Donate Life Blue and Green Day – Celebration at Penn State Health 2019

Blue and green day is to celebrate organ
and tissue donation and basically bring awareness to the fact that they’re not
enough donors to go around for the people who are in desperate need of
life-saving transplants.>> About two weeks ago somebody asked for that question;
well what hospital did you have your liver transplant Bill, in Philadelphia? I
said, “no, I had it in the best Hospital in the state of Pennsylvania, Hershey Med
Center.”>>One of the most common myths out there is if I’m an organ donor and I
show up in an emergency room they’re not going to take care of me because they
want my organs. And that could not be further from the truth.
When you come into an ER as a patient, the only thing we care about is you.>>Well every day the first thing I do I
get out of bed and I thank my donor. I really do in my head I just thank my
donor for everything I do. I mean, he gives me the ability to basically
breathe eat spend time with my family even being here like I’m thinking of my
donor every, every little thing I do every day go it’s to my donor because
without him I’m gone.>>My perspective on life has changed greatly. Being on
dialysis was not my best moment it was all worth it. I feel so much better as a
person and physically I feel way more healthy than before.>>My advice for
anybody who’s thinking about it just do it because the life you saved maybe a
loved one. Maybe someone you really care for the difference between life and
death and I mean it’s just and it only takes 30 seconds the time it takes you
to tie your shoe, you can become an organ donor. [Music]

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