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so before I start I would like to say
thanks to all of my subscribers and all the viewers out there who have not yet
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hit the like after you watch the video and feel free to leave the comments hey guys welcome to BeRideBack and
yes I’m back with the group Edmonton Edmonton Noypi Riders hey guys before we ride and roll well
I would like to do some shout out yeah shout out to all the members of Yamaha
XSR owners group Philippines especially to Sir Adrian shout out to you and shout out to Sir
Michael happy birthday and shout out to Ian, Lloyd Ian happy birthday to you Brod and
shout out to all the subscribers and viewers out there
thank you guys and let’s roll so guys totoy duque is leading the
group so guys the one up front is Totoy Duque and Airnold and in front of me is Lloyd and beside Lioyd is Bebeng we’re heading north to in Panciteria that’s our downtown Edmonton downtown oh over shoot boy! so we’re here guys at Panciteria John Lloyd is here

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