DON’T PEEK AT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! | Dad’s 60th Birthday Party

– You’re the nicest mom, ever! (Ellie laughing) – [Jared] See? That was
painless, you did so good, Penny girl, I’m so proud of you! – [Ellie] Jared is bullet journaling! – What? – Don’t peek, I don’t
want you to see this! (Laughing) – Good morning, guys! Today is going to be exciting, we have boxes on boxes
on boxes, and packages on packages, and we have
presents under the tree, we have so much stuff around
the house and it is time to ship those off to our family
and friends and to give to those who are in need. Ellie and I have been planning
this for quite some time now, as far as giving, these
things that are under our giving tree, and these
presents of family and friends for a while now. We also have our Reddit Secret
Santa gift that we have to ship out today, too. So today is all about getting
ready for Christmas, and getting into the Christmas
spirit even more than we already are. Despite our Christmas
tree not being decorated. I’m not sure if Ellie
talked about that or not, but one thing she said was
like, I really just like it with the lights on, so, that is up
in the air if we will decorate it or just keep it with the lights on. It is really pretty with just
the lights on, not gonna lie. But we’ll see, I don’t know.
It might be decorated, it may not be, we’ll find out in
the future, and so will you. Stay tuned for the next
episode of Ellie and Jared, where we decide if we’re gonna decorate. Nah, I’m not gonna do that. Penny, come here, get in your
place, get in your place. Good girl! I’ve got some good news
and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is that Penny
the other day, she got her toenail snagged… snugged…
snatched… tugged, well she got her toenail
caught on something, and it fractured part of her toenail.
Not her toe, her toenail. So we had to take her to
the vet and they got it all taken care of and they
bandaged it up really nicely. And the good news is, it
is time to take it off. Are you ready for that?
You’re such a good girl, yes you are, Penny! So I’m gonna have to find a
way to get this bandage off. Penny’s actually been
really, really good with it. When she first got the bandage
on, she was trying to nip at it and everything like that,
but she over time has just got used to it and didn’t bite at it. We’re gonna have to keep on
a really, really close eye on her when we take the bandage
off, so she’s not licking it and that sort of thing. But yeah, she’s been a really
good girl with it, so I think it’ll be pretty easy. ‘Kay, Penny, come on, let’s
go, get in your place! – [Spongebob Narrator] Later. – Well that was painless! Look, and we got this cute
little bootie from it. I always think those little
booties on dogs is the cutest thing ever. See? That was painless, you
did so good Penny girl, I’m so proud of you! – [Ellie] Guys! Jared
is bullet journaling! – What? Is that what I’m doing? – [Ellie] You are! That’s
called bullet journaling! – What? Tell me what the difference is. – [Ellie] He came up to me
and he’s like Ellie, I need a calendar for dates, he
needs to like look at dates. He’s like other than my
phone, I need to like have it written down. – [Jared] I like to write them
out, you know what I mean? – And I said, I have my planner
right there, which only has like one more month of the year, and then I’m gonna
start bullet journaling. Woo, ‘scuse you! – Cover your mouth! – [Ellie] And then I came
in here and Jared’s like, writing everything down and
had bullet points, notes, and I’m like, hey,
you’re bullet journaling. – Yes, I am. – [Ellie] We’re a bullet
journaling family, now, woohoo! – I take after you, in the
best way possible. Whoa. – [Ellie] Excuse me! – What do you say, young man? – Excuse me. – [Ellie] Okay. It’s not nice
to burp in people’s faces. – There you go. No, especially when it’s smelly. (Ellie laughing) Back to my bullet journaling,
please, can I have some privacy while I bullet journal,
journal all the bullets? – [Ellie] ‘Kay, close
your eyes, I’m coming in. Ooh, it’s cold! I took the kids with me and
we were gone for a few hours this morning going
Christmas shopping for Dad. And he is going to love
it, he is going to love it! And I think you guys will,
too but you’ll have to wait till Christmas because I
can’t show you, cause then Jared will see it, cause
he edits, you know? So anyway, really fun. Close your eyes! – [Jared] I’m sitting over
here to avoid any suspicious activity! My back is to you! – Why do you call it duct tape? – Because it is duct tape! – Who taught you that? – I don’t know. (Ellie laughs) – ‘Kay, come over here. – ‘Kay, can I do, can I do it still? Can I help you with this part still? – Yes. Let me get it nice and ready. – I wanna do the duct tape. – ‘Kay, we’re not using duct
tape, but you can help me with this tape. Go right
here in the middle. ‘Kay, you did a good
job. Now one on this end. Perfect. Now one right here. – ‘Kay. Right here? – Yeah, thank you. That’s perfect. See now it all stays. – You’re the best, you’re
the nicest mom ever. – Did you say that cause I
just turned the camera on? – Uh huh. (Ellie laughs) – Jackson literally just hugged
me and was like, “you’re the nicest mom”, and I was like,
how come I didn’t catch that? And then the moment I turned
it on, he said it, just because I said that. You are cute, that’s funny. – You smell stinky. – I smell stinky? – Yeah. – No I don’t! – Yes, you do. – You do. – Nuh, uh, you do! – ‘Kay, hold the tape, right here. – Okay. Right here? – No, right here. Right there. You know, I admit when I’m
stinky, but I know I’m not right now, that’s why I’m a little offended. This looks great. I mean some
of the box you see, but it’s such a big box that… ‘Kay, so we’re gonna make
sure we wrap it really good. – ‘Kay. – Cause Daddy likes to peek. – Yeah. – And that’s naughty. – [Jared] Are you guys talking about me? – [Jackson] No! Don’t peek,
I don’t want you to see this! – [Jared] What is it? – Nothing! (Jared laughs) Don’t look at it! – [Jared] Okay, you’re a good
boy, you know that, Jackson? – Yeah. – [Jared] You’re a good helper for mommy. That’s a big box, Ellie! – [Ellie] Don’t be
deceived of what’s in it. – Okay, I won’t because the
box that you’re getting is not nearly that size. – [Ellie] Hey, I like little
tiny boxes with diamonds in ’em – It’s a little bigger than that! – It’s diamonds! – [Ellie] That’s what
we got you, is diamonds! – You know what you are?
A diamond in the rough! Like Aladdin. – I’m not a diamond. You’re a diamond. – Shinin’ bright like a diamond! Okay, scratch everything
that I said earlier, well not everything, just this
one piece of information. Ellie has made it clear that
she wants to decorate the tree. We had one clip where you said,
“No I’m just going to leave the lights up”, and I said
maybe she doesn’t want to decorate, and now you say
you do want to decorate. – Well here’s the thing, I
don’t want to. Well I want to, my heart wants to. My
mind and energy says no. – [Jared] Well, maybe… – And (mumbles). The kids have
loved having our little tree in our room. – [Jared] Yeah. – Cause they helped decorate
that, and they loved it. But, then I’m gonna be sad
if I don’t decorate the tree, I have to decorate the tree. – Right. What if you sat on
the couch, and you told me where you wanted things to
go, and I decorated it under your direction? That way you
have your energy and your mind and I’m the brute force
that makes it happen. – Did you read comments or something? – [Jared] No! I did not,
this was out of the kindness of my heart. – That’s a good idea. – You like that idea? Only
if I get a kiss out of it. – That’s new, why haven’t
I fallen asleep (mumbles) – [Jared] You know, there’s a
few things I wish I could do as well as you can, and
one of them is wrapping Christmas presents. – You know, I wanna be as good
at wrapping presents as my brother Beau. – [Jared] I was just gonna say Beau, too! – He’s the best! – [Jared] He’s so stinkin’ good at it. – My mom is really good. I am not good. I’m good at making it look
like crap, but covering it. I’m good at covering up stuff. – [Jared] You’re good
at covering up the crap? – Yeah, but I’m not good at,
I’m better than I used to be. – My mom is like, do you need
that wrapped? Here it is, with a bow on top, and a
cherry and garland and… Silver lining. What else do
you put on top of things to make it look pretty? We are just wrapping gifts, and
time has gotten away from us the time is much further than we thought. So we’re not gonna to be able
to send all of these out today but, we still have time before Christmas. So, it is okay, it is
fine, change of plans. We have some other things that
we need to celebrate today, and we are getting to that,
as soon as we’re done wrapping these gifts. – Yes, we, this is actually Bryan’s gift. – [Jared] Aw, Bryan and Missy! I really hope they like it. – I tried to wrap Cullen and
Katie’s and I was getting impatient, and so I need to
add another box for that. You wanna know what we’re celebrating? – [Jared] Well, I think so.
I already know, these guys are a little in the dark. – We’re celebrating my sweet
baby boy, guys, I can’t even believe it. But tonight we’re not
celebrating my boy, tonight we’re celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday. – [Jared] Are you a little
scatterbrained right now? – No I wasn’t just saying like,
I have been thinking about him nonstop. – At this point, I don’t know
if you’re talking about your dad or the baby. – I’m talking about Beau,
okay? Let me wrap my presents! Well I got my dad a gift, and
then I got him another gift because I thought this would
be cool to get, and then Calvin ruined this gift. My
bedroom smells like pooper-ie. And my bathroom is covered in pooper-ie. One of them got lost and then
this one, he sprayed about 15 times as if it was perfume
and he ripped the box. So Dad, – [Jared] It doesn’t really
smell that bad, though. – [Ellie] It smells amazing,
but it doesn’t belong in my carpet. So that’s for
Dad, cause I think one time he’s like, I’ve never tried that. I’m like, you’ve never tried
pooper-ie? You have to get it. I would be a sponsor for
pooper-ie if they wanted me to be. Hi Bonnie and Joel! Joelie is back there
somewhere, there you are. – I’m in the dark. – Smile, so I can see your teeth! We’re on our way for
Dad’s 60th birthday party! – Happy birthday, old man,
hope you have a great one! – [Ellie] He doesn’t
know that we’re coming. – It’s a surprise, kinda! – Yeah, it’s just Mom said
“adults only”, we’re gonna get food, we’re gonna hang
out with Dad, tell him how much we love him.
Give him lots of gifts cause that’s his favorite
thing in the world is to get gifts. – [Jared] Did you get Depends? For Dad? – [Ellie] You’re such a jerk. – We have to stop by Walmart
real quick, I hope you guys are okay with that. – Jared did wanna get Dad
a cane, like as a gag gift, but he didn’t. – It’s like those old, like,
over the hill canes that have like a honker on it, a
reflector, a rear-view mirror and those type of things, you know? It’s a gag gift. It’s a gag! Hi. – [Ellie] Dad’s on the couch,
on Instagram, probably. Should I walk in? Happy birthday! Happy 60th! – [Jared] Happy Birthday to you! – [Ellie] Were you checking
Instagram seeing if we posted a picture of you? – I tried getting my post
up as early in the day as I could. – Well, I’ve been looking. – [Ellie] I wanna make one
of these with the kids. – Hello, my name is Mister
Snowman, no I don’t what a snowman is (mumbles) – [Ellie] Why do you have
the camera down there? – I just turned it off. – This is for Chad. – [Ellie] We were just talkin’ about you. So who counted the
candles? Did Dad or Mom? – [Bonnie] Mom said she walked in on him putting the candles together. – [Jared] Like little teepees? – [Ellie] Well he did it so
the kids would think it’s cute, and then the kids didn’t come
and then Dad was sad about it. – [Jared] Well, it’s also
efficient, so you only have to do one light on the teepees. – [Ellie] That’s cute! – [Jennifer] Anybody
wanna help him light ’em? – [Ellie] Eh, we’ll watch. – [Julie] He looks like
he’s doing pretty good. – [Jennifer] My Dad would be having a fit. – [Joel] He’s turning 60, not 80. (Everyone chatting) – [Jared] Firepower! (Laughing) ♪Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!♪ ♪Happy Birthday dear Dad,
Happy Birthday to you♪ – [Jared] And then the house burned down. – [Ellie] Come on! I’m embarrassed! (cheering) – Well that was a little intense. – Well there’s no little kids
to like put their finger or blow it out with him. – Dad, what does the cake smell like? – [Ellie] Every year. For
18 years. I’ve got that. – We are having a… (Cheerful music) – Ready? One, two three! – Happy Birthday! – Happy Birthday, Dad! If you
guys don’t know, I’m actually holding my phone and taking
pictures at the same time. I’m pretty amazing, ha-ha! We’re back home and we’re
going to call it a night, the tree is still not decorated.
Still deciding on that, we’ll let you know. We had
so much fun at Ellie parent’s house. We laughed and we all
laughed so hard and it just felt so good to belly laugh
and just have a good time with family. So I hope you guys
enjoyed your time with your family, with friends, with
neighbors, your community, this entire Christmas and holiday season. Thank you guys so much for
watching and we will see you tomorrow, bye.

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