom down here you must make the
space between them white wide alright and you also have to be mindful how big
they are because they have to fit through here
okay so you’re going to make about three of these with the wide middle and you
are going to put it through all the way from one end to the other you just bring
it down and here is the bottom so here you have three pairs and now I’m just
going to continue to place more pairs and I’m just going to bring it in and
just give it a twist and as you see right here this one didn’t need any
twisting this one did because this space right here is way too big okay so that
worked out perfectly alright so in between I have a few holes as you can
see right there back here okay so what I’m going to do is add balloons from the
inside and here is the bottom nice and full next I’m going to work on the top
which is going to be baby blue and then after that I’m going to work in the
middle which is going to be gold okay so here is what it looks like so
far and there are a few spots around the middle and that’s where I’m going to
place my gold balloons to attach the gold balloons to this culture all you
have to do is pair them with either a blue or white balloon and then place the
other color inside and let the go one out and there it is
love it so far now it’s time to hang teddy alright so what I’m going to do
with Teddy here I’m stuck you what I’m going to do with him is literally just
grab my book ring and I’m just going to dig a hole through his arm or hand he
goes through very easy and then I’m just going to put the book ring through the
key bought this underneath the balloon he’s so stinking cute oh my gosh I’m so
excited now I’m going to attach this baby blue
5/8 inch ribbon then I’m going to place right here by his arm to make a seam I
see if he’s holding the balloons and I’m also going to cut some here and some
here so I cut a few long pieces of ribbon and I’m going to tie it with a
piece of fishing line and then I’m going to attach it to his arms
I’ll make the ribbons thicker so I don’t think the ones on these sides are
necessary I think I like it just the way it is okay guys this is a this is my
floating teddy bear balloon sculpture and it is absolutely adorable you can
definitely use it on your next baby shower or even your baby’s next first or
second birthday party it will look great in the middle of your venue or above
your dessert table or gift table I really wish I could hang it on my
ceiling right now but I can’t huh but still I love love love it I hope you
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