Duke Continuing Studies 50th Anniversary – Jean O’Barr

(uplifting music) – In the early years, it wasn’t exactly like Duke was enthusiastic about this. They just didn’t stop me. I still have a copy of the letter that Juanita Kreps
wrote to John Blackburn, who was the chancellor then, and said, “Jean has this idea. “She wants to charge money,
and she’s asked some people, “and I think it will be all right.” And he wrote back and said, “I guess so.” I mean, that’s it. It grew very slowly and incrementally. The university didn’t
have a strategic plan, we certainly didn’t have a strategic plan. I don’t walk around saying,
“I started this thing,” but I love listening to
comments, people saying, “This is just the greatest.” Or, “I wish we could drink
coffee in the classroom,” or whatever it is they have to say. I love it. (laughs)

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