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[LAUGHTER] The place looks great. Thank you. Mm. I need to check the food. For you. So– how’s it going, partner? Lower your damn
voice, and stop grinning like a Cheshire cat. [SIGH] Hi, Carly. Come here, baby. Hey, Daddy. – Is everything OK, young lady?
– Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for asking. I just need some fresh air. Here less than a minute,
and my family members already fleeing from your presence. We’re not all
members of your family. Hey, baby. Hey, baby. Look here. [LAUGHTER] Promise? Whoa. Not getting cold feet, are you? Didn’t think I
would, but, uh– I’m sweating worse
than a crooked preacher on Judgment Day. [LAUGHTER] And you’re sure
they said tomorrow morning is the final deadline?
– Excuse me for a second, Dad. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
– Thank you. Yes, ma’am. Thank you, thank
you, thank you. I know what you’re going to say,
but it simply can’t be helped. We’re not going
to do this here. Not tonight. It can’t wait. Peter’s investors are
demanding that the deal be finalized immediately. Not now. Under no circumstances. It was a tough sell for
them in the first place. I need to follow through
while they’re still on board. Our father is about to
propose, for Christ’s sake. Oh, isn’t that cute? Love still blooms in
the American ghetto. All right, do your wheeling
and dealing another time, please. Evan, what do you
expect me to do? Wait for the offer to expire? It would be Thelma’s
last dinner. Literally. I swear, Steph, if you
make this into a spectacle– If there’s one thing Stephanie
Lancaster knows how to do, it’s be low key. Rondell? Can I– Can I speak
with you in private? Can it wait? I am trying to host
a dinner party. There you go, baby. I’m afraid not. [SIGH] You all right? Yeah. Uh, Luelene, uh– I know there’s been a lot of
talk about family tonight, but you won’t have to live with
my late wife’s ghost forever. To tell you the
truth, I’ve been a little worried about that. It’s hard to compete
with a dead woman. Oh, no, no, no. You ain’t gotta
compete with nobody. See, it’s like this– Luelene– I told you, I ain’t
signing nothing tonight! Rondell, there’s a lot
of money on the table. For God’s sake, just
sign the damn contract! – No.
– What money? What contract? [CLEARING THROAT] I’m so happy that we are
all here to commemorate this auspicious occasion. Stephanie, don’t. This is a night of
wonderful new beginnings. Thelma’s Place will be better
than ever now that Rondell and Senior have
agreed to make it the mainstay of the English
Rose development project. Is this true? Everybody will
be taken care of. I promise. Greg Peters has been
throwing us money for months, and we turned him
down because you made us believe that
all of us united could save this neighborhood. We supported you, Rondell. That’s right. Thelma would be ashamed. Oh, come on. You knew about this, and you
didn’t talk to me about it? What’s going to
happen to my daycare? I thought I meant more to you. Luelene, wait. Wait! Luelene! Rondell– Don’t do this! I need the contract signed. You make me sick! You couldn’t wait just
one more night, could you? Sign the contract,
and you will have many more nights here. That is enough, Stephanie. We will deal with the
contract situation tomorrow. None of you seem to
comprehend what’s at stake. Baby, please.
Please– No, no, no, no.
Don’t baby me. – I can explain!
– Don’t– don’t baby me. I know all too well
about Lancaster selling out this community.

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  1. This show has HORRIBLE acting, my god, I felt like I was watching a comedy on how to over dramatize acting scenes. It has an amazing cast but horrible acting. I don't even know what show this is, I was looking for Queen Sugar clips and came across this on the Own Network, definitely a disappointing show.

  2. Stephanie has goals which only pertain to herself and her law firm. It's like when speaks it should be the last word.

  3. I love this show. This show has better acting than HAHN. I stopped watching that months ago. I love the cast. I love Robin Given

  4. Soap operas are horrible acting. Always have been. Erica Cain was terrible, but was loved for years. That was a serious drama queen.

  5. There’s a time and a place for everything, but that was neither the time, nor the place. Stephanie broke a cardinal rule: don’t discuss business at the dinner table!

  6. The acting is bad and these plots are overused. "Oh, no! Big bad developer come to take away our land! Lawd Jesus, did I just make a deal with the devil?!" Let me guess… there's going to be an 11th hour decision when the big, sassy black woman with the braids (whose actress is trying way too hard to BE a stereotypical big sassy black woman) is going to refuse to sign and all will be right with the world.

  7. Its good to know that love still blossoms in the ghetto..LMFAO..ROBIN IS PLAYING THE HELL OUT OF THIS ROLE.#IMLOVINGHER

  8. Brely Evans is gorgeous to me. Beautiful skin, great hair, curvy body. Even being a BBW, she doesn't have a sloppy gut, she carries herself really well. I love her!!

  9. This was a funny scene on Ambitions television show LOL. I love Robin Givens, Brian White, Erica Page and Essence Atkins.

  10. This show has great potential! Get a Debbie Allen type talent to direct it! I would love to see this show succeed!! But right now it seems like I'm watching a stage play. It's so overacted!

    Don't rush it! Build up the suspense and tension between the characters over time. You already have a great cast. Also, you need to add another fine man character. A man who has chemistry with Robin Givens. But don't make them get together right away. People like the chase!!

    Add better hairstyles and fashion for the other females. Robin's hair looked nice in this clip!!

  11. Her husband slash Mayor. Is a spineless jelly fish. Thats the problem. Brian Whites character is so weak and pathetic. Robin is doing a good job. That love blossoms in the ghetto was on point. 😀😀

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