Dry ice Pool Party Ends in Tragic Death. Dry ice victims in Moscow, Russia, English Subtitles

What the hell! I love you all What is going on! He’s dead. He is no more. Birthday from the “Revizorro” I’m just in shock! What the fuck is going on here! Oh my God! Valya, you are crazy! Just Updated Information Dry ice Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide Under normal conditions, goes into a gaseous state Мore gas!

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  1. Now that’s power of social media 3 dead and the rest hospitalised
    This selfie fucking generation is dumb as fuck

  2. To me this seems so tragic. Many people dont realize how dangerous dry ice is, it's a common thing for people to play around with it. Yes, this was very stupid… but the poor little girl lost her dad and this poor woman will feel the guilt from the deaths of her friends and her husband forever.

  3. lmao "Influencers" what a dumb title for someone whos job is to act like a idiot with no talent and not have a real job. Well the ones who didn't die wont care they got the views and will milk this shit as much as possible.

  4. Very stupid. Just put a plastic plastic bag on your head and seal it around your neck and wait…. same stupid result……. Darwin Disclaimer: don’t do it

  5. Silly cunts. All these pathetic people trying to make names for themselves on youtube .Either falling off something , committing suicide or been drugged etc . Makes me fucking laugh !

  6. Adults acting like a bunch of ignorant teens . I'm sorry both for the losses and the utter stupidity.

  7. She is a pharmacist, didn't she know the reaction? Probably she killed him on purpose. Russian laws won't punish her hard just because she is a woman and when she get released from prison in a couple of months, she will be with her lover and will get the money from her dead former husband

  8. This is the perfect Darwin scenario. Pour dry ice on a poorly ventilated space and idiot jump into that white death. On tok of all she's a fucking pharmacist, she shoikd have know this.. Wtf this is too good to be true but it is 😂👌

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