Donating Ken’s Birthday!

– Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada. – And I’m Ken Tada. – And Ken has a very
wonderful announcement to make this December. – Absolutely. The first time in my entire life, I am donating my birthday
to Joni and Friends, and I’m doing it willingly. – Happily.
– And happily. And you know why? Because I love the ministry
of Joni and Friends. What we do at Wheels for the World and Family Retreats is
something that I think is just very, very special. So I’m already planning for this year’s trip to somewhere for
Wheels for the World, and also, going to Family Retreats. – I love the way you love our ministry. And you know what? Ken is not raising funds on his birthday for the next fishing trip. Uh uh. No, no, no. He is raising funds to sponsor more pediatric wheelchairs for
kids with disabilities because you’ve been there firsthand. You’ve seen it, right? – You’re right, I have. Fishing trip? – No, no, no. No fishing trips.
– No, no fishing trip. Actually, I’ve seen the faces on those young boys and girls and how their lives, and their families’ lives have changed because of the gift of a wheelchair. – Absolutely, so please, friends, cheer on my husband, Ken, by donating to his birthday. Ken only recently learnt
what this meant by the way, but I tell you what, I
think he’s really gonna be surprised when I show
him his birthday page every day and he can see just
how many little wheelchairs together we’re all able to give just because my husband is a very cool, you’re such a cool guy. – Well, so it doesn’t
have to be a birthday just for one day, you can
just kind of see it progress. – Absolutely.
– Oh, that’s even better. – So make it a happy birthday for Ken and visit his page today and donate to those little wheelchairs, right? – Absolutely. – Thanks so much for giving. – Thank you.
– Happy birthday, Ken. – Oh, thank you. (laughs) (gentle pop music)

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  1. Best wishes and congrats on your 40th Anniversary of Joni and Friends. I'm in awe of your spirit. Watching you is a real inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing you.

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