Dry Ice Pool Party Goes HORRIBLY Wrong and Ends in Tragic Death

Three people have been killed in Moscow after dry ice was poured into a swimming pool That resulted in a major accident at a birthday party From reach TV studios in Hollywood. You’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Shira Lazar Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news into Moscow native an Instagram influencer Ekaterina Denko was celebrating her 29th birthday at a small indoor pool complex when her friends at the party decided to recreate a Viral trend that has been going around on the Internet the trend known as pouring dry ice into a pool Creates an effect of smoke and bubbles pouring out of a body of water The ominous effect is really cool to watch but not a lot of people know the actual Dangers of doing something like this If you didn’t know dry ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide, which is non toxic in low levels But because it is a heavier gas it builds up in low ventilated areas in the body and can displace oxygen Resulting in fatal consequences video of the stunt shows a total of nine partygoers obliviously jumping to their deaths into the poisonous pool Reportedly including the influencers own 32 year old husband Valentin did Dinko the Instagrammer who boasts 1.5 million followers Is said to have shared a video telling fans her husband had been rushed to the hospital in a video before the incident You can see all of the friends in white overalls and goggles as they pour the dry ice into the pool too as the guests Put the nearly 55 pounds of dry ice into the pool The surface of the water was instantly covered in a thick white vapor and guests begin Jumping into it the first person into the pool can be seen flailing his arms Whether he is aware of how much trouble he is in cannot be determined and the clip Suddenly ends as the human body inhales carbon dioxide rather than oxygen Symptoms such as rapid heart rate clumsiness and fatigue quickly set in followed by nausea vomiting collapse Convulsions coma and death now. This isn’t the first time an influencer has done something like this But it didn’t have fatal results in a popular video on david dobrik channel the youtuber and his friends for a record-setting 1400 pounds of dry ice into his backyard pool the video from 2016 shows the group using brooms to get the ice into the pool and even one of the friends jumping in as well Don’t be in the vlog if you jump in How do you feel after breathing carbon dioxide a lightheaded look smarter? Oh yeah my brain cells Prior to this incident to Dinko who is apparently known for posting money-saving Pharmaceutical tips on Instagram shared an image from her party with her 1.5 million followers showing herself Posing with two large balloons reading 29 later that same day the denko reportedly shared a video informing fans that her husband was in intensive care She looked shaken and distressed. It is believed that the cause of all three deaths was suffocation now in 2018 We even saw a wife and mother of a Washington state ice cream salesman suffocated in their car investigators found four coolers of dry ice in the vehicle that resulted in Suffocation for more much trianing news. Be sure to follow us on instagram at which trending and I’m at Shira Lazar You You

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  1. Doing that it outside with wind to start blowing it away is one thing. Doing it inside with no ventilation is suicide.

  2. Omg 🤭 This is heartbreaking. People really have to stop doing things for social media just bc they see other people doing it and make sure they are taking safety precautions.

  3. Люди перестали бояться диких зверей и законов физики, насмотревшись диснеевских разговаривающих львов, совковых медведей с балалайками и боевиков с рэмбо и форсажами разными.

  4. Y’all quit trying to bring David into this. It was 4 years ago and these people are whole ass grown ups 10+ years older than the entire vlog squad was when they did it. Js If you don’t have common sense, it’s no one else’s fault.

  5. It’s so sad that people don’t know this. Never activate dry ice in an unventilated area and you really shouldn’t submerge yourself in a pool filled with dry ice. Also you should never hold it. Unfortunately not a lot of people know this and this can happen. Please do research no matter how trivial it may seem and please be careful! ❤️

  6. When the do something that gets a bunch of people killed, you really shouldn't call them "influencers"

  7. these people are to stupid to live…. its just common sense…. i mean what the hell is wrong with people now days?

  8. If you're that stupid I'm sorry you deserve whatever happens to you. This is tide pods all over again

  9. This is so unfortunate. How do ppl not know this?! It’s common sense. All for some views! Use some good ole confetti next time!

  10. Sadly it's only some russian IG user nobody knows about. I was hoping it's one of those trustfund youtube kids.

  11. The thing that makes it even more stupid and hillarious is that the first thing she said after that guy jumped in the pool was "He is dead, that's it. He is no more!", all while laughing.

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