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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event in DIY the core today I’m going to show you how to make love
letters but not the ones that you write to your boyfriend and girlfriend I’m
going to show you how to make large marquee letters spelling the word love
here we go alright guys so here’s everything I’m
going to be using to make my large marquee letters and the number one thing
I’m going to be needing are going to be this white foam board I’m going to be
using four to eight of them and this foam boards are two and a half feet in
height so they’re going to be good size and I’m very excited about that I’m also
going to be needing a display board I’m going to need a ruler pencil a craft
knife tons to push lights and tons of triple-a battery I will give you the
exact amount of push my stamp batteries at the end of the video he cut that off
right now I’m not sure how many I’m going to be using alright let’s get
started so the magic number for me is four-and-a-half inches so what I’m doing
for me is that I want my letter to be four and a half inches wide so this is
what works for me I was testing it out yesterday and not to see right here you
know I made it a pink of three and a half and I didn’t like it I thought it
was too thin so I decided on four and a half so it’s totally up to your tastes
how wide you want grow matter for me it’s four and a half so I’m going to
give you my number I’m going to start by drawing all my letters first and I’m
going to start with the letter L of course and make sure not to press on the
board because you can dance it and like I said earlier my size or the thickness
of my letters are going to be four and a half inches so I’m going to want the
width of it from the bottom to be four and a half this way and then also four
and a half this way so make sure to mark mark very lightly
and then you just start drawing I’m just going to make a straight line from here another size you need to consider is how
long you want the elf to come out for me it was 10 inches this way so here’s my L
you can really see it right now but I’m going to move on to do which is
the most complicated letter to make so let’s move on to that to make the letter
always very challenging it took me a couple of try before I was able to get a
right so I will suggest for you to grab a couple of extra foam boards in case it
doesn’t turn out the way you want it at first but once you get the hang of it is
actually pretty easy so basically you just got to follow the concept of just
making everything four and a half inches wide so basically all you have to do is
measure from the edge of the board to up here four and a half inches then four
and a half inches on the side four and a half inches on the top and then four and
a half inches here again so you want everything to be four and a half inches
all around from the middle okay and then to make your middle a circle here or
semicircle oval I use a lid from my top where and then I
made a Halfmoon here and another Halfmoon right on top and then I just
drew a straight line to connect them and that’s what gave me this fabulous oh I’m
so proud of it because it was so hard but yet so easy now I’m moving on to my
V I want the bottom of my V to be about eight inches long so so you’re going to make your line here
I’m totally eyeballing it so you have to be right here in the middle but feel
free to measure it so this is eight inches wide here for the bottom of my V
and then now I just gotta make the line to the top we can here’s my V the letter
e is pretty much the same concept as the letter L except that he has two other
legs the top and the bottom are the same size and the one in the middle is
smaller the one in the middle is pretty much 3/4 of the size of these bigger
ones and that’s pretty much it now let’s go ahead and cut these letters out now
I’m going to go ahead and cut out all my letters with my craft knife just make
sure that you are as steady as possible to make a straight line it is very easy
to start shaking and start curving so just you know do your best to keep it
straight and I’m not going to be taking a lot of
this because the background is all white and you can really see anything so I’m
just going to get back to you as soon as I’m done cutting all the letters so here they are in the pretty good so
far and they are huge I love them they are luggage they’re even state into
shock I love it I love the level of it how you are going to be tempted to keep
cutting away and cutting away up the letters to make them straight don’t fall
for it I did and here my letter B used to be four and a half inches wide
as you know and now it’s like four on this side so just walk away so you don’t
worry about everything has to be perfect next step is going to be to use this
leftover fold and you’re just going to measure it and then you are going to cut
it two inches wide to make these sides and then you just want to do it with
some handles so I’m going to start with my letter L and what I’m going to do is
is grab this left over from here and this is the same length so I don’t have
to worry about that and all I have to do is just you know measure two inches but
you know what I think I’m going to do two and a half because I’m going to lose
inches here so well that’s not even a whole inch platform where I’m going to
lose some height there so I think I’m just going to do two and a half now I have to measure this side here now I’m going to measure the size here and
I’m going to use this because it’s pretty straight here now I got to do
this top part and now I’m just going to go ahead and cut all right so now I’m
going to put these pieces together like a puzzle and I’m going to start with
this side I’m going to add the glue top middle and bottom and if I need any
extra I will do it through the back not going to secure it with some extra
glue right here in the back and here is my first letter and every
letter is pretty much the same method to make except for my letter O and I’m
going to show you how to make that right now for the letter O I’m going to be
using this display board because it is bending so I’m just going to cut out
this piece right here roll it up shape it around soften it up now that is all nice and bendy go ahead
and measure two and a half inches you just want and you can probably get a
couple of two and a half inches strips here if you’re going to make the letter
of biggest mind you’re going to meet five of these strips and now I’m going
to take it up side and give it a total white paint so here are my strips ready
to go they are now light on both sides now I want to have to do is place them
around do and act positive here is my finished Oh
as you can see the project board and the phone board are different textures and
the project board has this ripple and this little holes on the board so what
I’m going to do is use a little bit of this acrylic paint and I’m going to
paint over it because the spray paint didn’t cover all of it so here are my
love letters and all I have left to do is play the switch lights on them and I
estimate that I’m going to need about six to seven for each letter to loopy Barbara now don’t push like so I’m going
to have to rearrange so I think I figure it out so now I’m going to stick them on
and then I’m going to show you the finished product so here is the finished
product I ll be eat it I love it these are amazing they turn out pretty pretty
good I’m actually impressed with myself with this one I didn’t know how the old
was going to turn out that was the one that I was most worried about but it
turned out pretty good these marquee letters will look great at anyway retina
shower and cue proposal and even an engagement photo shoot I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I hope to see you guys next time bye

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  1. Wow this is unbelievable and so creative!! You are amazing and so glad I found your channel😊 To those that say this costs too much should google pricing cause it would be close to $300 with shipping and other fees….I would gladly pay under $50 instead!!

  2. Gr8t work guys, I have always been fascinated with these cool stuff and learning how to do it. Know i can try it on my own and see how it works. Cheers for the awesome video.

  3. Currently started this project with my fiance! We can't wait to use them for our wedding! thank you for sharing how to do this (:

  4. OH GIRL, YOU SOOOO GOT A NEW SUB!!! You are amazing, there's SO MUCH TALENT ON YT and you are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS lol, I JUST saw you on screen for the 1st time. This is my 1st video, I have seen of yours, it came up in my suggested vids. and I am SO GLAD I SAW IT!! Thank you for making these vids. for people like me who LOVE to do things like this, but have no time to make their own vids.!! I CANNOT WAIT TO DO THIS ONE!! XOXOX

  5. Thanks i got get started on these signs for my mom. Do you order the lights off line from dollar store

  6. I bought the led lights at dallarama for 3.00$ for 9 lights .I put 9 lights in each letter bought styrofoam . Wrapping paper covered the letters .tape .cost me a total of 40$

  7. Wanted to tell you what a help you were to me, concerning my daughter's wedding. The venue had a fireplace and mantel on a large wall and I needed something with a "wow" factor to place there. I made their initials with an "&" between from your tutorial, and it was GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing this. I wish I knew how to attach a picture, I would show you. Maybe I will figure it out 😂

  8. I LOVE LOVE this concept! I will be using this for a sweet 16! Thank you for sharing! Everything was purchased from the dollar tree? or just the lights?

  9. Please help me, I do not know how to speak English and I need to know what materials were used in this beautiful work so that I can buy them here in Brazil, can someone translate please?

  10. Why not get a font and take it to staples and have them blown up- that way you don’t waste foam and your letters are perfect.

  11. Hello there I love your videos what can you use to weigh them down on the floor maybe just a Dollar Tree Clear Rock just to make sure that they don't sway when leaning against a table..?

  12. Hi Tyra, can you please help me. I need to do white square columns for a friends wedding next month, but they are very expensive to buy. Any ideas? Can you kindly help me with that, you are so talented.

  13. Love it! I plan on doing my sons nick name c-a-m I think I can get the c and a but any tips for the m lol .. I'll be sure to post a video on my page as well thank you

  14. Hi! I was wondering…was the spray paint and acrylic paint ever used? I didn’t see that you had used it! Thank you!

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  16. Okay…1st…I love your videos!! lolol Discovered them a few days ago and have subscribed! So creative! Thanks so much for sharing with us! 2nd…how long did it take you to make this? I am throwing my son a Fresh Prince party this month and am going to try and make these. I want to spell out "FRESH". Thanks for any advice you may have!! 🙂

  17. Fam. It is EXTREMELY hard to do this! It literally took me 2 1/2 hrs to do ONE letter. Smh. To cut through is even difficult bc of the board’s thickness

  18. Love this! I made one before with string lights but I like the push lights so much better. And mine weren't as sturdy because I glued just regular poster board around the edges. I am going to give this version a try for my daughter's Sweet 16. Just a thought to make the 'O' easier is doing a Varsity style font so there are no round edges.

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  20. How did you get yours to be so sturdy? Mine are having a hard time staying up and I used the same foam board from Dollar Tree.

  21. If you use a mini projector you can display the letters or numbers on the wall. Then I would just put the foam board on the wall and trace.

  22. I made numbers using this method and they came out fabulous. It cost me about $20 in materials. I tagged you in my IG post of you want to see it. Thank you for sharing!

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