Don Ka Birthday – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Friends I have come here to give you all an invitation. What for? I have come here to invite you for my birthday. Tomorrow is my birthday party and you all have to come, now I want to become an honest person. Don’t make a fool of us John the Don. How much ever a crow rubs itself with soap, it cannot become a beautiful bird. You are a thief and you will always remain one. Oh my god!! What are you people doing? Law also gives one chance to a bad man to become a good man. We should go to John’s party. Ok, Chingam sir, whatever you say. But John, apart from the other things which will be there in the party, there should be a lot of samosas. Will be, will be surely, I will prepare a heap of Samosas. I can do anything for you, you do come surely, I will leave. Motu, I have a feeling something is surely wrong, beware!! Give this red glass to Motu only. I have put a type of medicine in this glass. Which will make Motu very angry and he will start beating up everyone. Then everyone will start beating him up and we will enjoy the show. It will be fun. Wow boss!! What a plan! Happy birthday John!! Thank you, before cutting the cake have some soft drinks. Then we will cut the cake, number one give soft drink to everyone. Motu, be alert, about the cold drinks they are serving us, they might have mixed something in it. Motu sir, take this, your red glass; I mean your soft drink. Hey give some soft drink to the birthday boy also, how can we drink first? Take John, you drink first. No, how is it possible. You People are the guests; first you people have a drink. How is it possible? It’s your birthday, so you drink first, then we all will drink. Yes, we will drink after you. Now I am holed up. Hey, you beat up a police man, I will not leave you, its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. Why are you beating me up? Leave, leave me, today is my birthday, at least don’t beat me up today. Leave him, leave him, leave the boss, now he has become alright. Means nothing, the thing is from today morning Boss is acting in a very weird manner. All of a sudden he becomes angry and starts beating us. Sorry friends, don’t know what disease I have contracted but now I am okay. Let’s enjoy my birthday. See, that drink was for you so that you beat up everyone in anger and then all of them will beat you up. Now be alert. Let’s enjoy the party. I have arranged a magician for you all, call the magician. Friends, you people must have seen this magic trick lots of time. What nice magic trick!! Yes, so I was telling you, you all have seen these magic tricks before. I will show you a new magic trick. I will make a person disappear, so please some brave person come here. You look a brave person by face, come. Beware Motu. Yes people, now tell me Motu is in which box? He is in this box. This one. This one. Where has Motu gone! He is not there in any of the boxes. I am here, don’t know how I disappeared out of the box, you are a great magician. Where is the boss? My trick is over, I am leaving, bye. John is the birthday boy, I think he might have gone to bring some sweets for us. Hey leave from here, the party is not over yet. These beggars will reach the place to beg, where ever there is a party, go away. Shut up, don’t keep on talking. Hey John, swear on my patients, what have you done to yourself, what happened? What to tell you? Someone was supposed to go, instead in his place I went away. This is all a plan of my enemies. My bad luck is not good. Now leave it all, I invited you all and did not even serve you a cake. Stop all this magic, everyone sit down, I will serve you cake. You sit here, you here, you there, and Motu you sit on this chair, you are the most respected person. Motu it’s a special chair, beware. Every one sit down, I want to make an announcement. Yes John but tell us which number birthday of yours is this? I am telling you, telling you, first you sit down. Hey you haven’t told us yet, which number birthday is this? I am telling you, telling you, first you sit down. Hey John, tell us what flavor cake is this? After eating you will come to know, have some patience and sit down. But I don’t like chocolate flavor, John. Why don’t you sit down, Motu! Why does this happen with me only? Boxer brother, what will we do here without the boss, us also please. Hey, why not? I will send you both on an air travel without ticket right now. Boss, it is impossible to win against Motu Patlu, now let us stay here only, no use going down. Happy birthday to you!!!!!

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