Driver Syndicate Trailer (Driver 20th Anniversary)

20 years ago came out a video game that revolutionized 3D open world driving in a way that hadn’t been seen before. And the legacy of that continues in…

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  1. Hey man I'm currently working on a little retrospective video on the first Driver and I'm gonna give Syndicate a shoutout at the end – can I use this blessed vid as footage while I'm talking about it? Will credit + link in description 🙂 🙏

  2. Congrats on what you achieved so far. Looking forward to see the full release of the project. Curiously enough I revisited Driver 1 this year, to finally beat the President's Run mission. Will surely do it again on this spiritual remaster of yours

  3. Aside from the palette during the day this looks so so accurate to the first game. Wtf. Good shit! Looks absolutely amazing

  4. Got here from minimme's retrospective video. This looks incredible, and seems to capture everything I adored about the first two Driver games and then some. Can't wait to see more!

  5. A few tears dropped. Man I was like 10 at the time and was gifted with a foreign version of this game. Imagine doing The List not knowing wtf you have to do 😀 Took me a few weeks afair. Eh. Now I remember why I love american muscle, old good music and driving.
    Thank you!

  6. Take my money!

    If theres an on foot mode, and you can see your reflection in a pond or window, your face should be the Reflections logo.. in the reflection

  7. I have the fondest memories of playing Driver 1 for hours on end, All i can hope is somebody at ubisoft takes notice and understands how much people would love to play a remaster version like this and gets on board to make this even better, I would happily pay to play it again on newer hardware.

  8. Just downloaded this..archive and nothing works.Some DLL's are missing, after downloading, .exe still gives errors. In the archive no readme no descriptions nothing. Very poor management of it all. Dissapointed.

  9. You know I really hate it when people make fan-made trailers they're so f**** dumb it pisses me off I thought this was a remastered version of the driver games for the PS1

  10. Loved the editing, camera angles and music. I will definitely get more involved with this after all these years. Hubcaps flying off the wheels, crazy jumps and high speed chases. I live for this.

  11. I think they should do a remake of the previous driver game for PS4, XBOX One, PC and future console to come. Driver 1,2,3 & Parallel Lines

  12. Do you plan to add controller support for the game? I have tried and I think it's worth the effort. I like the style of the project. Maybe the handling of the cars could get some tweaks (Driv3r and Parallel Lines were great in that sense).

  13. If players can get out of the car, you're doing it wrong.
    If there's any gunplay outside of cutscenes, you're doing it wrong.
    If there's between mission freeroam with sidequests, you're doing it wrong.
    If there's adverts for modern fashion brands in 70's Mexico or modern mobile phones in 80's Turkey, you're doing it wrong.
    Not sure on that green plastic wheelie bin either. A rusty metal dustbin, surely?

  14. Oh dude, what a thrill classic! The wheelman revives yet by reflections. That spirit remained intact. Rides on San Francisco.

  15. They need to make a remake of the first Driver game with the same physics, maps, cars, etc. But with today's graphics. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  16. I had a 66 nova similar to the featured one in the first driver game. Which I also had. And I so badly wanted the idle chop that it had in game.

    Ended up selling the car to somebody who completed that dream because they had the money where I did not.

  17. Old member of the community here. Let me know if there's anything I can provide in terms of gameplay trailer videos, vfx, etc

  18. Ubisoft should've released another Driver game instead of The Crew shite, this game has no personality at all.

  19. Driver was one of the games which inspired the beginning of GTA series. Apparently, Rockstar couldn't get over this for a long time 😛
    Honestly, I wish we finally get the new one, would be great. There's been a vacancy on the action crime themed games scene for a couple of years now, GTA doesn't have a competition amongst the current games and we need to change that

  20. Brings back memories these legendery driver games still got all my old ps1 ps2 3 and 4 i just never seem to part with anythink still got my old sega master system n mega drive nes n snes kept them for my kids

  21. Wow! The memories. Amazing game, amazing cinematography. Very nicely done. That last scene, the sliding jump… made me cry!

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