During my 4year marriage lived like a baby-producing machine[Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.06.11]

It’s titled, “Honey, No More!” Hello. I’m a mother in my 30s from Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do. I have a husband who’s full of vigor. “Honey. How about tonight?” “I’m tired.” “Then that’s better.” (What’s better?) “If you get pregnant when you’re tired, you give birth to a daughter.” My husband always wants a child. The problem is that we already have a 40-month-old daughter, a 27-month-old son and a 7-month-old daughter. Unbelievable. They already have 3 kids? We have 3 kids already. But my husband, “Let’s have a fourth child, huh?” “No! I can’t have anymore! Then you look after them.” “You’re their mother. The mom should watch the kids.” He doesn’t even look after them? During my 4-year marriage I got pregnant and gave birth repeatedly. I’ve lived like a baby-producing machine. I want him to promise in front of the whole nation today. I say no to a fourth child! (A serious concern) Do you have any plans to have children? I’ve seen people around me with kids and I don’t know if I can do it. My husband said that he’ll wait until I’m ready. Until you’re ready. Announcer Oh Sangjin is such a nice guy. Before we got married, he wanted to have 3 kids. But now that we’re married… – No way. / – He’s thinking otherwise. Mina and Seolhyun. You’re still single. But how would you feel? Marriage are reality. That’s what I heard. I think it’s impossible to have another one if he doesn’t help out with childrearing. It’d be okay if he were to help out. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about having another child?) (Kim Song-i) You’ve lost weight from giving birth now, right? I guess you could say that. You’re so pretty. – You’re like a little girl. / – Yes. No one would think you’re a mother of 3 kids. So he asks for another child every day? Yes. As soon as he wakes up, he begs me. As soon as he wakes up? I got pregnant with my second when my daughter was 3 months old. Just in 3 months? I got pregnant again when my son was a year old. When he was a year old. He’s in a hurry. So they’re 40, 27, and 7 months old. I am so tired, but he says that if we get pregnant when we’re tired, it’ll be a girl. If we get pregnant when he’s energetic on weekdays it’ll be a son. He’s being ridiculous. That really is nonsense. It’s a girl if you get pregnant on weekends? So that means you two are quite close, right? No, not really. You aren’t that close? We both think birth control is bad for our bodies. So I’ve been avoiding him. He doesn’t use contraceptives either? No. He doesn’t and I don’t either. Why is that bad for your health? I do the dishes every day with rubber gloves on. That’s ridiculous. I’m mad because he sounds so selfish. How is using contraceptives bad for the health? Our second and third children… We got pregnant in one try. We did. – Oh my. / – Oh my. How many did you originally plan to have? My husband wanted four since we were dating. He originally wanted four. My two older kids were born so close together so I was planning to have another 2-3 years later. But then the pregnancy test kit showed 2 lines. Two lines again. I threw it to my husband and cried. (Oh my) So you saw two lines on the pregnancy test kit. How did you feel? Oh gee… That was it. Because you’ve done it twice already. Postpartum depression? I’ve seen others go through that. You must be suffering from that, too. I shouldn’t have, but I asked him. “What if I die from depression?” – I… / – That’s how tough it was. I asked my husband that. It must’ve been really tough. Only those who’ve been through it know the pain. What did your husband say to that? “Raising one, two, or three kids is the same.” He doesn’t know because he never did it. (Her husband’s words hurt her) (That’s terrible) You must’ve been speechless and frustrated. I said, “Then you look after them.” He said, “You’re the mom. It’s your job. They only want their mom so it’s right for you to look after them.” I said, “I’m not a baby-producing machine.” He doesn’t help you out at all? He has many meetings to go to. Meetings? Let’s hear her out. I ask him to watch them and all he does is watch. Just with his eyes? He’s watching them like this. Our kids are happy when they see their dad. They want to play and he tosses them a phone. He says he’s tired and lies down. He’s so irresponsible. Can you tell us your daily schedule then? What time do you get up in the morning? I wake up at 7. I get my eldest ready to send her to school. I get my son ready to send him to day care. I breastfeed my youngest, do the laundry. I clean the house. I bathe all three, which takes an hour. Then I dry their hair and put lotion on. I put them to sleep at 9 p.m. That’s why my day ends. Then when do you eat? I don’t have time to eat so when I give them fruit for snack I eat a piece or two. That’s it? So the biggest problem is that if he helps out you’d consider having another even though it’s tough. But he doesn’t help out at all – so you don’t want another one? / – Right. Let’s meet her husband now. Hello. (He’s a cutie) Hold up the mic. Hello. He looks like a nice man. Do you understand your wife’s concern? I don’t think it’s a concern. (Why is that a concern?) I even came up with their baby nicknames. First one was “Pongdang.” Second was “Pongpong.” Third was “Dangdang.” Fourth will be “Pongdang Pongdang.” She must want to throw stones at you. Throw stones. Why must you have a fourth child? I used to be a Taekwondo athlete. I lived in dorms for many years and envied guys with many siblings. In this current situation, wouldn’t it be hard? We’re not lions or tigers. Must moms do all the work? I think parents have different roles. I’m a director of a Taekwondo center. I have a lot of free time in the morning so I also work as a life planner. I have my roles and she has hers. I think we both need to sacrifice a little. Couldn’t you pace yourself? You could have more children later. Why are you in such a rush? Many people around me have 3 kids. They all say it’s tough to raise the kids. Are you part of a three-kid club? Why do so many people around you have 3 kids? Are you planning to form a Taekwondo team? No. If the fourth one is a girl, will you have more? (Have a fifth child to balance the ratio?) (Honey, please) (What will he say?) Yes. I don’t care if it’s a girl again. It’d be better if we have twins. (Oh my!) This is unbelievable. How much do you know about childbirth pain? I was there by her side for all 3 births. My wife… When she is labor… She gives birth quicker than others do. She gave birth within an hour for all three. He’s rationalizing it. So you’re saying that she wasn’t in much pain? I’m sure she was, but it was less than what others go through. Was it easier than usually to give birth? No, not at all. I gave birth to first two without epidurals. That must’ve been so painful. An epidural is supposed to be injected through your lower back. But I couldn’t because I had a back surgery. So without an epidural, I was in so much pain. I screamed and screamed. “I will end up in shock at this rate. Just let me get a C-section.” He watched all that. – He did? / – Yes. But he tells other people, “My wife gives birth very easily.” (My wife gives birth easily) “She doesn’t go through much pain.” You know that pain right before giving birth? I don’t know much about it, but that pain didn’t last long. She gave birth fast. Being labor must be included in that time. Giving birth quickly doesn’t mean she didn’t go through labor for that long. My mother told me about the childbirth pain she had when she had me. She said, “Your own head must go through a wall. Then the baby comes out.” – That’s how hard it is. / – Yes. Your husband is saying that he’s doing his best as a father. He thinks kids grow up on their own. That’s not true. He only gives me $600 a month for our living expenses. For 5 people? Only $600 a month? $600 a month isn’t enough and I didn’t have enough for our son’s diapers. I asked him for more to buy diapers. He said, “I gave you money last month. Try to be more frugal.” Being stingy with money is not fair. I don’t work so he’s the one… Go ahead. My husband is the one to earn money. I don’t earn any money so I can’t say anything. What about the kindergarten and day care fees? Those are included in that $600. (She does something impossible) I read economy newspapers. People who invest say that they get by spending $20 a day. But when you raise kids, they could use diapers 2 or 3 times a day. There are many variables. I give her money for those things. It’d be ridiculous of me if I don’t. I’m asking to be frugal together. We started out by living in a rented house. Now we got our own apartment. (You do have you reasons, but…) As for Mina, she was all excited at first because she came here to promote their new song “Bingle Bangle.” But now… (In the beginning) (She looked so cheerful…) (But she looks concerned now) So how’s your head right now? It’s spinning bingle bangle. Bingle bangle. Bang bang. (Where are we? Who are we?) Since you are always short on money, you must’ve considered working yourself. I used to be a kindergarten teacher. – You’d be good at it. / – You’re sweet. I planned on going back after giving birth, but I got pregnant again. So I couldn’t. So I got a job at a logistics service company. My kids got sick so often that I couldn’t go to work on many days. I was let go. I was jobless and I got pregnant again. So I started to help out at my husband’s gym. I was to be at his gym by 2 p.m., but my youngest… No, not my youngest. Your second child? Your son? – Excuse me. / – She’s so upset. She’s emotional because she has so much work. I was supposed to be there by 2 p.m. but I am sometimes 30 minutes or 20 minutes late after doing house chores. He yelled, “I lost a customer because of you! Why were you late?” He yelled at me for being late. (He’s sad) It sounds like she’s helping you out, too. She sometimes goes out to see her friends. “Is it okay not to go to work today?” I want her to be more responsible. Excuse me. What’s wrong with her seeing her friends? Isn’t that natural? You said that he has many meetings to go to? You want me to list them all? Yes. Tell us everything. There are many? Not just one or two? He has soccer meetings. There are Loco, JB, Songcheon, Inu… Just soccer? TMC. He actually plays soccer in all these groups? Yes. – All five? / – There are 5 soccer teams. Are you FIFA or something? Wait. There must be more. Just soccer… He’s part of 5 soccer teams. There’s the National Kick meeting. He’s in neighborhood patrol. He goes to reunions. Reunions. – How many was that? / – 8. What else is there? (What is it?) Is that all? There are so many that she has to ask someone. The scriptwriter is saying there are 9. One more. High school reunion. I said that. What did she miss, sir? She listed 9 and there’s the Taekwondo group, too. So if you meet once a month, that’s 10 times. He goes out at least 10 times a month. What time does he usually come home then? Around 2~3 a.m. He passed out in the living. Then he threw up on the mat and cabinet. (I won’t look!) It was when I was close to term with our son. What a great way of educating your kids. It must’ve become a habit for him because you always take good care of him. You must leave him be. Let him take care of it on his own. I yelled at him the next day. He said, “I don’t remember. Honey. Honey!” And he went like this. What he did earlier? (He showed hearts when he said hello earlier) (I’m the heart maker) Bravo. You have so many meetings to go to. Must you drink at those meetings? Other people always ask me to come. They say it’s no fun without me. I’m the one who brings up the mood. Are they more important to you? My wife is the most important one to me, but she has done so well until now. What do you mean? She’s dying here. I help out a lot, too. She didn’t mention any of that. We don’t have much time to talk. I come home at 10 every day and sleep. The next day, I have to look after the kids, too. How do you help out? I go out with the kids on weekends. I also try to bathe all three on weekends. You bathe them on weekends? You said on weekends? So 8 weekends a month. How many times do you bathe all three? About 6 times a month. (Speechless) He’s being absurd? He’ll only do it when I ask him to. You have to ask first? But he seems to be home on weekends with you. If there are any Taekwondo events, he has to go on an overnight trip. Yes, there are Taekwondo events at times. He also goes on excursions with other teams. He goes on overnight trips for those, too. (He keeps going on overnight trips) His friends from Jeonju are here, too. Let’s meet them. – Oh, from those meetings? / – Yes. Hello. He said that he wants a fourth child. For that, you shouldn’t meet so often. I’m willing to help out. It’s because I also want a fourth child. It must work out for him so that I could persuade my wife, too. He’s so witty, friendly and he drinks so well. He’s so popular in the men’s world. But he’s not so popular at home. Who’s sitting next to him? She’s my cousin. – Hello. / – Welcome. Do you understand your cousin’s concern? Of course. I understand her concern 1,000%, 10,000%. She always says this when she calls me. “Jinhui, it’s too hard for me. I want to be done raising them so I can travel. I want to take a trip somewhere by myself.” But her husband doesn’t know that. – That she’s in agony? / – He doesn’t know at all. He said that he helps out a lot on weekends. What do you think? – That’s what he thinks. / – His own opinion. What do you think, sir? I understand her concern, too. I can’t believe why he’d want a fourth child. When we eat together he makes his wife work even more. (What?) (What is he talking about?) “I feel like noodles today. Make some noodles.” He asks her to do things for him. When was it the toughest for you? When one gets sick, all of them get sick. Because they’re always together. I must hold them because they’re sick. But I am so tired and my body won’t move. One time, he was at a soccer meeting. (Her husband was away because of soccer) I called and asked, “When are you coming home?” He said, “A friend’s girls will dance and sing.” – He was having fun? / – Yes. I yelled, “If you have time to watch other’s kids, come home and watch yours.” I yelled at him and hung up on him. He sent me a text later. He sent me a video clip of someone’s daughters singing and dancing. Is he insane? (Glare) I don’t think you’re a bad person, sir. You’re a kind, warm-hearted, patriarchal husband. A warm-hearted patriarchal husband. A warm-hearted patriarchal husband. If it were me and that’s how I lived, I wouldn’t want another child either. But you insist on having more children? I want to have one more while I’m still young and can handle more work. Of course we’re suffering now. We can’t be stress-free now. But in 10 years we’ll have more days with smiles. That doesn’t matter. You must be happy now. We are very happy right now. You keep talking about the future. She doesn’t look happy at all. She’s happy when she looks at our kids. When I got this story today, I thought, ‘Let’s not talk about my feelings. They’re living their lives. Let them be.’ That’s what I thought, but I’m so upset. She’s carrying one and two in her hands. Let’s say she has a fourth child. How can she hold the fourth one? What should she do if she must go see a doctor? Carry the youngest on her head? What should she do? Tell me. (Contemplating…) I should go with her. You’re out playing soccer. You have so many meetings. How can you go? Tell us! You want to fight her? Let me fight him. (It’s scary just imagining it) Their kids are here with them today. Call out their names. The eldest is? Seoyul. Call out her name. Seoyun. Seoyul. Seoyul. Jun. Seohui. Mommy is right here. Come to mommy. Daddy is over there, too. Come. Look. There’s mommy. Her son. (Oh! It’s Yeongja!) (Going back in) Mommy is over there. Mommy. Mommy. They are so cute. She’s shy. (Stare) So you have her on your back. And you hold the older ones’ hands. This is how you go to the doctor’s office? Yes. I usually carry her in a sling. Hold your mom’s hand. (The youngest is crying in this chaos!) How can she go with a fourth child? How can she cross the street? Do you want to play soccer in this mess? This is how she lives every day. Daddy! She’s waving at her dad. You want go to daddy? You’ll watch them? Can you handle all three? (The husband steps up!) All of you, go to daddy. Go to daddy. Go to daddy. Jun, go to daddy. Watch all three. What are you going to do? I’m your fourth child. What are you going to do? What about me? What are you going to do with me, dad? They have numbers on their backs. It’s overwhelming to carry all three, right? (Please understand my concern) But your kids are so cute. You’re crying just looking at them. I’m happy when I’m with them. But I feel so bad for them. Why do you feel bad? Give us 3 reasons. When I had our third child, my eldest was tossed aside. I want to love them more and care for all of them. I want to give my eldest more love. But he wants a fourth child now. How about this? Your wife will watch how you do for 3 years. If she thinks you’ve changed enough then let her decide if she wants more. Will you let her decide then? That’d be great. Yes. If she would agree to that, I’d be happy with that decision. Please tell your husband what you want to say. Honey. I want to love our 3 children as best as I can. Let’s not have anymore. She’s so desperate. If you make your promise today… I’m the honorary ambassador for the Korean Urology Association I will make a request to them for you so that you can get a vasectomy for free. (Oh!) The technology is so advanced now that you can always reverse it when you want to. (He will answer that later!) Let’s start with Ji Sangryeol. Is it a concern? This is definitely a concern. I definitely think it’s a concern, too. Me too. It’s a concern. You married her because you love her. Why don’t you take this chance to respect her wishes for her happiness? I think it’s a concern, too. I think it’s a concern, too. I don’t have any children yet. When my wife and I argued she told me this in tears. She said that she wants to be loved as a woman in this society, not as a wife. I want you to treat her as a woman rather than your kids’ mother. Please get your devices ready. Press the button if you think it’s a concern. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Honey. I never knew you were this concerned. As we live together… I will do my best for the next 3 years. If you still don’t want another child then, I will give up on having more kids. It’ll be easy if you accept my proposition. Right. Are you refusing Shin Dongyeob’s proposal? (What is the husband’s answer?) I will accept. For real? (A big smile) Please say a word to your friends in Jeonju. You’re watching this, right? Please be understanding even if I don’t show up. I am going to focus more on my family now so please don’t get upset. That’s good. How many votes did they get? Please show us. Did they get over 100 votes? Of course. How many votes out of 200 did they get? 143? 153? 153! (They got 153 votes)

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  1. He genuinely don t give a shit about his wife feelings or health he is considering her a slave/made definitely not a life partner she should reconsider the way she is living this relationship i feel sorry for her and her lovely kids 😥😤😤

  2. I hope that the husband will learn to understand what life is actually like for her, so that he can set his own ego aside and learn to live as the father that he's supposed to be.
    This was probably the most saddening episode I've seen so far, I just want to give her a hug and a couple of free nannies who can help her out. (if only I could, honestly…)

  3. Where is this guys brains 8n his ass? Doesn't he kno women can die of childbirth especially if it's so soon the body can grow weak

  4. The pain is not less just because it lasts for a lesser time.

    I've had a muscle spasm before, the pain went up and down as the muscle spasmed and I was seen to quickly but I still rate that pain as an 11 and my arthritic pain is something I normally would not rate/rate as high.

    It's the same for childbirth, except worse. Sure, it's more tiring when the labour is longer, but however long it lasts, you damn well remember that kind of pain because it is intense in a new kind of hell way.

  5. my friend is the oldest of 4 kids, but he's almost 14 and his youngest sibling was just born a year ago.. his parents had two kids only a year apart then spaced it out a little to give themselves time, which is healthy. what i don't get is how his mom is super skinny, a professional runner, and looks like she's in her late 20's after having 4 kids lmao

  6. I swear this man is an example of everysingle man in the middle east, treating women as a baby-producing machine without giving any hand of raising the child except for the financial side

  7. Hello Counselor needs to hire professionals. Celebrities can't handle these kinds of psychos on their own. They'll do their best to give advice of course, but it won't be as effective as a trained person talking.

  8. What makes him think having a fourth child is easy and a good idea? He doesn’t even give his wife enough money to get by and he tells her to be more frugal smh. He’s so inconsiderate and doesn’t think of his wife

  9. If his ass showed up on Caso Cerrado or Laura- 🤭
    This is so tame compared to other shows like these here in the states and Latin America like-

  10. The living expenses one pissed me off. I myself do not come from the richest family, my parents are divorced, they official divorced in 2017, but they broke up(?) in 2012 Feb. I have a 2 brothers, one half and one biological. Recently we moved into this 4 room apartment (2 bedrooms, bathroom, the kitchen & the dining room & the living room are connected) and, because of finance problems my moms brother moved it. Now there is five of us living in this 2 bedroom apartment. My step-dad doesn't have that stable job, my moms brother also does not have a stable job (he does part time jobs from time to time) mostly just lays at home and watches tv, my mom works as a school chef and since my dad and mom are divorced my dad has to pay some kinda amount of money every month (Its around 300€ per child and has to be paid before 15th),but since my dad moved in with another woman who has two children, he mostly pays for their needs and not ours, so my mom would get around 50€ per child. I also see my dad rarely, maybe once in two months, even though we live like a hour from each other. My brother (biological, he turned 12 this september) has been almost 8 years without our father and it has been hard for him, he started going to therapy and psychologist at the age of 8, to this day he goes there. I myself turned 14 this year, I try not to show the pain, because I do not want my mom to have to worry about three children at the same time (the youngest is three), I know it is hard for her. So I always have tried to be mature. I even started doing part time jobs after school when I turned 12. My parents used to fight a lot so from an early age (around 4) I would think fighting (my dad never used violence nor did my mom, but it was more of fighting with words), drinking, smoking and screaming was okay. Obviously they did not fight near us, but i would hear it constantly. My mom would cry and say stuff "I am going to kill myself" etc and my dad would say "I will leave you" etc, which actually happened. When I was around 5 my dad moved to Finland to find better jobs, he was there for about two years, he would not send us money and we would literally have to sleep in the cold. Also recently my left lung, stomach and my heart started acting up and I started taking medicine, but the medicine is expensive ( around 20€ per one bottle which has 10 of them inside), I have to take them for at least 6 months. I sometimes skip my medicine, because I do not want my mom to worry about me, I always have tried buy the medicine myself, but sometimes I would just say "oh yeah I already bought it with my leftover money" even if I did not and give the money back to my mom that she gave me to buy the medicine. It is fucking hard. I try everything, but we are still in this fucking shit. I am so sorry that I commented this shit, I just needed to let it all out somewhere.. and to anyone who is going through this same shit, I feel you and good luck, because this is really fucking hard.. like really fucking damn hard.

  11. I think her Husband thinks his still at the Era where Females only produce baby for their own good and thats it.. i know korean history coz of reading Novels ahahhhaah maybe her Husband feels like hes superior so he should produce and fck the mother should also look to the children.. wtf ahhahahaha

  12. 아이 몇명같는거 조율 잘 해야하는뎅… 조금 시간을 두시고 생각하시는 것도 좋을 것 같아요~

  13. I'm the youngest of three children and the difference is we don't have a dad supporting us😂 I've accepted it already so everytime I see a marriage problem I always think why not just divorce? My mom got by without anyone helping her and she didn't even have a proper job, and their fathers would also send money monthly to provide for their children who they can't see

  14. The fact that he has the nerve to make decisions like “if it’s a girl we’ll have another or just have twins” like it’s his body is so wrong. THATS NOT YOUR CHOICE. Forcing her to beat children for you is wrong that’s disgusting actually. If that were me I’d just pull them papers out my back pocket and say “sign here please”

  15. Babies are cute Ik but man think about population explosion also not just a marital problem but let's try thinking a bit holistically

  16. Man i'm so glad Yeonja started yelling, this dude deserves people getting angry at him bc nothing will go through that thick skull

  17. are most married korean men like this selfish man????because ive seen alot of like him on hello councellor episodes…..

  18. The way he just assumed her labour pain wasn't as bad as other women's is so disgusting. I'm appalled at how little he understands about what women go through to give their families a child to love. For men, they just "get a baby". For women, they go through severe hardships and pain to "create a life". It's difficult for a man to understand this, but at least try.

  19. I'm always thankful when Lee Young Ja speaks up. So often, she will become frank when others don't seem to be taking things as seriously. I LOVE her.

  20. the husband doesnt know how to control himself and very childish, he thinks its easy to give birth and expects the mom to take care of the kids, THE FUCK U THE ONE WHO ASKED FOR KIDS SIDKEKEN I WILL SLAP HIM RIGHT NOW ok im done

  21. Ok I know it is a struggle but to the extent of not eating, his is too much, I had 2 kids 1 year a part and I did everything by myself without my husband help and I still have time to eat…. They are exaggerating

  22. I'm so happy Yeonja expressed that fraction of anger the rest of us are feeling and I really hope he really got a vasectomy

  23. I would have already divorced him after the first child.. or even before. Knowing that he is so controlling over you you should already have left him long long time ago

  24. This guy obviously doesn’t understand the amount of effort it takes to have a kid. He goes to work and brags about it to his coworkers, and she has to feed THREE OTHER KIDS with different nutritional values as well as breastfeeding/ making powdered milk for an infant every four hours, she’s BUSY. If he even plays with them, he probably gets tired of it in a few minutes. He seems like the type of person who stops playing with his kid after they reach a certain age. He probably just shows pictures of them to his coworkers to brag about it. Jesus Christ, this is disgusting

  25. Why she didn’t get birth controls and lies to him??. Tbh some women act like they “can’t control and they are victims”. Girl get it together, you have a hand in this too. You can demand and show what you are capable of. But they just choose to live this life. They surrendered

  26. Do men like him understand that having a child is a really .. Big thing? Like don't just have a child because you're horny. Like this world is a very sad place to live don't bring a child into it. Like imagine your child developing chronic depression when it grows up (which will most likely happen. Everybody has depression nowadays.) Stop having kids.

  27. I have four siblings, I'm second oldest. The shortest difference is between my brother and me, just a few days shy of a whole year, our birthdays are in the same month. Then it's a five year difference to the third born, another five to the fourth, and my youngest sister was ten years after that, so she's twenty years younger than me. My mother has ten siblings with the same parents, with the youngest being 30 years younger and her as the eldest. It's fine if they agreed on having four children before they even got married, but they could just as easily pace themselves. If she doesn't think she can handle taking care of so many children at first, he could wait until the younger ones grow first before trying for another child. They already have three. If he wants another so badly and she agrees, they could wait another ten years, even longer. Taing care of one child is stressful enough, taking care of three and getting pregnant when he's not even helping and she's already stressed out? That's a no.

  28. I have a twin and my mom said it’s hard to take care of us, think about it, we are the only children in my mom side and she had a hard time, imagine if they have twins and three children how hard will it be…

  29. “You are the mother, you should look after then” dude, you know nothing about parenting, you are a stupid piece of shit

  30. 헌국은 어머님들이 아들들을 당신들의 아들로만 키웠지 한가정에 남편, 아빠로 키우지않았어요. 한국 어머님들 고치려고 노력을 하셔요.

  31. Wow. I can't believe he tried to criticize her seeing friends when he's always meeting his own friends and going on trips. He also doesn't help when he is home and gives her more to do. She's basically a single parent, so why is it so difficult to understand how hard it is to take care for 3 kids without enough money for their needs. Men who don't want to take care of children have no say in how many a woman will produce. I can understand birth control being unhealthy for women because it mess with our hormones but he has no excuse. He can get a reversible vasectomy or use condoms, but he can't be trusted. He would probably punch holes in the condoms and reverse or not get a vasectomy without telling her. I hope things work out for the better.

  32. Wow Korean culture is SO different to my culture. This would not be acceptable, the husband is very selfish and uneducated.

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