Down in the DM

I’m hanging out with my friend the other day and she told me some guy slid into her DMs the next day they went on a date after the date he takes her up to this rooftop to watch the sunset and they hook up my reaction to this was I’m doing this whole DM thing
COMPLETELY wrong and she was like yeah I think I moved little too fast because
like the day after the date I found out he had a girlfriend if you
hook up with somebody too fast after meeting them a lot of times they lose
interest But if you wait too long to hook up with
them they lose interest so you have to find That sweet spot right in the middle To kinda like, feel it out. I know y’all were thinking this is valentines day in every Valentine’s Day I jump on here and give
you some advice about love BUT I’M NOT doing that this year because You’re expecting it. Let’s be real So, some of you guys have actually figure
this out but I actually check my DMs One day though I’m going through my DM and this message pops up and I’m like Okay, cool. Let’s change some names we’re going to call the girl Molly That might be her real name Or I might be changing the first letter in her real name from ‘H’ to ‘M’ who knows.. Thing I liked about Molly out the gate was she didn’t waste no time she was like “Let’s hop on video skype now” hop on video Skype this girl sexy than a mug And we got like a lot of stuff in common
she plays video games love same movies All that So we become friends and we talked for
like another year And one day we were chatting and she’s like “I want to go to New York someday” I’m like “Well I’m going to New York with some friends in like two months” “Oh, for real though?” So I tell her “Alright, well, you know I’ll get a hotel room my friends all
have their own hotel room You can get your own hotel room or you can stay with me” “If you don’t mind I’ll just stay with you “Ok then. I’ll see you in New York This is the first time I get to meet her in person so I fly to New York I show up in JFK Airport looking so fly I gotta look fresh in case the feds are watching I call Molly no answer mildly concerned ’cause molly was supposed landed an hour before me In the back of my head I’m like yo Dawg you ’bout to get stood up Watch I check my facebook apparently
Molly forgot her charger So somebody let her borrow their phone She logged onto facebook and message me so she’s like Hey I’m by this terminal, by this door, come get me So I found her
and this girl looks way better in person Than she does on Instagram or Facebook. So we Uber over to the hotel My friends already in their rooms So we all meet up in one of my friends room upstairs And we start playing Uno as her playin’ Uno, I look up at Molly and she’s given me The ‘cuddle me’ eyes and I’m like Guurll, you need to relax So after a few games she gets up and moves next to me We start playing the next game then she Starts feeling me up on my LEGS, and I’m
like ‘girl what part of relax don’t you understand’ I look over this girl and now she’s looking at me like How nala was looking at Pumbaa in Lion King She think this is a game this girl think
THIS IS A GAME she don’t even k-now who she messing with right now looks
up at everybody and she’s like “All right guys. Well… uhmm.. Me and Adande we’re gonna go downstairs
to his room now. We’ll see you later” Like I said, I check
my DMs and I’ve been seeing the message a lot of y’all are like ‘Dande we want some
juicy stories things things are gonna start getting hot and heavy so if you don’t
want to hear about it now’s time to click away 5, 4, 3, 2, okay You were warned here we go Me and Molly
get out in the hallway she grabbed me and throws me against the wall we just start
going at it *intense make out sounds” We’re making out like we hate each other.
Months of sliding into each other’s dm’s and a year plus of skyping has led up to
this moment we’re legit rolling down the wall All the way down the hall We’re like reenacting every fighting
game in a make out session There’s a random chair in the hallway,
I pick it up and slam it and break it over her head People are picking up their doors like
“what’s going on out here?!” “Shut up puny human! Get back in to your room for your own safety!” Get to the elevator doors open. We don’t even stop.
We roll into the elevator *more intense make out sounds* Get to my floor. Roll out. *More intense make out sounds.* Get to my
door kick the door open *BOOM* Door goes flying off the hinges we
get up in that room Aaandd… I gotta stop the video here That’s the bad news.
The good news is You’re gonna get a second half of this video on Wednesday I’m sorry for me to get this video done
by Valentine’s day I gotta chop it in half. Can’t make it that long So see you guys soon Cultivating your audience for the win Are we getting good stuff Brian? Yes I am Did I just ruin this take? I’m getting you I’m getting you getting me though *Giggles* *99 Princess Problems Remix Audio*

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  1. Hl should have something better then this week before work today got little sleep last night for the first day of school now let’s go together soon as well

  2. Its very suspicious how a lot of these girls managed to get u to take them out on expensive trips all the time how

  3. Unpopular opinion but if someone loses interest if you don’t hook up with them, they’re not someone who deserves to hook up with me.

  4. Molly: Forgets charger
    Me: “Forgets charger” More like forgets to tell abusive bf I’m goin out with the “girls”

  5. ive kept seeing this in other channel pages and shit and my recomended and never took the time to view it because it seemed boreing but now i am apy i wached it

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