Drug Lords Celebrate the Drug War at the UN! (Sub: EN, HU, SK, SP, RU, SL, SR, RO, BL, PL, PT)

My friends, I came here to celebrate … a very important day. It was 50 years of the drug prohibition. You made us rich, and I want to say to you Thank you to the United Nations to keep drugs illegal. (Drug Lords International celebrating outside the 2011 CND) Ahhh! Push it! You push it real good! We are the Drug Lords …. WHOOOOO! Keep drugs illegal my friends for another 50 years! Hello, hello to everyone messieurs! Drug war! (wave behind) (Wave again) Thank you! Join the party please … champagne, cash, heroin! Thank you for prohibition! Work hard and I live better! 50 years of prohibition … nice business for us! Our business is going very well, thank you very much for that! (In German) So ladies and gentleman, we made it! We are one team, don’t forget! I make fortunes with you! I love you! (We don’t ask your kid for ID!) My friends, your business is my business! Thank you for my lifestyle! I know you smoke my mota too güey! Oh volare … ooohhhhoooo! (singing) Cantare … ohhhhhooooooohhooo! (singing) Thank you, for the money, you make me! (singing) Thank you, for the money you make me! (singing) Volare … oohhhooo! (singing) Cantare … oohhhooohoo! (singing) Thank you, for the money you make me! (singing) Thank you, for the drug money! The mafia players of our demonstration are fake, in case you didn’t get that. But the harms of the global drug prohibition are real. 2011 marks the 50th anniversay of the global drug control system. But no governments, not the United Nations, nor we the people, we have no time or reason to celebrate. The only groups, gangs, who have a right and reason to celebrate, are the organized crime groups who deal with drugs. Because global drug prohibtion works only for them. It’s really time to think about evaluation, and it’s time to think about alternatives. One of the main arguments used to support the war on drugs and defend our current drug policy system that is based on prohibition, is that it is necessary to protect young people from the evils of drug use and addiction. The illegal nature of drugs has not reduced its availability for young people. Drugs continue to be highly accessible to any young person, the threat of punishment has not deterred young people from using drugs, but instead has deterred young people from accessing life saving health services and support. We have a terrible public health crisis in the United States. Whether it’s been the denial of HIV prevention materials in the form of syringes that are being denied to drug injectors for decades now in the United States. Drug overdose is one of the leading causes of death amongst people in the United States. The rise of prescription drug use is another cause of overdose deaths in the United States. And yet we don’t come up with solutions, because we are so totally fixed on the criminality of people’s drug use and drugs themselves. We incarcerate more of our citizens than any other country in the world, mostly for drug offenses. Most of those people are African American or Latino. It has a disproportionate impact on people of color in our country, on poor people … and it divides communities, It has a terrible toll on people being able to go to college, being able to work, and being able to vote in our country. Not only that, we have taken this system and we have exported it around the world with a design of a global drug policy. And that’s what CND is about. The Commission on Narcotic Drugs is the governing body of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It has two roles in the world, One: is to ensure that drug policy is run effectively around the world. And secondly: it is to deal with organized crime. However, the reality is that the UN drives a policy which promotes harm infringes people’s human rights, and leads to death and destruction around the world. At the very same time, it brings funding for these people, who are the people making money out of the drug trade. I wanna stop you, don’t listen to that junkie! I think that prohibition is very good! I don’t hurt you, very good… sorry about it but I see you! Prohibition works …
For organized crime only! This was a fake protest But the harms of the 50 year old drug prohibition are real. If you don’t want another 50 years of global drug war to benefit these criminals, Share this video with you friends at facebook.com/drugreporter and visit countthecosts.org for more information Transcribed and Subtitled by Hunter Holliman

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  1. Absolutely fantastic, really enjoyed watching this one. The drug lords are the current Charilie Sheens of drug prohibiton. Winning baby!

  2. I really appreciate what you guys are doing against the war on drugs. Everyone, who knows about the severity of this problem should go out and tell their friends and relatives about it.
    You can cure addiction, but you can't cure conviction!

  3. Check out the book Economics of Prohibition by Mark Thornton, after reading it it is impossible to think prohibition is a good idea.

  4. war on drungs dont only help illegal dealers but the government that is useing this war for a reason 2 clamp down on rights and steal hard earned money from citizens to fight a fake war but theirs no fight its just a reason to make people rich and crate jobs.and its the middle 2 lower dealers that get caught and jailed while the big pigs laugh

  5. The prohibition against narcotics will never end so long as governments and global banks (through money laundering) acquire windfall profits off the illegal drug trade. The only way that this will all end is if there was no longer a demand for the highly addictive drugs.

  6. More great work from HCLU.
    Ya gotta laugh, or this in ya face abuse of our planet would drive one insane. Top marks to the Cartel Leader; "Don't listen to this junkie…. the tradition is very good… I kill you". Google Wikileaks, "Breaking the UNGASS Impasse on "Harm Reduction" for something more serious.

  7. @tenthousandyearsgoon to laugh because of this unusual idea and cry because the politician makes still a lot of mistakes.

  8. @funnycatsvid skojar du? Vi har typ dom strängaste droglagarna i hela västvärlden. Klart svamp är olagligt(svårt att bli busted dock, om du inte säljer alltså)
    Psylocybin is included in the single convention on narcotic drugs 1961 and therefore, any mushroom that contains it is illegal in much of the world, including Sweden.

  9. Cool vid……unfortunately, they forgot to show the ethanol,caffeine,nicotine & pharmaceutical druglords celebrating with THEIR servants & soldiers/drug competition eradicators – Presidents,prime ministers,politicians,police,anti-illicit drug campaigners,armed forces,media,etc…who are all just as grateful for the WAR BETWEEN DRUGS as the so-called 'illicit' druglord collectives are.

  10. yea cause if you legalize it everyone is going to go out and buy it and start smoking it at parks. get fucking real dumbshit. that's the last thing that would happen.

  11. All people should be allowed to put whatever they want into their bodies no matter what drug they want without the threat and use of physical violence against them.

  12. not so long time ago other innocent minorities suffered persecution, like Jews, blacks or gays. I hope someday alcohol junkies will pay for their crimes against personal freedom, or at least they'll be ashamed

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