Dylan’s Party

♫ ♫ [Group Chat] Party at Dylan’s this weekend! ♫ ♫ [Alex] Yeah… sooooo… [Sam] Hey what’s up? [Alex] I was thinking Dylan’s party will be kinda lame… [Alex] … unless I bring … TREATS!!! [Joe] You mean… PIZZA? (pizza emoji x3) [Alex] No, dude. WEED!!! [Pat] Where are you gonna score weed? [Alex] Parental units! [Pat] MMMMMkay… (thinking emoji) [Alex] PLUS I’ll sell some to you guys at a “friends and family discount”!!! [Pat] I’m so down! [Sam] No, thanks – I’m good. [Joe] I’m out. What if the (cops emoji) show up? That would be baaaad… [Pat] You can get in serious (poo emoji) for having weed on you… [Sam] My friend got fined for vaping weed at school… [Sam] … and got suspended. [Joe] OMG (surprised emoji) [Alex] SRSLY you all need to CHILL… [Alex] … it’s not that big a deal! [Pat] Uhhh… we’re underage! This is all, like… illegal for us… right? [Sam] So about Friday night? How we getting home AFTER the party? [Joe] Ya – no one best be driving! [Alex] I’d rather crash there than crash my car!! (car emoji) [Sam] (eye roll emoji) Maybe the parentals? [Pat] Or Joe – he’s got a car… or we can just walk home … [Sam] This party is gonna be sick!! CU there! [Alex] Awesome, LATER! (Alex has left the conversation) [Sam] L8R! (Sam has left the conversation) [Pat] (Mic Drop emoji) (Pat has left the conversation) [Joe] So yeah… are we going double cheese on that pizza? (pizza emoji x2) [Joe] I like cheese… [Joe] Uh… hello? ♫ ♫ © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2019. Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Gendarmerie royale du Canada signature Canada wordmark

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