Dollar Tree Halloween Ideas

HI guys. My girlfriends and I are getting all of our kids together for trick-or-treating and afterwards everyone’s coming over to my house for a spooky Halloween party. That’s why I’m here at Dollar Tree.
Actually who am I kidding. I’m here all the time for my day to day needs but this is a little different and a lot more fun. I’m and getting everything I need for my Halloween party. I better grab a basket. There are a ton of little ghosts and ghouls in my neighborhood so I’m stockpiling candy for just a dollar. That way I won’t run out plus Dollar Tree has all their favorites just look. Dots, candy corn, whoppers and more. Take a look at these trick or
treat bags. They’re so adorable and look they collapsed. So their easy to store for next year.
And to think I almost sent them out with grocery bags. I know the little ones are going to come home with a bag full of candy and I don’t want to give them even more. I like to keep a few tricks up my sleeve like these bubbles to keep the fun going. Plus I’m planning some spooktacular cuisine and I want to serve it up in style so I’m going to grab some trays, bowls and goblets and since these are reusable it’ll save me money on next year’s party. I use glow sticks for everything but they’re their especially important this time of year. For Halloween I’m going to wrap my kids from head to toe so everyone can see them as they walk through the dark neighborhood. Fairy wings my daughter and all her friends are going to be fairies this year but she loves to be a little different so I can personalize her costume with all these cool accessories. My son, he is obsessed with knights and he’s going to love these accessories like this shield and a knight just wouldn’t be
knight without a sword. Dollar Tree always has the best deals on party supplies. I always stop here for mine. Since my
color scheme is black and purple I’m gonna grab some dinnerware to match. Plates, bowls, and of coarse utensils. Oh and look at these great serving trays. I’m just going to grab a couple of these also. I think I have everything. If you didn’t already know Dollar Tree is great for crafters and I
love to put my creative stamp on all my party’s. I’m going to grab some glitter, vases and other cool stuff. Just wait till you see the awesome things I’m going to make with these later. Dollar Tree has something for everyone. I mean if gory is your thing Dollar Tree can give you a helping hand. However for my party I’m going for spooky, elegance theme. Oh look. How awesome? Tombstones. I’m just going to grab one of these and some creepy spiders and of coarse spider webs. Whether your theme is gory or spooky it’s just not Halloween without spiderwebs. Check out these pumpkin kits. With just a little help from my husband my daughter could use this carving kit on her pumpkin and this pumpkin decorating set will be a lot easier and safer for
my son who is a little younger. Oh Dollar Tree had a website. Now my favorite store is also online. I’ll have to check that out. Everything’s just one dollar and I can
shop whenever I want. Alright guys I think I have everything I
need so let’s head home and start decorating. Hey guys the kids just left to go trick or treating and I’m putting a few last minute touches on my decorations. I sneaked back out to Dollar Tree to get a few more items for my spooktacular event. Can you believe I got everything here
from Dollar Tree. Remember how I love to put my create stamp on all my party’s? Well take a look at these. Glass plates, candle holders, a little glue and paint
and viola. A cupcake stand and don’t you just love this centerpiece? A plastic cauldron, some sticks from my yard, I even made these glittery little bats.
Foam balls, plastic plates, googly eyes and of course glitter and I just love my spooky candle holder. I took a little white tissue paper and glued it to the outsider of this glass vase and then spun a web of glittering and glue for this
eerie effect. You can make these same projects. Go to and download craft sheets to make these and other cool projects. Everything’s ready for my guests so I’m going to go get my costume together now. Thanks for stopping by and have a fun, safe Halloween.

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