Don’t Ever Marry Any Woman With THESE 10 Habits

Never marry any woman with these 10 habits Marriage is one of the most important decisions
you’ll ever make. It requires a huge commitment, which means
you do not want to get stuck in a marriage that will end up making you unhappy and frustrated
for the rest of your life. The best marriages are made up of two people,
each giving their best to sustain the union. Hence, the need to be with the right person,
who will not only give his/her best to make your marriage work but will also not frustrate
you. Although the decision of knowing who is best
for you and who isn’t is not an easy one because you don’t know what he/she might turn out
in the future, one shouldn’t ignore certain traits or habits in a person- a potential
future partner. As a man, picking the wrong woman can lead
to a lifetime of depression and loneliness. Please note that this post isn’t meant to
encourage you to dismiss every woman that comes your way because she’s got one weakness
or the other but to help you stay guarded and not choose amiss in the face of evidence. So while you are receptive to all kinds of
women, always stay guarded so that you don’t end up marrying a woman who will corrupt your
idea of love and make you miserable. In this video, we’ll be sharing with you
some tips to help you choose the right woman and not marry any woman with these 10 habits. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. 1. A woman who is bitter about everything This woman brings nothing but negative vibes
with her. She is always angry about something and everything. She seems to be angry at the male folks pretty
much every time, probably because she’s been hurt many times. So, she sees men as useless and not worthy
of her love. This type of woman does not pass up on opportunities
to hurl insults and resentments on any man as a result of her unresolved anger. If you find yourself dating this type of woman,
you might want to call it quits. 2. A woman who is selfish A woman who only ever thinks of herself alone
is a selfish kind of woman that you should not consider marrying. She never considers your happiness neither
does she care about how you feel unless she’ll be affected. She’s determined to always come first in whatever
decision she makes. A woman with this type of habit will never
put you, the relationship nor marriage first. If you are with a woman who is selfish, you
should probably reconsider. 3. A woman who is bossy When a man first meets a woman who is bossy,
he thinks she is cute and knows what she wants, and he is impressed until he gets to know
what exactly it means to be with a bossy lady, what it means to have all her unreasonable
finger-snapping demands met. A woman who is bossy wants the world to revolve
around her, and she doesn’t think twice before hurting people with her harsh words
to drive home their point. She’ll end up ruining your marriage because
she wouldn’t want to feel less of a boss, not even marriage would stop her. 4. A woman who is materialistic A woman who is materialistic only cares about
her material possessions and wants you to lavish your money buying her gifts. She isn’t particularly interested in your
love unless it comes in the form of expensive items. She’ll make you go broke trying to buy her
expensive wears and gadgets to please her. This kind of woman always demands money for
the slightest of her needs and would never contribute to the relationship financially. She will always pick material possessions
over marriage or family. Be careful not to fall prey of a woman who
is materialistic. 5. A woman who compares you to others always Being with a woman who never misses an opportunity
to compare you to someone else will cause you to doubt your abilities and make you feel
less of a man. She will always leave you questioning your
value, your significance and worth. She cannot go a day without comparing you
with her ex and how he would handle a situation differently from you. A woman with this kind of habit will never
make you feel good enough to do things your own way. 6. A woman who wants to party every weekend At some point, we all have to grow up and
do away with the every weekend party lifestyle. However, a woman who can’t help but attend
every party, every weekend is probably not matured enough yet to be considered for marriage. 7. A woman who gossips a lot Does she have a hard time minding her own
business? Would she rather talk about what someone else
is doing or how he/she is living his/her life? Does she take pleasure in being dramatic about
the things that do not concern her? If this is the kind of woman that you are
with, then you should probably reconsider walking down the aisle with her. A man needs a woman that he can build a home
with, and it takes focus and commitment to do so. A woman who spends so much of her time prying
into other people’s personal affairs might not be the best to build a home/marriage. 8. A woman who is disrespectful A woman who disrespects and is always rude
to other people, even if it is to people she considers beneath her is not a woman any man
should marry. Treating other people with respect is one
trait every man should look out for in a woman. If she is polite and respectful to everyone
including people that she considers beneath her, she’ll be respectful to you as well. 9. A woman who is a control freak A woman who is a control freak will always
want to have things done her way. She feels superior and wants to take all the
decisions in the relationship. She always has her opinion about everything,
including how and on what you should spend your money, what food you should eat and how
you eat it, as well as what clothes you should wear. A woman with this habit leaves you wondering
if you even exist in the relationship. 10. A woman who is scared of commitment Commitment is key when it comes to making
a relationship or marriage work. So, you have to make sure that your woman
is focused and ready to make things work for as long as it requires. In conclusion, most of these habits can be
corrected, but it takes a lot of time, introspection and deliberate effort to outgrow. Until a woman who possesses any of these habits
is ready to accept it, make a conscious decision to change and deliberately make efforts to
change, you may think twice about marrying her. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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  1. If you're a single man please don't marry a woman with kids, you'll always come second in priorities, it's not her fault, thank me later.

  2. I met toooooo many women that have 3 musketeers of these habits…..

    Sadly, some hide them well, but like my parents said

    People tell on themselves all the time, just be patient and the truth will reveal itself…

  3. Well that like 99.99% of women right there and what man wants to marry anyways it only beneficial for women not men. That mean we have to work to much to give her things she does not really need because she wants to keep up with the Jones.

  4. #12. (but really, it should be #1). Don't touch any women who's been on the cock carousel
    Studies show the more partners she'd had the higher rate of divorce she's likely to be involved in. Women initiate over 60% of divorces!

    #13. Look at her mother, if she's a nag, always harping on at the husband, RUN because the daughter will imitate her

    #14. Look at her Father. If he's always treating her like a little princess, then the daughter will expect to be treated like a princess, again, RUN

  5. How about don't ever marry, period. Or don't marry until she cannot wipe you out the minute she gets bored or decides to cheat or monkey-branch. How bout until due process is restored for men or until they begin prosecuting false allegations, best not to get married. Or, go ahead, lol, find out the hard way, just don't off yourself when it happens to u. Fight thru it and then you'll be like me – MGTOW and for the 1st time in my life – truly happy

  6. Any man that chooses to marry a woman in today's Western society is a total idiot period…you didn't learn from your father's generation? Ive seen way too many men suffer to ever fall into that trap, real marriage is a relic of the past. Marriage in Western society doesn't benefit men in any way, it is actually a detriment.

  7. Again, this guy is right. I will say though, fellas, he's only giving you easy signs to spot. The real truth is, a woman (females typically do THIS) will show subtle signs of these, or won't have these traits to an extreme level. And you'll think that part of being supportive and loving someone unconditionally is accepting these traits (that seem manageable at first)…TRUST ME…DO NOT ACCEPT THEM. Especially the women who do this slowly/subtly. They are the worst because it usually takes you years until you're already married to them to finally say ENOUGH. (Like I'm doing.) Watch for THAT shit. Also, any woman talking that "unconditional love" bullshit…RUN. (That Ex's out most of them). Because they do not love YOU unconditionally unless they are settling for you. DO NOT settle for them. Women with options NEVER love unconditionally. That shit has plenty conditions. They only love their children unconditionally. And rightfully so. But don't believe that bullshit when they talk "unconditional love". They're lying. And a lying female is not worth your time. Some guys will say all of them are liars. (Lying dudes think this way.) They're not all like this, but most of them have a lot of these traits so you gotta follow this list to a tee and look for the subtle ways in which a female can show any one of them. The subtle ones are the real "life killers."

  8. What a stupid and unfair video. So what if a woman is bossy? Or she loves money? Aren't guys like this also? But of course the double standard applies only to women. Pathetic!

  9. Is this a real or a joke? Because if it's meant to be realistic, then very few women in today's society will not have at least one or two of these undesirable traits…😨

  10. My ex has all of these traits, except for the commitment. She still doesn't understand why I had enough and why I wouldn't marry her. Why do women feel so entitled now?

  11. I walked away from a 3,4,5,6,7,8 (tries using it in humor)9 probably a bit of ten in one individual. Hope she gets better and changes for herself.

  12. If she can't budget or pay her own bill and lives on the financial brink walk away.

    If she gets upset on how you spend your hard earned money walk away. Why would you want to live on an allowance.

  13. Don't marry any of them , it's way too risky . I'm divorced almost 11 years was married for about 20 . I'm lucky I'm still alive.
    One of my younger brothers is going through a divorce now his wife turned out to be a real Nut Job she attacked him with a hammer and tried to kick him out of his own house, he has a restraining order against her now. She never contributed a penny towards buying the house but yet she feels entitled enough to say it's my house now get out.

  14. Modern women should NOT be complaining about equality or poor treatment after watching this video..You quickly see the many ways women have and still do abuse men and this has been going on for centuries….women have the tools to charm and use men for their own selfish purposes and that is why men are waking up and leaving women and rightfully so….
    Some women are bitter now because thanks to videos like this men are getting an education and learning their "rights"…thats the source of the negative female comments- theyre not happy that we're calling their shit out now…

  15. This is what a man really deserves and wants: Here's what kind of woman you marry, one that
    1. Does as she's told
    2. Tolerates you cheating because youre a man and have certain needs
    3. Never cheats because she could get pregnant with another guy's kid
    4. Shuts up when you're in a foul mood
    5. Cleans and cooks, raises the kids, treats you like a king
    6. She understands that she will be dumped for a young lady in her 20s when she hits 40 and toughens up
    7. Let's you earn ALL the money and stays home
    8. The biggest reason of all:
    she is a beautiful sexy young woman and not dried
    I'm a young guy in college who was raised in a traditional family with my mom being subservient to my dad, so don't get too angry I grew up believing this is what I should expect from a woman

  16. You just described every woman. Avoid marriage like the plague. There is no need for it and no woman brings anything to the relationship. Women have no value.

  17. My girlfriend friend lives in two houses that are next door to each other, after I help her get her property rehabbed, we can live next door to each other, and it will be fine.

  18. I'm not married , no children and have a good life. The only women who were interested in me were nothing but a train wreck. The most recent one displayed her true self immediately , saved me a lot money and headaches.

  19. I dare say you have never seen women, who respect & fear the rich people around her hubby circle. & bash on the poor ones. Further Research needed success secrets. What of PRETENTIOUS ladies????

  20. The MATERIALIST part can be confusing. Every woman is materialistic, and they should be like that from obvious reasons. Raising children costs money. Period. That was always like that, even before feminism. The guy made the money, the wife spent (or saved) the money, its the same in the western world, and in Asia and Africa, everywhere.
    Being a selfish woman is a very different thing from being materialistic.

  21. I know a woman with none of these 10 habits. Yes I can assure you that at least one exists. And yet, I don't think I'll ever marry her anyway.

  22. #11 A woman who have 2 or 3 childs from different fathers #12 A woman in her 30's who says she had her fun in her 20's and now she is ready to settle down #13 A woman who is addicted to her smartphone #14 A feminist #15 A woman who says she is tired of playing Games #15 A woman who asks where are all the good man gone

  23. Woke men need to have their own place to live. Having your own apartment or house is paramount. You can share a woman's place whenever. However, when things go south, or the court puts you out…you're not homeless.
    Bossy, manipulating and controlling. I'm so glad I've grown-up. I'll walk away in a heartbeat. Been free a long time now. Loving my peace!

  24. So basically a smart, fun, and independent woman, huh??! This vid is garbage, feeding only the men with these exact traits, ironically. Thanks for deterring them cause no woman should be with a man like these that watch these vids, and other woman hating vids… But you all don't mind using her for sex tho (SMH) garbage

  25. That pretty much constitutes all women, so good luck finding a wife ! Besides , once you signed the slave contract ( aka marriage certificate) , everything changes anyway!

  26. I don't do any of this a d still not married. I work go to school cook cleaning love children make my own choths and more .my father and grandfather always saying when are you getting married I done everything my father told me growing up to always be a lady .but I see the only women that are getting married are users, cheater,lying unclean women who don't care for people or children. I grew up with my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents being married I'm 29 and not married .well I'll still remain a lady and let God do his work

  27. The problem is that there is not only this kind of disrespectful woman, there are those who even treat others well, but when she gets mad at you, she does everything to provoke anger and jealousy in you, you have to be careful about this type too, my ex was like that, I hope never see that bitch again she destroyed me emotionally!!

  28. Well, if men will strictly follow this criteria, there is no one left because they all have some kind of issues 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  29. Dude , you are 101% right, But,- every woman in a world is like that. Do you trying extinct whole human kind? ☠️

  30. And when you find such a woman, be sure to pick up some lottery tickets on your way home, because you are the luckiest SOB on earth.

  31. women are all the same. whats different is the culture and society they grow up with. western woman are a no go. try asia, latin, african… enything goes.. but weesteners like us and west europe are a no go.

  32. All those traits come out eventually. They can hide it for a few good years if they know they can hook a good guy. Marriage is NEVER worth the risk.

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