Double Ramen + Pacman VR = Simon’s Birthday Adventure!

– Hello everybody, welcome
to my birthday vlog, today’s my birthday, I turn 37. You know what I got for my birthday? An ingrown hair. No, for real, what I got from Martina, I got this cool little scratcher map, so we can scratch off all the
countries that we went to, ’cause we’ve been to a lot of
countries, this is amazing. My ducky is very sweet, and you know what else she set up for me? So, when I come downstairs in the morning, I had… You see that? She put all this tinsel? Is it called tinsel? What is this called? Arts and crafts girl, what’s this called? My ducky doesn’t want
me to vlog this anymore. Martina hates when these, you ready? Wee! Happy birthday to me! Oh (sheep bleating) I got tangled. Oh my sweet girl, I’m gonna cry, she made me a little breakfast bento look, you have the little
toothpicks on there. Ducky, this is amazing! It’s such a small toothpick! Oh my God, Ducky come
here, beautiful girl. We are now on our way to–
– Shinjuku-eki. – And then where are we going from there? – Well I’m not gonna tell you, when you’re trying to put me on camera but I’m not gonna do it to you. – It’s a surprise. – But I did just get an alert
saying that there is a delay, because there’s some kind of
an accident between Harajuku, and Shinjuku, and Shibuya-eki, so hopefully we’ll make it to Shinjuku. – Oh. – We have to get there by 3:30. – Is it ram, oh my gosh, look at that, I should not have zoomed in.
– Oh wow. – Tell me where we’re going, answer me! – No. – One of the big things for our birthdays that we always do– (Martina speaking in a foreign language) Is we always have to try
to surprise each other on our birthdays. It happened for, Martina
mentioned it once, at the beginning of our relationship, and we’ve been doing it ever since. – When will it stop? – When will it stop? So much work.
– Please, I’m tired of it, no more. Blue Bottle Coffee’s here, I was so excited when it finally came, and then I realized it was a nightmare because Shinjuku Station always sucks, and it’s always filled with
97 people with no tables. – True. – There’s other good coffee shops, which you’re gonna find
out in this video later on, but Simon doesn’t know (vocalizing). – Ah, so we’re going
to a nice coffee shop! – [Martina] Not right
now, but it’s a hint. – Oh! – [Martina] Eat that hint. – I just had to turn on the
camera, Martina, tell me more. – No. – [Simon] Spill your guts. – No. So there are a bunch of shops
that, hey wait a second! – Martina’s telling me more! – Did you have that on the whole time? Seriously?
– I did. You just turn on the camera
and she confesses all. Tell me your deepest darkest secrets. – [Martina] No. – [Simon] What else
are you hiding from me? – Uh BTS’–
– Oh my God, are you (duck quacks) crazy? This is my birthday,
now it’s my death day! – No, no, stop. (light bouncy music) – We have finally arrived at
the location, we are at… I’m not sure yet. What? – The last order’s, shoot. – At three?
– It wasn’t on the website, it said that it closes at 3:30, but I thought the last order would be 3:30 ’cause they usually close at four. – Gotcha. – But they close at three.
– Ah it’s alright. – Shoot, darn, and dang it. – Well there’s lots of other cool stuff we saw on the way. – [Martina] So, 11:30 to 2:30,
the last order’s at three. – [Simon] Well we learned
something new about restaurants. – Well we didn’t– – [Simon] If you ever see a
sign about when it closes– – Give it half an hour. – [Simon] Yeah give it half an hour. – We did a video on food, remember? We talked about looking
at orders and stuff, we’ve talked about how many times we’ve been bamboozled by it but
it’s never caught on camera. Oh, I have a second back up. – Oh!
– But she didn’t, she searches wildly on her map
that she’s pinned from before knowing that near everything is closed, now that it nears 3:30. (light bouncy music) Okay, we’re in official
ramen hunting mode now. – Yep. – This is my favorite kinda mode, we don’t often coincide
on ramen hunting days, like there’s some days where Simon’s like, “I just really wanna smash
a greasy bowl of ramen,” and I’m like “Yeah I don’t
feel like that today.” And then we’re like “Dang it,” and then there’s another
time when I’m like, “Let’s go for some greasy-ass ramen,” and Simon’s like, “I just worked
out and I don’t want that.” And I’m like… But today, a miracle has happened. – We both have agreed.
– It’s a birthday miracle, we’re both like “Let’s go
smash a bowl of ramen.” And we’re both like “Yes!” I’m sorry. This is really (speaks in
foreign language) honestly. It’s temporarily closed,
it’s a total fluke. It’s temporarily closed. – [Simon] Yeah, all right. What else you got on this list here? – See, this is when
people don’t understand when we say ramen hunt. – We’ve been walking for hours. (Martina vocalizing) I think we might finally have
found a place that’s open. We’re going for Hakata style ramen– – And Hakata style ramen
is so good, it’s so creamy. – Okay, let’s go girl, let’s go. (light upbeat music) Yeah boy! Yes everybody, we are wearing matching
shirts on my birthday. Cheers love.
– Cheers. And I look like a gigantic woman, and you look like a tiny boy. – Oh no!
– Oh no! (Simon speaks in foreign language) Did you say (speaks in foreign language) as though you live in Busan? – Stop it, you’re so huge. – Do you have your tiny
half drink halfling? Yours is poured in but a thimble. – Ready? Cheers. – Ding! I don’t know how I’m
going to get through this. – Gorgeous egg. We are starving but we
are dedicated, alright? – That’s enough. – That’s enough.
– We need to eat. We need to eat.
– It’s time for me to eat. – [Narrator] Oh, Hakata style ramen, you are a dirty, tonkatsu
ramen with a thick oily top, unforgiving with your lush broth clinging to those thin noodles. Ooh, light, bouncy, but not too overpowering for them. I can’t wait to slurp these up, heck yes, I could eat these everyday. (record scratches)
– Why you keep meowing? Why do you keep meowing? Explain yourself to me tiny sir, huh? I’m trying to do a voice over, hm? Mommy’s trying to do a sexy
food porn voice over, and you, where are you going? Do you wanna go up here? Come on, let’s get you up
here, wanna smell the window? There you go, hi-yah, for you. I know you like that, I do indeed. – [Narrator] And these
tiny Fukuoka style Gyoza, they are sinful, you could eat
10 of these just by yourself. Oh danger, we are in danger. Oh my God, this egg, it’s been smoked, it literally tastes smokey, and delicious soft yoke
at the same time, ooh. – I would say that was
quite the scrumptious meal, wouldn’t you say so, darling? – I would indeed, I liked
smashing that bowl of ramen, and those 10 gyozas,
along with the lemon sour. – Burning secret question
is, where are we going next? – Okay, now we’re going on an adventure. – So we have left our
little shop now, wait, what? We’ve left our… I’m going to try this again. So we just left our ramen shop, and now we’re on our way
for coffee, it’s 4:30 p.m, I know we shouldn’t
drink coffee this late, but if we don’t, we’re gonna die. That’s it, so we gotta have
some coffee, or we’re gonna die. (upbeat quirky music) So we are at the–
– 4/4 Seasons Coffee. – 4/4 Seasons Coffee,
this is the first time I’ve ever had to wait in line for coffee. What? Waiting in line? For coffee? This better be good.
– I have a theory. – [Simon] Let’s hear it. – Okay, some shops are very meticulous with their hand dripping. That’s what they wanna do. And there might only one
barista, or two baristas, and so what you’re waiting
for is really good coffee, in a neighborhood that is
surrounded by a lot of chains, because we are in the Shinjuku area, it’s like a lot of chains, and so it’s like you gotta wait in line for someone to drip each person a coffee, and every coffee takes
what, three to five minutes? – Alright, let’s see what
this coffee is all about. Because I need it, all
about, inside of my stomach. (people chattering) – Almost everyone has the pudding. – [Simon] Yeah, I hope
they’re not sold out. – Okay so I wasn’t even
gonna go for pudding, I should have known, the first thing on the list said pudding, of course should get it. I have to try the pudding, that’s like my, I have to put it up
against my own, you know? – [Simon] You’ll be putting
it up against your own. (horn honks) Can’t light it. – [Martina] It’s a
representation of your age, 30– – [Simon] Okay you don’t
have to put that many candles in my pudding, hey.
– This is 30. – [Simon] Hey. – Come again. (Martina mumbles) It was so lovely, it’s
called 4/4 Seasons Coffee in Shinjuku, and they were so
crazy busy when we got here, as you saw, and I asked them
if it’s always like this, and she’s like they
just got really popular from their pudding, and
originally I wasn’t gonna get it, and I was like alright, I’ll
get the pudding, ya know? Oh my gosh, you guys,
it’s like an adult pudding so like you know the purin
video, if you guys don’t know, I’ll link to it for the end,
that I made, this is that, but it’s like super creamy,
and smooth, huge serving size. And the caramel on top is so
close to being a dark burnt. – [Simon] Yeah. – Like on the dark chocolate side. – [Simon] It’s such a mature flavor. – Very mature. Oh.
– Loved it. – And I put lots of
candles in Simon’s purin. (Simon laughs) – [Simon] Into my what? – Purin, purin, pudding? – [Simon] It’s called purin! – I can never remember!
– Purin! (relaxing music) (speaking in foreign language) – Alright, here’s the deal-yo. – I can’t squat so I’m gonna sit. – Okay. – I’m taking Simon to
this thing, a VR arena, they have like, you can
drive Mario Go Kart, and you’re like actually in the game, and like there’s a whole bunch
of things to choose from, no scary things, like
remember the VR horror? – No more horror stuff.
– No more scary things. – We’ll be doing Mario Kart. – Maybe we’ll take them out, who knows? And what I want you guys to do
in the comment section below is to cast your vote, who do you think is
gonna come up victorious? Is it gonna be loser Simon, or is Martina gonna take
pity on him on his birthday, and let him be winner Simon? – I don’t like the both of those options. – Why?
– Both I’m inferior, that I either lose, or you let me win. None of that, you are getting destroyed, pummeled, and bum smacked. – How dare you? – Those are your three options. – Excuse me, I have to
play with my wrist brace and finger thingies.
– Pity me! – Cast your votes, we’ll see you guys back
here in a couple hours, we probably cannot record. – I don’t think we have
any rights to this. So cool! So cool! Whoa! – Aren’t you excited?
– This is so fun! – I know! – [Simon] So those of you
might have remembered us doing these two right here, now they’ve expanded to many more. – [Martina] So there’s Pac-Man, which you have to pay extra for, I don’t know what this
is but I wanna play it, of course we’re gonna do this, I’m really tempted for us to
do one of these dumb things, look it’s like a bicycle with flying, this is all the stuff you wanna do. No to fishing, I’ll be okay, that one might be too intense for us, Dragon Quest costs more
money, so it won’t come on. White Water Rafting? Dragon? Look, dinosaurs, we can
drive away from dinosaurs, zombies, no way, the plank one we did, terrifying and so much fun,
this is the VR nightmare one, no more, again it was so scary, this will be too intense for
us, Mega Box we’ve done before, this is some kind of gun run. This one is–
– Godzilla! – Oh my God, okay, what do you wanna do? Here’s what I wanna do. This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, that, this, and that. – So all of them?
– We can’t do them all. – Okay so all of them.
– No, we can’t do them all. – Come on.
– What do you wanna do? – [Simon] Mario Kart! – [Martina] And? (upbeat techno music)
Mario Kart. – [Simon] So fun, that was too fun. – That was absolutely amazing. Oh my God I’m like pouring sweat. – That was absolutely amazing!
– Wasn’t that amazing? So fun
– We did the Mario VR and like–
– Yeah. – Okay so when you first put
on the goggles, you’re like, I don’t know what’s going on, and as soon as it starts it’s just wild, it’s like I felt terrified,
the piranha plants were huge. – My heart is racing, my
adrenaline is surging, this was absolutely wild. What’s your heart rate at, 130? I can’t even check mine. I also found that I couldn’t
help but shout in this one. – I screamed the whole time.
– I tried not to, but I couldn’t control myself whatsoever. – Because they put headphones on you so you really are there. Oh my God.
– Right. Okay, Pac-Man? – I think we gotta do Pac-Man. – Or do we need to do
something more like skiing? (upbeat techno music) (Simon shouting) (upbeat music) – [Martina] Sorry, sorry. (upbeat music) (people chattering) (light orchestral music) – [Woman] Congratulations! (upbeat techno music)
– You were serious! Guys that was amazing. – [Simon] Are we still recording? Thank you, thank you! – Thank you.
(speaking in foreign language) – Do you wanna get something to drink? – [Simon] Maybe, I think I
need, I am dripping with sweat. – [Martina] But first, this
needs to immediately come off. – Oh, it’s my birthday. What a cool memory, this was, third place, I don’t know why we were third place, probably because there
were two other people that came here today. – That was really, really fun, it was like entering all those TV shows. What’s the one that we–
– Like Tron, I felt like I was in Tron. It was great, I liked
it more than Mario Kart – It was so much fun, I did too! Mario Kart was overwhelming,
but it was fun, and I really enjoyed it, I
would do it again of course but Pac-Man one was like, I wanna bring all my friends here, but I don’t think you can do
it with more than two people. – Yeah. I think you’d just run into everyone. – ‘Cause we were like aggressively– – Were you dodging ghosts also, like when the ghosts came, I was like… It was wild, I was pouring with sweat. – And by was you mean are, I can feel it, I’m trying to like– Eww. (playful bouncy music) – [Simon] 10-minute break? Okay. – The last order is, shoot, it’s temporarily closed,
it’s a total fluke. – [Simon] 10-minute break? Martina. (playful bouncy music) – Oh ducky! – Oh yes! Oh my gosh ducky, what
is this, what’s inside? I wanna eat all of it. – [Martina] Are you gonna stand, can you try to attack him at least? (Martina humming) Simon uses unenthusiastic chopping. Are you feeling hyped to play
as a Dragon Quest character? – I am very ready, we’re gonna
have a backpack and swords. And I’m gonna go around and
beat the shit out of slimes. – [Martina] Now here’s the thing, you’re really bad at dodging, do you think you’re
gonna learn how to dodge, or are you just gonna smash– – No dodging, no blocking,
this is just violence, nothing but violence. (upbeat music) What do you think? – I mean I have a whole
new level of respect for every video game character ever, ’cause I’m like pouring
with sweat, nevermind, Simon is pouring with sweat, Simon, was this an excellent time or what? – Look, I had sweat
dripping down into my eyes, swinging a sword is so much work, I can’t believe it.
– And you had a shield. – I had a shield, I’m just exhausted. This is the workout of a
lifetime, this is so much fun, highly recommend it, 10/10,
do come here, this is great. – [Martina] Just less clothing. – Less clothing, come
here naked if you can, no, actually don’t.
– Yeah, don’t do that. – Well I had such a fun
time on my birthday. (Martina sneezes) (Martina mumbling) – You gotta hold the camera tight, girl. – [Martina] Sorry, please let’s go home, I can’t hold my own weight anymore. – Great job, okay, come on, I gotcha. See ya and thank you girl. Stop zooming in on my pimple. Okay so this video isn’t over yet, we got stopped by a really cool YouTuber. – Hi! – Your name is? – My name is Retsu Watanabe,
I’m YouTuber in Japan. – [Martina] What’s your
style of YouTube video? – Everything, it’s crazy. Crazy video, I make crazy videos. – [Martina] It’s his birthday. – It’s his birthday, it’s
my birthday today as well. – How did this happen?
– Same birthday. He stopped us because he
wanted to do a reaction video and he gave us 1,000
yen for each reaction. – Happy birthday!
– Happy birthday! – [Martina] Good luck on your videos! Happy birthday!
– Check this video! (relaxing music) (speaking in foreign language) – I’m so happy and full. I know we said that
this birthday was over, and it faded to black, and
then it like fades out again. – [Simon] Well we’re
gonna share this place for the rainbow ladder support team. – Yeah, so if you’re part of the rainbow ladder support
team, part of the perks is that we send out these
newsletters once a month, and we do locations that
we don’t vlog about, but that are like really, really good. So if you’re coming to Japan
it’s called like a pin, and all that kinda stuff. So I believe this one is
gonna be going there, right? – [Simon] Whoa this is
definitely going there. This is very cool.
– For those of you that already live in Japan, you probably know where we are,
for those of you that don’t. – [Simon] Someone else
is just vlogging also. – Yeah. – [Simon] Thank you everybody for watching my little birthday vlog. If you wanna see more Japanese VR stuff, we did a video about this a few years ago, so make sure you check that out, or if you want a few more laughs, make sure you check out the bloopers. Thank you again everybody, we’ll see you next week
with another video, bye bye.

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