Dollar Tree Party Decoration Ideas

Hey guys thanks for joining me. I’m
getting ready for my big July 4th bash and where else would I go but Dollar Tree. You know I love a great deal and this is the only store I know where
every item is really just one dollar for less. I mean if you want to save
money on party supplies this is the place. I’ve already got my
basics plates, cups, napkins, table covers and
utensils. Now for the fun stuff like this banner
in USA sign perfect to greet my guests and of course they’re only just one dollar each Oh check out these necklaces. These
red-white-and-blue will definitely get everybody feeling
patriotic and look you get three for a dollar. So that’s a big savings especially with my sister coming all her kids. oh and of course don’t
forget the flags. It wouldn’t be July 4th without the flags. I’m going to use these little ones to make some really cute centerpiece to put on the
table and when it’s time for the fireworks we’ll just grab them out of the centerpiece and wave them with pride and at three for a dollar that’s an amazing bargain. Look at these fun balloon weights. They’re so sparkly. That will definitely add some pizzazz to my table. So that’s it for our decorations. Now for some fun stuff for the kids. It’s going to be a scorcher
this fourth and we want the kids to stay cooll and
have some fun. Oh this is perfect. What kid doesn’t love a great water
balloon fight? You get a hundred balloons in a pack for a dollar. That ought to keep them busy for a while. Oh and bubbles. Definitely bubbles and glowsticks. I almost forgot the glowsticks. These are going to be so much fun for the kids after dark once the fireworks start. Splash ball. So much fun. You get six in a pack for just a dollar. I better get a bunch these. I have a
feeling some of the grown-ups are going to want in on this action. Guys if you’ve never done this you’re
gonna be so surprised. I actually get most of the food for my party right here at Dollar Tree. I got some Hunts ketchup. Yes, I said Hunts. Pickles, relish and mustard. Oh my gosh look at these grilling tools. They are so heavy duty. Our grilling stuff from last year, not so
good and at this price I can replace them all. We’ve got grill
brushes, spatulas, forks all for just the dollar. That’ll make my husband so happy. So I stocked up on sodas. They have such a great variety here and now I’m…
Unbelievable. They still amaze me sometimes. Arizona teas for just a dollar. These are my mom’s favorite I’m going to grab a couple and surprise her. What’s a party without potato chips. Lots of potato chips. Oh TGI Friday’s pizza
chips. These are my husband’s favorite. Really it’s hard to believe that I can get most of what I need from the grocery store right here. Better call my husband and tell him all he has to get a hot dogs and hamburgers. That’ll really make his day. So I was
heading to the checkout and I remembered balloons. Dollar Tree is my absolute favorite place to get these foil balloons. They’re only just a dollar. You know how expensive they can be in other places. I’m just going a red-white-and-blue star and how about this one the flag design. Yeah, that’ll look great with the decorations. I just attached it to my sparkly little
balloon weight. Mission accomplished. Let’s head to the checkout. Can you believe all this great stuff I got. I’m going to have the coolest Patriotic
Party on the block and to set this table I only spent 20 bucks. My decorations
have never looked better and for a few extra bucks I got all
these fun activities for the kids. I can’t wait to see their little excited faces. I also saved a ton on the food too. Each of these great items were just one dollar each. At the grocery store I probably
would have paid three times that amount. Well thanks for hanging out with me
today guys. I’m so excited about my party and all of the money that was able to stave. I cant wait till July 4th to show off all my cool things. One last piece of
advice if you’re planning a big Independence
Day Celebration or any other party for that matter you really should check out Dollar Tree for party supplies, everyday things and lots of fun items.
It’s the one stop shop for savings. See you later.

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