Dollar Tree Outdoor Fun Ideas

Great weather is here and we’ve been dying to get outside. So once again I’m using Dollar Tree to find ways to bring
together my family, friends and this great weather. What better way than a barbecue. My
girlfriends have nicknamed me the “Party Plannner” but let’s be honest. I’m working mom with little spare time. So let me share a few my secrets with you. To make my barbecues more memorable I like to decorate with a fun theme. Patriotic or maybe graduation what ever theme you’re looking for Dollar Tree can help. Since they finally
have warm weather after months of wishing I thought why not have a luau? I just dropped my kids off for a play date and have to pick them up in about an hour. That gives me just enough
time to stop by Dollar Tree to pick up some supplies. A few weeks ago I went to and ordered some luau themed supplies and had them shipped to my store. Now that’s a time and money saver. While I’m here I’m going to grab a few more luau items some drinks, snacks and condiments oh and some paper towels, plates, napkins and cups. Dollar Tree is
great for all this stuff. Well let’s face it Dollar Tree is great
for just about anything you need. Oh gosh I almost forgot about keeping the kids entertained. With cool toys like these for just one dollar all the kids are should have a great time
and let’s be honest it’s really hard for the parents to have any
fun if the kids are bored. Speaking of kids I’ve gotta go get mine. I’ll see you at the house if in a few. I love to serve meals buffet style
because it’s less work and give me more time to enjoy the company of all my
guests. So I picked up some of these foil trays and serveware at Dollar Tree to help me serve my buffet with ease.
Plus all the fun patterns and colors really add to my tropical theme. When the
kids are playing in the yard they’re always running in and out of the house for drinks tracking in all kinds of dirt. To keep the kids outside I picked up the
foam cooler at Dollar Tree and filled it with ice,
juice boxes and popsicles. For a special touch I also painted it and
embellished it with a few grass skirts and some flower clips. Isn’t it adorable? I put the cooler in this fun little
laughing spot I created for the kids in the yard which I’ve stock with all those cool
toys I bought while I was at Dollar Tree like bubbles, bug catchers, hula hoops
badminton the list is endless and so is the fun. I
also picked up some sun block for when the sun is beating down. Plus some bug spray and citronella candles to keep away the moscquitos and these glow sticks will keep the kids in
sight no matter how dark it gets. My husband is in charge of the grilling. He
still has his grilling tools I got from Dollar Tree last year but I remembered to pick up some seasoning for just a buck. If you’re planning on grilling vegetables don’t forget to grab
some aluminum foil at Dollar Tree. My husband puts this on the grill to make
sure no vegetables fall between the grates. Pretty much all of this stuff I purchased
from Dollar Tree but not all at once. I stretch my budget by reusing a lot of these items every year. This is completely new though. Have you heard of Pinterest? I got this idea from Dollar Tree’s Pinterest page. To add some fun to my tables I created
these candle rings by simply poking drink umbrellas into a foam circle and
putting a glass vase with sand and a candle in the middle. This is probably my favorite idea
because I love to create memories with my friends. I bought a bunch of luau accessories like grass skirts,
leis, hats and funny sunglasses. My friends will love dressing up and
getting silly for the camera. We’ll all have pictures to remember the fun time we had. Now why throw a boring old barbecue when
you could host a tropical fun-filled luau. Me a party planner? Maybe. Thrifty mom? Definitely.

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