Donna Brazile Tells Republican Party Chairwoman To “Go To Hell” On Fox News

Fox news contributor, Donna Brazile, the former
interim chair of the Democratic party, actually the two time former interim chair of the Democratic
party, had some very harsh words, harsh but necessary words for GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
yesterday. Take a look. We had Donna, Ronna McDaniel on, Donna, earlier
on the program the chairman of the RNC, and she was talking about the possibility of a
brokered convention, the impact that would have on Bernie Sanders. Here’s Ronna. It does depend on how big the lead that Sanders
takes out of California is if he picks up a huge proportion of delegates. But I don’t see anybody getting out soon,
and it’s leading towards potentially a brokered convention, which will be rigged against Bernie
if those superdelegates have their way on that second vote. To that, you say what, Donna? First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. First of all, stay the hell out of our race. Stay the hell out of our race. I get sick and tired, Ed and Sandra, of listening
to Republicans tell me and the Democrats about our process. First of all, they don’t have a process. They’re canceling primaries. They have winner take all. They don’t have the kind of democracy that
we see on the Democratic side and for people to use Russian talking points to sow division
among Americans, that is stupid. So Ronna, go to hell. This is not about. Woah. No, go to hell. I’m tired of it Ed. That’s the kind of fire that we have needed
in the Democratic party for far too long and it’s been missing. What Donna Brazile just brought to Fox news
was awesome until she kept going. Because if all she had said was don’t interfere
in our primaries, go to hell and stopped right there, would have been great. Would have been perfect. I loved that. And then you kept going and you kind of proved
her point. Ronna McDaniel is not wrong to say that the
Democratic primary process is screwed up because it is, folks. And then Donna Brazile says they’ve got winner
take all elections. Okay. What does that even, what does that even have
to do with any of this? That’s actually a better thing. I prefer that. In fact, I’ll tell you what I would prefer
more than anything, is to not even have delegates to just have popular vote. Every state should go and vote on this same
day and whoever wins the overall popular vote, you’re the nominee. No delegates, no superdelegates, none of the
shenanigans, none of this, oh, well you vote this month. You vote six months later, after half the
people have dropped out and it’s down to one or two at this point, that’s not fair. So yeah, the Republicans need to butt the
hell out of our primary process, but at the same time, the leadership in the Democratic
party needs to understand our primary process sucks. The Republican primary process sucks. They all are awful. The whole thing is stupid the way we do this. I’m sure it did make sense a hundred years
ago, back when Iowa had to go first because of the farming seasons and whatnot. We don’t live in that world anymore. There is no reason whatsoever why every single
state shouldn’t vote on the same day and then boom, the primaries are over. That’s it. Done. And it should be whoever gets the popular
vote. Delegates shouldn’t be a thing. Superdelegates sure as hell shouldn’t be a
thing, but here we are. So yeah, Ronna McDaniel was correct in her
criticism, but Donna Brazile was also correct to tell her to butt the heck out of it. The Republican party has their own problems
to deal with and Ronna McDaniel would rather not focus on those and focus on those in the
Democratic party. But Donna Brazile shouldn’t be doing the same
thing over there. Shouldn’t be saying, well, you’ve got it. No, they need to butt out because they don’t
have a say in our process and they don’t have a say in who our nominee is going to be and
that go to hell needs to extend to other people too. People like the never Trump conservatives
like Max Boot, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Kristol. I mean, the people who helped push us into
Iraq are now trying to stump for Joe Biden because they don’t like Bernie Sanders and
they don’t like Donald Trump. No, they need to butt out of this. Republicans don’t have a say in the Democratic
process. Just as Democrats don’t have a say in the
Republican process. But that’s not to say that both processes
aren’t completely stupid and backwards and alienating for the majority of people in their parties.

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  1. Donna Brazile is out of her mind,.If the Dems nominate Biden,you can bet Trump will easily get another 4 years.The DNC didn't learn their lesson from last election.Also they need to stop blaming Russia for their loss.

  2. I think a lot of things should be changed from 100 + years ago! That’s why trump got by with a bunch of criminal crimes! Things should also be changed where it comes to citizens voices being heard and loud!! That’s why we have so much crime and crookedness going on with all these people we choose to work for us and keep our country safe! Everyday working people need to start running for our country/people instead of these high dollar big shots who are just out for themselves and those like them,that would commit crimes and cheat to do so!

  3. Single choice ranked voting for President. GOP and DNC can endorse candidates and they can choose that endorsement in whatever smoke filled rooms they like. But these archaic, corrupt, self serving institutions should be as far away as possible from the actual election process.

  4. No you don't understand she meant winner takes all meaning there's no one with balls to oppose trump running for office. When has that ever happened??? Republicans are weak and have no morales or ethics to support a person that disrespects women, lies, and pays porn stars for their silence while married. Yeah you guys rock

  5. How do you prefer "winner take all" but wish there were no delegates and only a popular votes? Split delegates are closer to a popular vote. Also, the Democratic primaries are anything but Democratic when there's superdelegates.

  6. Article 1.2.2 has Representatives' electings, which applies to Senators per Amendment 17, plus Amendment 12 for Presidents and Vices and you will see there's no Conventions for electing any governmental Officials. Presidentally, each state chooses via Electors to find presidential and vice candidates, 1 or neither is from the electing state, then certify winners and losers to the Senate's President for a recounting. That could have 50 candidates in the Primary that MUST BE SUPPOSED if more than 3 are tied another Primary is required but if 3 or less 2/3 of the Representatives elect presidents and the Senate vices. THAT IS ALREADY CONSTITUTIONAL.

  7. God I hate republicans and corporate dems!!!!! I’m leaving the party after 46years! If Bernie is shut out!!

  8. This is Russian Troll Stuff. Good for Donna!
    * Primary for All States.
    *Paper Ballots.
    *Winner take all.

  9. At least the GOP isn't riggging its Presidential election. Warren handed Trump his re-election last night.

  10. The GOP charimwoman is right on target. Donna Brazille belongs in prison for helping Hillary rig the 2016 debate. Brazille should go to the nuthouse based on her response. She makes the GOP look good. I have never liked the GOP but the GOP person would have the support of all the Bernicrats in her statements. BTW, Trump had excellen tweets last night. I saw them on some of the Berniecrat shows.

  11. I've come to the conclusion that we have no world leader(s), all we got is either dictators or dickheads.Their always reacting because they're preoccupied with playing war and catering to the rich.There are 8 Billion more of us than them..time to evolve.

  12. Dona is the ion that MADE SURE Ugly Wasserman….and Hilary's CNN forwarded questions rigged the debate 2016 vs Bernie…….Rohna is a CUNT but she is correct in many ways…hell the DNCCC did not wait until a convention Obama and his calls t losers like Beto made sure Texas would fall to Senile Joe but they told Warren tp make sure she stays in the race to keep acting like a so called FAKE progressive….  BTW TYT has a rat in its place and he is called "I support Fake progressive Warren Ben Mankowitz… He voted for FAKE Warren….Cenk starts WOLFPAC to get ALL MONEY OUT of politcs…what does Ben do? Vote Warren….REALLY? I am a voter and I do not understand nor do care to about delegates. superdelegates…that is just a way for THE POOR…WORKING MIDDLE CLASS TO BE SILENCED. When I think Democracy I think popular vote wins…..and because popular vote does not win, then you have the fact at the end….USA DEMOCRACY iS FAKE, ALWAYS HAS BEEN. ROhna did get ne thing correct, the process is rigged against Bernie or any TRUE progressive like Bernie in the future. Finally, Warren is selling campaign used flips flops she has worn the past few months but you have to pick them up in a special glasshouse wine cave

  13. We should have all states for both parties that divide up the delegates dependent upon the vote, and that be it.. fuck the superdelegate establishment shit..
    And yes, all states should have their primaries on the same fuckin' day.. That way, we might have a national elections day, with pay off!

  14. Just except it, not everyone is for Bernie Sanders, just like not everyone for Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders voters is the reason why Donald Trump is president and going to be the reason Donald Trump gets reelected. Even Donald Trump knows that. He played yall against Hillary and now he's playing yall against Biden. You're the fools who professing to be smart and have the answers on how government should be run. You're nothing but another tea party at its finest.

  15. Ahhhhh… don't understand "winner take all" primaries Farron……those are bad not good. Democratic primaries assign delegates by the proportion of the state vote, so each candidate gets as many delegates as a percentage of the vote that they won in that state. That's "small d" democratic….that's good…..a pure popular vote total would be even more democratic but that's different from "winner take all". Republicans have "winner take all" primaries,, so that the winner takes 100% of the delegates for that state even tho they didn't win 100% of the vote……that's undemocratic! We don't want that…that's how they ended up with Trump in 2016, and didn't even have a firewall failsafe of superdelegates to eliminate a clearly unqualified candidate at the convention. Oh, and btw Bernie was trying to overturn the popular delegates with the superdelegates in 2016, so he was ok with it then.

  16. Yes this bullshit electoral college needs to end and begin the process of getting money out of politics. Just an idea.

  17. So good I have to say twice: , Warren is selling campaign used flips flops that she has worn the past few months in her store, but you have to pick them up in a special glasshouse wine cave They are next to the 60% off "I'm with her" shirt but they are clearly bootleg because after one washing Warren erases to Hilary. Oh while you wait at the store she;''s ask ya "Honey, do you want a beer…" just to portray that she's an everyday kind of gal OOps she had to step outside the glasshouse to do a rain dance to put ou a forest fire….and oh wait, OMG she discovered there is a gloryhole covered up with a rolled-up piece of toilet paper….those Damn Bernie Bro trans bois again 🙂 BERNIE 2020

  18. Fuck man, American is hopeless. I can't believe your country dodesn;t want Bernie Sanders. History was made last night. That was America's last chance. You guys are locked in fucked

  19. That "Go to hell" message needs to be sended to republican representative Matt Lewis who said on CNN that he will against Bernie because he praised Cuba's litteracy program, but won't vote against Trump who flat out stated he fell in love with Kim jung Un

  20. DNC- We dont like the electoral college because it's unfair to voters…Now lets be unfair to voters in our own primaries…

  21. Ronna needs to go to Hell. She's whining about the DNC and she can't even run her own RNC. She's such a squish she turned on her family and dropped Romney from her last name because Trump told her to.

  22. Fuck Donna Brazil. The republican was right and watching that bitch lose her shit because of it is insulting. Fuck the entire DNC.

  23. @Farron Beau of the Fifth Column (aka Justin King) also lives in Gaetz's district, it would be amazing if you two would collaborate on a video.

  24. Let's not forget that she helped hillary cheat against Bernie in the Michigan primary in Flint by giving her the questions ahead of time.

  25. Finally someone is showing the GOP how to find the door start packing .If you need boxes you can dumpster dive for them and it's free.

  26. This duplicitous fake 'fire' from the same despicable dishonest lethal abomination whose idea of 'democracy' was slipping Killery Clinton hidden answers to her already rigged debate.

    She needs to GO TO HELL – or, better yet, don brilliantly-belated prison stripes.

    She's a flamin' DISGRACE.

  27. The irony of that statement, D Brazil, is going to hell. LoL. Just hard to resist, you think the Democrats get off free and easy. What BS. And Biden has been in Gov't tax payers pocket his whole life, so funny. His " leadership" got us here!!! What a damn joke, he doesn't even know what state he's in.

  28. The entire American Voting system is Broken Hell they Campaign for 2 Bloody Years , And by time for the Vote ,! Your sick to the back Teath oh Bullshit,! Yep 3 month election process ,,,

  29. DNC, RNC, they are 2 sides of the same pathetic corrupt coin. The fact is, it has never been 1 person 1 vote. The day of reckoning is coming, imo. The democrat emotional appeals fall on deaf ears as far as I am concerned. It is just VERY, VERY poor acting.

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  31. Dnc is stopgap to keep responsible bribe free candidates from upsetting current epstein Paedophilia incumbents, assange war crimes political criminals from unbribed justice. In Bernie's words: status quo is socialism for the elite

  32. Donna showed her racism . What she wanted to say was , I don't want either candidate , they're both white .

  33. DNC and RNC can all go to hell!!! Nothing but corruption on both sides!! After all of this, I'm registering as independent

  34. Can you believe you have some Republicans calling for her to get arrested?? Idiots! It's not against the law to tell someone to go to hell 😂

  35. GOP don't have any right to comment on a damn thing when their own party commits varying acts of voter suppression at every turn…

  36. Oooh, sore.   Why can't you get that aggressive for the polices Americans want instead of about superdelegates

  37. That’s the problem that I saw with Bernie last summer, that is, a number of Republicans jumping over to vote Democrat and move things toward Biden, an easily defeated target.

  38. Donna….you hit it out of the park…then you broke your ankle rounding first base. 😔
    Try again homegirl..

  39. So let's get rid of civility now?  On our side?  Over what?  Superdelegates?  Civility was bigtime important when it came to criticizing Republicans for their racism and their global warming denialism which bitterly betrays and seeks to annihilate the youth.


  41. We need two federal holidays for voting. One for primaries and one for the general election. Amen to getting rid of delegates all together! Popular vote would be the best way to do this.

  42. Everything happens for a reason. They're not going to fix something that is broken in their favor. That's why they don't fix it. It minimizes the people voice..

  43. Donna that's the best thing I've heard in the last 3 years kudos for you Donna brazile I wish someone would tell these people this everyday thank you again

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